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CarMax OwnersPlus

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Description of CarMax OwnersPlus

Created exclusively for CarMax owners, this free app helps you get the most out of your car.

Features include:

- Get reminded when it's time for oil changes and other routine maintenance

- Stay in the know about safety recalls

- Store all of your important car-related documents

- Save money with free tire rotations and discounts on other parts and services

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lable: Auto & Vehicles - Apps Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2021-12-22 Developer:CarMax

User Reviews


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Terry edwards 2019-03-25

my experience at carmax was very easy and enjoyable. our sales agent Rob Estell was very patient, knowledgeable, and experienced in his job. It was very clear from the beginning his goal was to find us the best car for our family. He made you feel like family.
Deborah Davis 2019-11-18

I love the no hassle no pressure experience. I recommend everyone try it with the next purchase of a car.
Donna Cook 2019-07-24

I think that the CarMax owner Plus is a wonderful tool to keep all of your cars information and important documents in one place.
Gabriel Guillen 2018-11-25

Can\'t even make a payment through it.
idolmind 2020-07-16

First and foremost when you put in your v i n it comes up with random specs on your car with a disclaimer that the specs might not be correct what\'s the point. second when it ask you to register your vehicle with the manufacturer that button doesn\'t work and then what is the point of putting in your mileage into the app you have to do this every day to keep it accurate haven\'t found it very useful at all
Leo Loliondo 2020-09-26

Great way to keep all the details and information on your vehicle, but every time I try to use a service on the app it crashes. Its good to look at, but you can\'t do anything with it... just kind of pointless with it crashing all the time.
Ben 2019-07-01

Only complaint with the app is the only thing it\'s good for: tracking fuel economy and maint. The app guesses at my actual milage despite me giving it accurate numbers every time I fill up. I shouldn\'t have to constantly update that manually to match the data in my fuel economy log. The app is alright otherwise. My \"Never again CarMax\" policy is strictly due to terrible and skill deficient mrchanic/techs. I will never let them touch my car again, you shouldn\'t either. Least not @ the Indy shop.
Andrew S 2019-11-05

Opens to the car max sceen then doesn\'t move on so basically is unusable
Drevlin Lek 2020-03-16

Good source of information and a good way to keep and have access to information. Downside, the \"call dealership\" button, when pressed, crashes the app. So pretty useless for that part. Would be easier to just make it a copy / paste option.
Jon McWhirter 2019-06-24

How does the app know my current Mileage on a vehicle? I had just installed and set up the app to my vehicle 3 weeks later from purchase and it knew the mileage at which it was bought at, which makes sense. But how does it also knows my current mileage, how does it know that? My car does not have any autostart or any special phone features except for bluetooth audio. There is also nothing connected to the ODB port. So how did this app know my current Mileage?