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Carlcare,a professional after-sales service brand,has 2000+ service centers in over 58 countries.With this APP, knowing more about your device, finding solutions to problem you encounter,getting all-around after-sales servcie,all of these will become more convenient and faster!

1.Online Self-service: Carlcare provide diversified self-service ,you can check spare parts price,warranty,repair status and nearest service center,for better repair expierence, you can apply for fast repair and reservation service.

2.Manual Service: Any problem can be solved by one-to-one communicating with official technical expert!

3.Value-added Service: Activate extra protection for your device , we'll present more value-added servcie continuously, which is looking forward to your attention!

4.Colorful Activity: Get to know official activities faster, enjoy more opportunities to win the mysterious prizes!

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:V5.8.5 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Transsion Holdings

User Reviews


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Hammad Arshad 2020-06-19

Worst app. I updated to the newest version available for participating in lucky draw but that updated app did not load any interface available in app. No response when I tried to login/signup for lucky draw. I emailed and messaged you carlcare developers but you did not give any response. Then i uninstalled the app and installed again from store and then went for lucky draw and then this app said \"you have participated in this event share to get one more chance\" Like really?
morufudeen Anifowoshe 2020-06-28

I dont really understand this newest version, i cant patispate in the draw it keep telling me is not available in my region but when i read t&c nigeria is there pls work on that and again whem when carlcare message pop up on my before i will just click on it and it will take me to the app but this newest version will not and the message will keep coming pls work on it
James Bond 2020-06-07

The app is good except for delay in response. Secondly, i think posts made by users should be be verified and wait for approval. It\'s not Facebook or Instagram, how can someone post 4 of her pictures and some stupid guys would comment \"you look beautiful\"? For an app meant for laying complaints on faulty devices? That\'s not cool. For that, 2 stars.
Daniel Birhane 2020-12-31

This app is very interesting but I don\'t know why when I ask questions about upgrading android version to agents they said to me it is impossible but when I ask Google it is possible. & when I see other companies if they release update to their products even small android version they include android version upgrade. This thing have to be resolved by Tecno Comany.
Ạrjʊɳ ꗟɑģɑr 2021-02-03

Xshare and Carlcare, both are apps made by infinix.. These both apps have made my life hell with more than 100 notifications per day.. There is no option to disable or turn off notifications.. it can\'t be uninstalled because it\'s inbuilt in infinix hot 9.. There is no option to disable this app.. i am gonna break this chinise phone because of this app
Kenneth Castro 2020-11-12

I cannot create an account! I have been trying to create one for the last 2 hours but whenever the code arrive, the 10 minutes availability of the code is already expired! Meaning to say it is being sent to me later than it should. How can I say this is useful if I cannot even create an account!
Aberuagba Usman 2020-12-29

Calcare would\'ve been better if they offer home delivery for accessories, it\'s inconveniencing asking people to pick up accessories from designated stores considering other factors,. People will be willing to pay delivery charges to their doorstep, you can make patronage easier for your customers,. And I\'ve sent a mail since 3 days now am still yet to get a response from Carlcare.
Paul Kei 2020-10-26

From getting new gadgets, finding old original parts to fixing issues, the Carlcare app is the ultimate one-stop shop. I was able to register on the app, reserve a slot and speak with a customer care representative before heading to their office. My phone was fixed in no time, and as a bonus for being a first time user, I got a new charger for almost nothing. I love this app and will be using it much more often
Tunde Ojulari 2020-05-16

This is my 5th of installing and uninstalling Carl care. It gives you one problem or another. To register is a problem. To download is a problem. To install is a problem. To use is the biggest problem. I\'ve spent over 2hrs today registering, unsuccessful. I left registration and went for installation, it required updating. I\'ve been battling with that for the past 1hr. You need to fix ur contact and use. Thanks.
Oska Mich 2020-09-12

This is the best customer care app a smartphone can ever have. It\'s ideal and user friendly. The features are great and very interactive. Thank you for your app assistance. I highly recommend Tecno users to download this app.