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Description of CareClinic: Tracker & Reminder

✅ Take control of your well-being: Build healthy habits, stay accountable, and act on insights all in one app!

CareClinic is an award-winning clinically-studied Health Tracker App that simplifies managing your own and your dependent's health. Enable intelligent Trackers and Modules that make managing your treatment or health goals simple, easy, and quick!

⭐ 1000’S of 5-STAR REVIEWS

"I love this App! It lets me journal my thoughts and helps with my med reminders. I can't recommend it enough to anyone looking to build healthy habits!" Dr. Nat

CareClinic is more than a health symptom tracker app.

As a self-care wellness app and symptoms tracker, it includes all must-haves such as a medication tracker & other health reminders. Set reminders for your meds & pills and also reminders to record your symptom severity, measurements, to engage in physical activity and eat correctly. Add your care team to let them monitor your progress remotely, or monitor the well-being of your loved ones!

📲 Trackers included: Track medication (prescription, birth control), vitamins, supplements (such as iron, vitamin C), chronic conditions, symptoms, environmental factors, nutrition, physical activity (such as yoga, steps, exercises), daily vitals & measurements (mood & blood pressure, fever temperature), therapies, sleep, stool tracker & notes. Automatically discover correlations & triggers through reports & insights.

📲Modules: Care Teams, Reminders, Goals, Streaks, Appointments, Care Plans (regimens for different people or goals), Conditions (comorbidities), Labs, Immunizations (Vaccines), Exercise & Medication library

👪 7 Reasons People Choose Us


- Schedule medication (pill reminders, refill reminders, vitamin reminders or supplement reminders) with tapering doses

- Appointment reminders for checkups, assessments

- Immunization reminders for follow-up shots


- Built-in DB of medications, symptoms, supplements, exercises, measurements (with units)

- Pre-set measurements like Weight, Sleep, Blood Pressure, Energy, Productivity, Mood, Pain, Pulse & Temperature, more

- Include photos


- See what works and what doesn't

- Export & share progress


- Google Fit & wearables

- Appointments sync with mobile calendar


- Share data or monitor family, kids & seniors remotely

- Nudge dependents to stay on track

- Store contact information centrally for reference


- Add medication with photos! No typing needed

- See Drug & Supplement interactions, Synergistic effects between supplements (stacking!), Dose warnings

- It's not just a medication list! add Drugs, Minerals, Nutrition (Food & drinks with calories & macronutrients), Therapies (CBT, Mindfulness), Fitness


- Turn off unnecessary modules & trackers to simplify the app

- Or turn them all ON & track symptoms, goals, habits, headaches, migraines, disease, more

- Syncs with Desktop Web App

- Built-in DB of common labs & reports like genomic labs, blood tests

- Biometric security for privacy 🔐

👉🏻 More than a medication management app or pill organizer, it is a complete health planner:

Essential for chronic illness & Mental health (ADHD, depression, anxiety, panic attacks), Chronic pain, cancer, fibromyalgia, IBS (bowel movements) IBD, diabetes, Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA), Multiple sclerosis (MS)

Also works well for tracking Flu, COPD, Epilepsy, Psoriasis, Fibromyalgia, IPF, PMDD, other disorders. Track pregnancy & baby symptoms, Headaches, Mood tracker, Urine, Stool, Symptom tracker, PMS, Food allergies, gut health, GI Symptoms, pain tracker, pain log, pain journal

Don’t put loved ones at risk by missing a tablet, set medication reminders.$6.99/m, $59.99/yr subscription for more functionality & affordable than other medication trackers

Made in 🇺🇸 , we understand & care!

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:3.5 Publish Date:2022-06-09 Developer:CareClinic Tracker & Reminder

User Reviews


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Hesty 2020-03-05

Love the design, aesthetic and how user friendly it is …. I like how you can customize so much on the app, down to every little detail . This keeps me on track and it’s one thing less off my mind as this app does it all. Definitely worth a shot especially if you are into tracking progress and seeing all your information and history listed in an organized way. Would recommend giving it a shot
T McGowan 2020-06-01

So it did an ok job of getting me to get in the habit of taking my meds daily but not really. You have to get the paid version for the reminders to have sound. Otherwise, the reminder just pops up and if your not looking at your phone then your on your own. Also, after using for two weeks it started to freeze up or crash multiple times a day. Eventually I just stopped using it. So I\'m uninstalling it.
Ms. Barbara 2020-07-30

To me, the app was not user-friendly. I found myself entering the same information repeatedly and sometimes the data just would not save (specifically in the Goals section). Second, the format provides low visibility. I was looking for something thst displays data like a calendar with icons and notes to show my doctors an overall picture of my health for each day. This is more like a database that has to be searched by individual criteria. I can\'t use this app in its current format.
P Dith 2020-03-04

I\'ve always been really bad at looking after my health or creating healthy habits. This app has helped me develop a plan and keeps me on track to lead a healthier life. The reminders are great cause as a entrepreneur, life gets super busy and I forget even the little things while running a company, or at the gym. Its been pretty easy to use and I\'m enjoying discovering all it has to offer
Andrew Phillips 2020-04-08

I\'ve seen and dealt with apps before regarding tracking symptoms and health progress. As a developer of one before myself on a past team, I am impressed at the level of detail and directed attention this app provided! You guys got it right.
Victoria Brockmeier 2020-05-25

Rich features, but important ones work poorly. I get a med reminder, check off that I\'ve taken it; checkmark clears after a few seconds, so it\'s not good for remembering what I\'ve taken. Any time I post to record a symptom, it reposts every med I\'ve taken that day, so all the charts become useless. If I change a reminder time, alerts still pop up at the old time. Wish I could use it; needs a ton of basic usability & bug checking, though.
FAHAD SARWAR 2019-06-25

I think this app is perfect for my health fitness . It reminds me about my activities and nutritions on exact time. Its create post section is very beneficial to record my activites.
Jessica Barns 2020-08-23

I paid for premium but the premium features are not activated. Also, a lot of glitches. For example, if I add symptoms to a check-in and save it but not publish it and come back later to complete it, all the notes, start time and severity of the symptom are not saved. Edit: I would like a refund since I paid for premium features but can\'t access them please
Ayesha Siddiqua 2020-04-07

Exceptional app for managing chronic health conditions. I highly recommend this to anyone looking to enhance their care management strategies!
Edward Morris 2021-02-01

Good idea and Fantastic execution. I decided because I already love this app, I need to leave a review. I use it to manage my chronic pain, I generally have no idea what to tell my doctor after I go back in for a check up as to when I felt pain, if medications had side effects, or if I had allergies etc. This app simplifies managing my pain, and I recommend everyone use it as their health monitoring app.