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Description of Cash Advance - Personal Loans

Are you looking for a cash advance? Need money fast to pay bills or for emergency fund? Apply for personal loans to get quick cash today through our simple loan application. You can use our app if you need emergency loan whenever and wherever you are, so even if you don’t need fast money today, you can download and save it for later use. Or you can take a look at our app to make sure we can fulfill what you need including when you need to finance help to apply for personal loans and money online.

Cash Advance is designed for everyone who need money fast and doesn’t have a lot of options, whether because you live far away and need to get money online, or because you don’t have emergency fund in your bank account. No matter when or why you need it, we can provide finance help for you. You can use loan calculator to calculate loan installments and apply for money online based on how much you need it. It’s a very easy cash application and certainly come in handy if you need emergency loan and fast money for medical bills, repair bills, rent, or anything at all.


Benefit of using Cash Advance to Apply for Easy Cash


· Download Cash Advance App – Personal Loans Online for FREE and use it whenever you need money! Feel free to download and browse our app to see if our application is suitable for you. See various installments options, payment options, and other features of our app.

· Calculate loan installments. You don’t need a separate loan calculator to calculate loan installments, we will inform you before you agree to take the loan. It’s a great finance help so you can plan your expenditure better and understand your options.

· Fast and simple application. Application is super fast and you can apply it anytime or anywhere, as long as you have the internet. That saves you a lot of time, energy, and transportation fee! It’s so convenient to get personal loans through Cash Advance.

· Fast Process. We understand that people who need quick cash need it soon, preferably now. That’s why it’s called emergency loan. Once your application is accepted, we will transfer the money to your bank account so you can make use of emergency fund as soon as possible.

Getting fast money can be very lengthy and troublesome process. That’s why we create Cash Advance App – Personal Loans Online, to makes it easier for anyone who needs easy cash to get it quickly. This fast process and quick approval is necessary, especially if you need the money for emergencies.

Situations are unpredictable. No one can be sure that they have enough savings in case of emergency. Maybe your pets get sick and you’re stuck with hefty vet bills. Maybe there are other unexpected things that occur such as your house in need of repairs, etc. Whatever it is, make sure you have our app on hand so you can apply right away whenever you need it.




We are not a lender and we cannot predict what fees and interest rate will be applied to the loan you will be offered. APRs range in this app 4.99% - 35%. For more information regarding the APR contact your lender.

Representative Example of APR. If you borrow $2,500.00 over a term of 1 year with an interest rate of 10%, you will pay $219.79 each month (payment frequency: monthly). The total amount payable will be $2,637.48, with a total interest of $137.48, APR: 10.00%.

Minimum and maximum period for repayment - from 90 days to 1 year.

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User Reviews


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Amarylis Duckwith 2020-09-19

I truly liked the app during our dealing, and I am going to tell why. On the one hand, they gave a loan quickly and without unnecessary problems, that I had experienced multiple times in dave app. On the other hand, Cash advance approved the amount I requested. I got enough big amount, but my salary is higher than it, so it was easy.
Talayia Josefson 2020-10-27

I would like to share my impressions about cash advance. I have a loan issued, I make payments on time, without delays. I use the app for this. When applying for a loan, the staff explained everything in detail, told about all payment methods. I especially liked the phone conversation. The service is polite and answers all your questions in detail. In general, I’m happy with the company…
Ginnis Caren 2021-02-03

I have always been very skeptical of the instant loan applications and preferred regular loans, but then my husband persuaded me to try it. He used Cash Advance before and didn\'t have any problems. I like the app Cash Advance because of its beautiful interface. To be honest, the design is very relaxing. Works well for me.
Ming Leyban 2020-10-28

I was really happy to find this app, and there’s a big possibility I would recommend Cash Advance for being so fast and easy. A couple of minutes on the phone and my cash advance was approved, sealed, and sent to my bank account two days later. Paid off my car loans, and now I’m paying the same amount of cash, but with fewer rates.
Imanni Baline 2020-11-09

I took a personal loan from this cash app only once. It was the New Years Eve days and the salary in January was less because of the holidays. I cant say anything bad. I quickly formalized everything, the approval took several minutes, in my opinion. They transfer money to my card. There were no delays, they did their job with dignity, everything is ok.
shannon zaldivar 2020-02-26

DON\'T USE THIS APP! I applied for a loan, chose a lender, signed the paperwork and nothing. I even made an account so I can track my loan and I haven\'t received any funds. Plus the website keeps giving me an error message about it being down, after every sign in. Oh but I keep constantly receiving emails about loans I was approved for. So basically I think this app just misused my info and more then likely I think my identity was stolen.
Makhayla Giamo 2020-07-27

Thank you, Cash Advance! I have a farm and it is always hard during the winter. I had a problem with a roof and needed money to fix it. Thanks to cash advance I could do it. I used dave app earlier, but now I’ve changed my mind and understood that this is the best. Fast, quick process and polite service are worth to be noticed.
Ryan Saylor 2020-10-14

Absolutely useless App. If you don\'t get paid once weekly. I\'m a contractor and I sometimes get multiple deposits in a week. Well above a minimum monthly income. I just needed to borrow about $100 to get me through till my next deposit, which would have been within days. After giving them all my personal info and banking info, I get a call from a \"rep\" from somewhere overseas, India I\'m assuming, and get declined. DO NOT USE THIS APP if you don\'t get a regular weekly paycheck. Would not recomme
Shirley Turan 2021-03-05

Seems sketchy. I followed through with the application. I needed to log in to my bank account through the loan app so they could verify my income. Okay. My bank is really good about preventing scams so I decided to risk it. But after I entered my bank account information it asked me to select my phone number so that I could get a code. None of the three numbers listed have ever been my number. 😏
Mierra Nassau 2020-10-08

At first, I thought the whole transaction process would be much worse. But fortunately, every step to get loans was quite easy and understandable. It is convenient to receive on the card and pay off too. I was satisfied, if I need finances I will contact cash advance app again. I really want to recommend it to everybody who needs some financial help.