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Description of Cat Lady - The Card Game

Calling all cat lovers 😻

Are you ready to collect cute as kittens’ cards in this card-drafting game?

Picking up three cards at a time, you must collect a selection of cats, food, toys, costumes and more to create the best cattery you can.

Score points by feeding all the cats in your cattery and adopt strays to earn more points. The game ends when there are no cards left in the deck and the player with the most Victory Points wins! 😸

Whether you’ve played the original AEG Cat Lady or you’re new to the game, Cat Lady has a unique charm and a great depth of strategy that will keep you coming back.

Jump straight in

A super quick and easy game to learn. You’ll be adopting more cats than you can shake a tail at!

Purrfect for busy busy-bodies

Catnaps don’t take themselves, so don’t worry! Games only take 1-5 minutes. You’ll be back to cat-napping in no time.

Become the BEST Cat Lady

Play ranked games and climb the global scratching post leaderboard.

Play as a pack

With charming graphics and local multiplayer for up to 4 people, there’s no need for anyone to miss out!

Achievement hunter

For those cats out there that love the hunt, you’ll find 23 in-game achievements you can hunt down and catch.

Will you be the best Cat Lady?

Languages supported:

- English

- Français

- Deutsch

- Italiano

- Español

- Português

- 日本語

- 中文

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More Information Of Cat Lady - The Card Game

lable: Card - Games Current Version:2.3.2 Publish Date:2022-06-09 Developer:Nomad Games

User Reviews


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Joshua Gouge 2020-12-08

Incredibly enjoyable game! Definitely worth a download! The short duration, plus the light, yet still strategic level of difficulty causes me to start a game more often than any other, because I don\'t have to devote a lot of time to it.
J. Bowser 2020-11-17

Game has been crashing when you tap the finish button during a match. It\'s a problem with the app, A10, & Google Play Games App not working nicely together. Support kind of helped but haven\'t heard back in a while and I even sent them more details as it seems to work fine on a similar device running an older version of the app. I don\'t know if the pandemic has stalled any chance of an update to fix it or if there just won\'t be one. Sad as I played this everyday. Time to delete 😿
Emily pease 2020-07-27

My husband bought me this board game a few years ago, trying to get me more into all board games, and boy did it work! We just got the expansion today and that\'s where I read there was an APP! I was so excited to try it out and it exceeded all of my expectations! Not only the adorable artwork was perfect, the interface had a natural ease to interact with. Very pleased! Great Job! 10/10 would recommend!
Ruby J. Scheme 2019-01-14

Fun, cute, short, light strategy drafting game. This port comes with a few flaws, though: 1. It doesn\'t let the player use Lost Cat and Spray Bottle cards at the end of its turn. 2. The UI could be polished, specially the Cattery should probably use smaller icons to avoid lots of scrolling. A table summarizing what each player has and what\'s still in the deck would really be helpful. 3. The game freezes often when touching the bottom icons (Spray Bottle count and the likes).
Sunny Neuroshima 2018-10-23

Excellent implementation of an equally excellent card game. The sound effects and music really add to the charm of the game and make it a joy to play. If you enjoy this brilliantly simple card drafting game, I highly recommend you consider picking up the tabletop version. There are a few errors with some of the stray cat cards: Moonbeam - Moonbeam\'s ability states \"Moonbeam grants 2 wild food\". This is incorrect and varies from the tabletop\'s ability, which states \"You may use any 2 food as wilds\". The original, and correct, ability allows you to use any 2 existing food as wilds, whereas the app\'s ability incorrectly gives you 2 wild food for free. Penny - in the app, Penny is a black cat. She should be an orange cat. This error will affect the balance of the game. Truffle - the first sentence of Truffle\'s ability states \"feed Truffle 1 chicken, tuna, milk\". This suggests you must feed her one of each food type. This is wrong. The correct text should read \"feed Truffle 1 chicken, tuna, or milk\". She must be fed only one item of any one type of food.
Tiago Silva 2020-01-15

A great game, solid conversion. But it could be so much better. * Not having multiplayer with friends is the worst for me, since with pass and play you can\'t really see what the other player did. * Issues with the achievements, many achievements that I got are later reset back to 0, some randomly reapearing latter, some lost. They also should be tied to the Google play account and not local. * Classic game should also remember the last setup, and not always start like a 2 player game on medium.
Aimin Walsh 2021-02-24

The game is fun, but the unskippable crawl through a million achievements I don\'t care about ticking up a couple percentage points at the end of every single game is painful. I force-stop and re-launch the game after every game because it\'s faster than learning that I\'m 1% closer to having used a certain number of spray bottles. I DON\'T CARE ABOUT ACHIEVEMENTS. Let me at least tap to skip them, or make them super fast, or at least adjustable in the game options! I want to play the card game.
Fenyx 2019-12-20

The loading screen bug has been fixed! Now I can confidently say this is a truly great game. Enjoyable, fairly simple to learn, but with several potential paths to victory. Also an adorable way of displaying awards/achievements that makes you want to keep playing. Definitely worth downloading and playing whenever you need to relax. Great job, dev!
James Lilly 2018-11-10

It\'s really a near flawless implementation of the card game. My only request is that there be some kind of tracker below the food that tells you what your cats will need at the end of the game so I don\'t have to keep opening the cat menu (though that may be too easy)
Timmy Burden 2020-04-02

Almost perfect. I do wish the game had online multiplayer seems like a missed opportunity. The ai is adjustable and 3 of them can play at different skill level if you want. Medium, easy or hard you decide. A good amount of achievement and games are quick. Sounds and graphics are very good. A fun and easy game to play.