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Description of CashFlow+(pro) expense manager

money income expense manager keep account

The purpose of keeping account is to give yourself a better life.

This software in addition to have basic function of accounting, there are also have some major idea:

1. The goals/dreams System:

You can set the required money of goals/dreams.Planned use of your income to achieve your goals/dreams step by step..

The system ask you to save partial money of income to goals/dreams, whenever you get a income.

The system will calculate and tell you how far days to reach the goals/dreams depending on saving rate.

2. Tracking System:

For each category, the system generate a year/month/day chart history to show your spending tendency, wasting more or saving more.

3. Multi-currency, virtual currency, you can trade by using not only real money but also virtual stuff


* Balance/Rate chart: easy to track changes in the balance/income/expense history.

* support recurring expense/income/transfer, daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly,quarterly, yearly...etc

* User define custom categories and currencies

* Credit Card: billing date and payment date

* Multi-currency, virtual currency,management support.

* Budget weekly/ monthly / yearly

* Goal/Dream system, to help you calculate the number of days required to achieve your goals/dreams.Planned use of your income to achieve your goals/dreams step by step.

* Statistics of income / expense categories , consumption patterns, goals.

* Bar chart, pie chart of income / expense categories , consumption patterns, goals.

* Set first day of week

* Home screen widget

* Support screen landscape orientation

* SD card backup/restore data, autobackup


* Unlimited account, currency

* Bar chart shows 2 month(pre month) simultaneously

* The year/month/day chart tracking, let you understand your spending tendency, wasting more or saving more.

* Data analysis suggestions

* Theme changer

* Goal Widget

* Set first day of month, set first month of year. Statistics according by assigned date(affects charts, statistics are history list, budget, statistics and export)

* Excel(.xls) export of 'Daily transaction records' and 'profit and loss statement'

* Dropbox Data Backup and restore

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:1.0 Publish Date:2021-03-07 Developer:UIeasier

User Reviews


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Sam Phoenix 2017-06-02

Good app
Henry Tan 2019-09-27

Can add Loan category
franky billion 2019-02-28

why i cant use this app after the last update?
張Aya 2015-10-06

Good app This app basically has everything I need but just wondering if it\'s possible to add two more functions: 1. Set interest rate for the bank account & let it add into account periodically. 2. Function to separate several account from being count into total asset. Thanks~
Bhakti Maulana Asnar 2015-12-07

Just love everything in it Report a bug, fixed in weekend Suggest a feature, implemented in weekend.. Best developer, best app, best review from me!
Mia Chiu 2014-05-31

i need weekly cost good,but if you can set weekly cost or twice weeks income will be wonderful. because in australia,we got salary per one or two weeks. anyway,this is very cute but useful app,thanks.
SiM on 2016-12-13

Wish to have Dark Theme for all Widgets As captioned
Marj Dayrit 2015-08-31

I hope the list of account can be toggle or re-arrange. Overall, its a great app!
Jodi Morken 2015-06-08

Checkbook Budget Goals all in one place I don\'t buy many pro versions of apps but after using this one a few weeks decided it was worth it to have only one app. Clear interface and simple to use.
A Google user 2014-05-19

All good Just hope the developer could implement a periodical horizontal comparison table and allow cash flow projections to be compared as well