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Description of Castle Defender

Defend your castle of the royal kingdom - try this castle defense game now! Fight against massive waves of enemies.

Use your archery skills as you lead an idle defense heroes team. Make sure your castle is safe.


- Defend with your ultimate crossbow by TAPPING THE SCREEN.

- Throw powers like freeze, tornado towards the enemies.

- Use your heroes' powerful skills.

- Upgrade and equip ITEMS for your heroes.

- Summon new heroes with powerful stats.


- Defend your castle in 5 maps such as Forest, Temple, Sea, Cave, and Labyrinth

- 250+ fun LEVELS

- Ultimate skills: tornados, freeze, and many more.

- 30+ heroes to summon and upgrade.

- Lots of different monsters running wild, each with their special attacks.

- Many heroes: Warrior, witch, knight, bower, and many more.

Official Community:

- Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/CastleDefenderTD/

- Twitter: twitter.com/UnimobGames

- Email: support@unimobgame.com

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More Information Of Castle Defender

lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:2.0.1 Publish Date:2022-06-14 Developer:Unimob

User Reviews


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8BitTakeOver 2020-11-05

really fun, not pay to win at all, reminds me of when Mobile games were really fun, would recommend most engaging mobile game I have played this year, I look forward to updates, keep it up.
Martin Barlow 2021-01-29

Great to start with then . If your idea of game play is to complete the same levels over over and over again and you love to watch ads you can watch more than you play. Then this is the game for you. Unless you have a large bank balance. Coz this game will cost a fortune
Trung Nguyễn Tiến 2020-09-15

Im on Expert mode. It requires 2 energy each fight and brings 3k gold. This is ridiculous because heroes at lv 30 cost 7-8k gold for one lv. The higher lv, the higher cost. There are tons of upgrade in game. With this amount of gold, a year is not enough for me to reach lv 100
Mr. Rexx 2021-01-01

Game was really fun AT FIRST...but you\'ll definitely hit at \"Pay Wall\" that\'ll make the levels increasingly impossible to beat without spending real money! Also the upgrades after awhile are ridiculously high, No matter how hard you \"Grind\" you can\'t progress to the next level without spending hours of time. Plus the reward system is rigged!
Ho Homer 2020-08-07

P2W cash grab. Less of a tower defense shooter, more of a gacha hero management game. Little upgrade variety of the tower, except for damage or defense/hp related upgrades. Heroes\' skills and stats are the main point. Can tell there\'s some inspiration from many games. VIP system and equipment shard system available. Can\'t tell why this is an idle game since I didn\'t receive idle rewards.
sagar kuriyal 2020-08-09

Game is ok, but come on, I have to spend coin for everything. Literally everything. If i have to spend coin to increase the ability of the champions then why the hell I have to spend coin to increase the level of my champion. Champion level should be increased by taking them to the fight not with some stupid coin when you already have to spend coin for rest of everything. ********** I like this game now. New updates have made the upgrade easier and reasonable. Thank you for the changes. 5 star
M. Warren 2020-10-25

Thanks!! It finally updated to 1.7.1 Not sure why it was stuck on 1.7.0 So I had previously uninstalled the game but kept all progress or so I thought. I never did a game backup before. I reinstalled game with new update. Is it possible to recover my account?
Luis Garcia 2020-04-30

So I\'ve spent about 40 bucks to get to vip6 and even then the game is just too difficult to complete. I am currently stuck on Hell 223, and the best level to farm for gold is lv90,but gold only gets you so far. It is very difficult to get strong heroes and then it\'s even more difficult to lvl up and get the correct resources to farm them without spending money. Essentially, I know this game is new, but a lot of things feel unbalanced and need some work before I can give this game a 5 star.
Jatin Jain 2021-01-31

They want you to pay money rven for basic upgrades. Who ask for 120k coins for a upgradable item when hou are getting less than 100 of them for passing a whole level. I mean its hillarious to see someone doing this in a game. And there is one more way to get this upgradable item by paying a real money to them. Disgusting 🤣
Davor Skrbic-Oliver 2020-04-18

It\'s a heavy grind, without an option to auto clear previous 3 stared stages. Also the hero\'s sometimes don\'t do any damage and that leaves the enemies destroying your wall. And what makes it worse its a heavy P2P, can\'t use 2x speed unless you are vip 6, that\'s stupid. Make a free 2x speed and a 3x for vip.