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Description of Castlight Mobile

Do you have access to Castlight through your employee benefits plan? If so, you and your dependents can download Castlight Mobile: a personal healthcare dashboard that helps you find affordable and high quality care, anytime, anywhere.

Key features:

Find care - Search for a doctor near you. Results are always in-network and include personalized cost estimates and quality data so you can make choices that are right for you.

Past care - Track your health care spending and claims with at-a-glance information about what you’ve spent and why.

Plan status - Track how much of your deductible you’ve met, see your HSA balance, and review basic information about your health coverage all in one place.

eCard - A medical insurance card is part of the app so you’ll never be without your insurance card again.

Please note:

The Castlight Mobile app is available exclusively to individuals and their dependents who have access to Castlight’s services through their employee benefits program. If you’re not sure if Castlight is part of your employee benefits, contact your employer’s HR or Benefits leader.

About Castlight:

Castlight Health is a trusted third party that connects directly to your insurance plan and does not share your personal information with your employer. Your health information is always confidential and secure.

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More Information Of Castlight Mobile

lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:9.8.1 Publish Date:2022-06-10 Developer:Castlight Health

User Reviews


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Steph Kraner 2020-01-09

Gonna go ahead and echo the others who are having the issue with the app spinning but not getting past the load screen. Samsung Galaxy S10+ so it def seems to be an Android and/or Samsung thing. Would be swell if they fixed it one of these days.
Suchit Pandya 2019-08-26

This is really annoying application. Does not sync your points or neither have proper way to show your points for daily basis. Jiff was way better than this but unfortunately they have migrated with castlight. Very poor user experience.
Helen Bice 2020-06-04

I have now had to uninstall and reinstall this app 5 times. I am on my second download today. I keep getting an error message that it can\'t connect to the server. Uninstall the download and go through all the steps to log in again and it will work until it times out, or I fall asleep, or someone sneezes. At this point your guess is as good as mine. Completely annoying and making the event almost impossible for some teammates who don\'t know to try the reinstall. Tech support chat is a joke too.
Jessica Sailor 2020-09-29

This only focuses on one form of fitness - steps. What about biking, weights, yoga and other forms of fitness. I only use this because this is the healthy rewards system my employer is using.
S J 2020-01-03

Won\'t even let me get past the Get Started screen. Have a spinning circle in the center, the castlight logo, and a couple random letters on each side of the logo.
A Google user 2020-04-27

update 5/20/19 app as same sign in issue. no response or resolution. Issue with sign in... has never worked well with biometric sign in .. ALWAYS,. I have to fill in authentication password manually. This does not make the app easy to use.
D_ RPG 2020-09-14

Doesn\'t work, cannot link and track with apps or log counts. Trying to do a company promoted step counter and tried updating and uninstalling.
Schnarf Ol\' Popper 2020-10-06

Does what it says it does. It\'s pretty simple to use, navigation could use some work however. Overall good job on app.
Vesna Kuefler 2019-12-27

Awful customer service. When I redeemed my points for Amazon cards I was sent Hulu confirmation email. I immediately contacted support team (within 30 minutes of redeeming) to point out the error. They refused to help saying there were no refunds. All I was asking was to be sent cards I requested via this app. Avoid app if you can.
Alok Khanna 2019-10-06

Loading screen never goes away. Used to use jiff and that app was decommissioned in lieu of this pos. This app never finished loading.