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Description of Cat Game - The Cats Collector!

Cat Game is the cutest virtual cat game! From kawaii graphics to adorable gameplay, you’ll be caring for your kitties any chance you get! Millions have given Cat Game two furry paws up! 🐾

Cat Game is simple yet highly-addictive! To play, all you need to do is collect different kinds of cute & unique cats and build a home for them. AKA: your very own Cat Tower! You can decorate beautiful homes by creating personalized rooms and unlock cute new cats to fill them with every single day.

Collect normal, gothic, rare, unicorn, siamese, tourist, fluffy, persian, calico, angel cats and so many more! You can even unlock Legendary cats! There’s over 900 you can collect! 💫


● 900+ kawaii kitty cats to collect!

● Watch your animals come to life with cute animations

● Customize and decorate your dream Cat Tower

● Play special events and earn exclusive cats & prizes

● Enter contests to design the most adorable rooms

● Play fun & addictive mini-games to earn coins

● Join a club & play with your friends

● Compete in the leaderboard for exclusive rewards

● Daily missions & contests!

● There’s something new every week!


Create & personalize an adorable cat tower for all of your kitties to live in! You can even turn the tower into a full blown cat hotel! Put your interior design skills and eye for adorable decoration to the test. Play with adorable cat cafe decorations like:

● Plants

● Couches

● Cat toys

● Windows

● Dance floors

● Sandcastles

● Adorable animal furniture

● and more!

You can create different themes and vibes according to your own taste! 70’s, beach, dance club, farm, underwater, or royalty. The possibilities of creating your own kawaii animal world are endless if you use your imagination!


Cat Game is the perfect animal game simulator to play with friends! Collaborate with friendly paws by creating shared spaces with your friends. You can even enter contests where you compete by designing the best cat room!

You can even play with cat lovers across the world! Cat Game is the perfect way to make new furry friends and socialize in new clubs!

Enter regular events throughout the year where you can earn unique rare cats and special prizes! Unlock new challenging levels by playing mini-games!

Participate in non-stop cat-themed games like:

● Tetris

● Bubble Pop

● Spin the Basket

● And more!


Millions of kitty cat animal lovers play Cat Game for a reason! Cat Game is perfect for kids, crazy cat fanatics, kawaii enthusiasts, cute app lovers, and anyone who wants to pass the time in an adorable furry way! It’s a virtual cat cafe in your pocket! You’ll never want to stop playing.

Your future kitties are waiting for you now! Put your paws to work, play with friends & clubs, and get the cutest kitty game, Cat Game today for free!

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lable: Casual - Games Current Version:1.75.03 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Mino Games

User Reviews


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Elena V 2021-03-13

This is a cute and fun cat collector with creative art but I\'ve lowered my rating because the new basket event system is terrible. You no longer win cats and deco as prizes; you get keys to spin for a chance to get something. You end up with many duplicates and never complete the set, but keys and duplicate tickets don\'t carry over to the next event basket. Gems don\'t guarantee new cat/deco. Group prizes are harder to get now and secret baskets are gone. Would love to have a friend list.
Chess Mix 2021-03-04

Wonderful but not a lot to do but grind. It gets repetitive. Also if you\'re going to have the baskets rigged like they are don\'t make it so long where a player has to wait for another cat. If you\'re worried about players going too fast, don\'t worry. You\'ve got that covered with events and stuff to keep us busy. Not to meantion so many rooms to fill.
TL Lang 2021-03-12

While the cats are cute, game mechanics get grindy and repetitive very quickly. Devs don\'t listen to core feedback and keep taking away elements which helped build comradery while being less responsive in fixing quality of life issues. Random \"lucky\" players are picked as \"beta testers\" for experimental in-game mechanics which add unfair (dis)advantage among players, further lowering morale and sowing confusion. The game feels like a money grab scheme these days.
Felix 2021-03-01

I love this game a lot and all the different cats and various events are cool. I do think the crafting is really annoying though. I wish it was a tiny bit easier to earn points in events too. I play this game a lot and it\'s still hard to do well. All this being said this game is very fun and hasn\'t bored me like all the other cat games I\'ve played!
Genevieve Metzger 2021-02-27

It\'s definitely a cute way to pass time. I enjoy it quite a bit! I just have a few things I wish could be improved! 1. The Club Leadership not being transferable is a hassle and I wish the other members could have the ability to change the description or kick members out. 2. I enjoy the key based events, but I really miss the format of the other basket events! Maybe a combo? 3. I really think the mini games are fun, but a new one would really make things more exciting I think in addition!
Benjamin Hampton 2021-02-23

Game used to be great, but now garbage. Have played this game now for almost 5 years and its had ups and downs, but the latest change to their events is beyond infuriating and strongly incourahe others not to play or buy anything on this game. Latest events now make it to where even IF you buy the premium currency in the game you still dont have a chance of getting all the cats in the event... or at least without spending over $100 per event to maybe get them all. Complete crook developers.
Mercury Powers 2021-03-12

I love cg so much. But there should be a way to better customize the club. Like I know you can make it so the invites are auto accepted. But it needs an option for if you want to have auto kick on or off. And you need to take away the keys. There the worst thing thing you could have done. Or if you going to keep doing them then can the keys stay for the people who earned them after they got all the cats? Anyways I hope you guys read this and not come up whit a generic reply. Bye for now.
Queen Jewel 2021-03-01

This game WAS fun, but they switched out their main weekly events to a different style of event. Game devs: DON\'T FIX SOMETHING THAT WASN\'T BROKEN. The old weekly events were a great mix of club participation and solo effort, as long as you put enough effort into it, you can get everything. These new events do not quarentee everything no matter how much effort and gems you pour into it. It\'s such a blatant in your face cash grab and it\'s just not fun anymore. Secret events are gone too.
Rebecca Lowery 2021-02-27

Love this game, Have had it for a year now. Its fun and addictive. The creators are always improving and listening to players to make the best experience possible, An up to date healthy app. Also appreciate that you don\'t have to pay real money to get certain cats and decorations if you can\'t afford to, They give the option to save premium keys from some rewards to use instead. Love it! <3
Ridz Muin 2021-02-27

The event baskets are now a week long! I use to enjoy the breaks every 3/4 days. In order to get enough points to get all the prizes, you are constantly on the game, 24/7. It\'s unhealthy that Cat Game is advocating addiction to its game or encouraging players to upgrade with gems which means cash. I understand that you guys want to make money but I\'m sure you can think of a healthier way to do this.