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Description of CardioMez - Heart Rate Monitor Workout Tracker

Simple, effective heart rate monitoring for your workouts.

Use CardioMez workout tracker on your phone or tablet along with a Bluetooth or ANT+ heart rate monitor to take your fitness training to the next level. CardioMez workout tracker is perfect to bring on a run, a bike ride, at the gym, or any other type of cardio activity.

Heart Rate Monitors

CardioMez works with most Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) and ANT+ heartrate sensors. A wide range of heart rate devices are supported. Some of the supported devices include:

• Polar H7, Polar H10

• Wahoo TICKR, Wahoo TICKR RUN

• Scosche Rhythm+

• Orange Theory HRM

• Mio Fuse, Mio Alpha

*Note: Certain devices like Fitbit and Samsung Gear watches do not share real-time heart rate data. This makes it impossible for CardioMez to support those devices.


• Monitor your heart rate during a workout.

• Works with Bluetooth heart rate sensors.

• Works with ANT+ heart rate sensors.

• Heart rate and calorie burn information.

• Voice feedback.

• Review your workout history.

• Create a cloud account to save workouts online.

• Synchronize with Google Fit.

• Customize your heart rate zones.

• Supports devices from Polar, Wahoo, Scosche, Orange Theory, Mio, and many more.

Workout Monitoring

The heart rate gauge shows how much of your workout you've spent in each heart rate intensity zone and pulses to show your current zone. Your current pulse rate, workout duration, and calories burned are shown in the center of the gauge. Tap the center to toggle between heart rate and workout intensity. The heart rate graph shows your heart rate history during your workout allowing you to see how hard you've been working.

Workout History

Scroll through your workout history to see the most important details of your workouts. Tap on any workout to see complete details for that workout including any notes that you've added.

Workout Statistics

The CardioMez home screen shows a summary of your workout information for the past week, month, and year along with the details of your last workout.

Cloud Storage

Using our cloud service, your exercise history is stored in the cloud and shared on all of your Android devices. CardioMez exercise tracker can also sync your workouts to Google Fit. Syncing CardioMez with Google Fit allows you to share CardioMez workouts with other applications and services such as MyFitnessPal. Simply sync CardioMez to Google Fit and then sync your MyFitnessPal account to Google Fit.

If you care about heart rate monitoring during your workouts then CardioMez is the app for you!

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:1.2.2 Publish Date:2021-03-09 Developer:Kavanagh Software Inc

User Reviews


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Chris Williams 2018-12-28

I would give this app 6 stars if i could! I\'ve finally found the right training tracker. This app tells you everything you could need to know, both during your workout and on the workout stats when your done. This app is far better than any other training app. It tells me when I change zones. It is consistent. It saves my workout stats. I use it to train my clients. It\'s the best I\'ve found. And trust me. I have been looking at all of them.
Chris Bradley 2019-01-06

I can tell it\'s the same design as the old Motifit, before it became FitIV (and considering you are only a 3 hour drive from FitIV Developers, but I don\'t care, WELL WORTH paying for a premium upgrade a second time around get an app that works). FitIV ruined Motifit. I wanted Motifit back. This was the next best thing.
P.R. Heydenreich 2018-12-02

Nothing happened but giving permission to location and Bluetooth? Felt a bit shady... Felt like I\'m being hacked. No heart rate measures or anything related to the subject matter. GPS does not measure your heart rate? Did I mention the fake reviews by the developer? Must be shady.
Darklight 2018-12-24

1)app uses ANT! better than Bluetooth 4 smart. 2)and it\'s interaction interface is very simple well do . As for Endomondo, you now complicated the user app and to make it worse you deleted ANT capability CardioMez - Heart Rate Monitor!!
A Google user 2018-12-14

Solid heart rate monitor app, fast, got all the function I need, straightforward and reliable, using it for group hr and calories logging after running
April Candler 2019-01-14

love this app. works so much better then polar beat.
Aaron K 2019-09-18

Great heart rate tracker for cardio workouts
All Real All Heart 2019-02-09

Interesting how there is 3 versions of motifit, which was crippled by update, cardiomez which anyone should be too scared to purchase, and fit iv which needs monthy subscription..? what is happening to this app? motifit was a great one time purchase app why ruin it over n over??
Brett Swift 2019-01-01

won\'t pair with Fitbit charge 3
jlp1001 2020-11-28

I bought a solo HRM and this app hooks up perfectly and gives you cals/ different HR levels. A lot more reliable than others. Paid £4.99 for the yr after a few free goes. Had a couple of things I had issue with. Support has been in touch shortly after I\'ve emailed and sorted. Runs in background and can go back to if closed but not finished session. Will renew when yr is up. Thank you developer 👍🏼