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Description of Cat Room - Cute Cat Games

"Cat Room" is a free game where you can create your own personal room with cute cats.

Cute cats such as kittens and Scottish fold, Munchkin, American shorthair himalayan, ragdoll, norwegian forest, russian blue, abyssinian, bengal, persian, manx cat, turkish van, american curl, selkirk rex, siamese, somali, sphynx cat etc appear.

★About Cat Paradise

Cat Paradise is a function that allows you to enjoy the exchange between users with your favorite cat.

By interacting with cat lovers and sharing photos, a cat playground will be built in the Cat Paradise.

Let's play the cat days with the cat lovers all over the world!

★Many ways to play

Take care of cute cats and increase your love points

Take care of kittens and collect adult size cats

Collect produce from planters

Collect recipes and make lots of food and desserts

Get your own personalized cat

For those playing the mini garden game, decorate your own room however you want

Gather puzzles and collect cats

Baby Room is a feature where you can nurture kittens, you can sellect them as adult or kitties size cats.

★Recommended for these kinds of people

People who like caring for cats and other cute animals

People who like cat watcher for every days

People who like dress up games or room simulation games

People who like cat games or games where you care for things

★Enjyoing CatRoom? Learm more about the game!

Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/catroomapp/

Twitter : https://twitter.com/CatRoom_app

*If you cannot open the app, please restart your device and close application first.

*When you send mail to us, please let us know which device you are using and your mail address.

*We will do our best to be described as the best cat games.

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More Information Of Cat Room - Cute Cat Games

lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:3.0.12 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Cross Field Inc.

User Reviews


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Forgotten Void 2019-12-25

I have just installed the game, and it\'s asking me to access calls. I denied, and yet it doesn\'t let me! I won\'t take the risk of allowing it, because why would it need permission to access calls?! And the worst part yet, I didn\'t even play so I don\'t know what the game is like and if it\'s fun. Please remove that, you do not need to make calls on any device. I\'m uninstalling this.
Avi Conopio 2020-04-15

It\'s cute and so functional. A lot of good stuffs to do. Suggest for development, that users can actually connect with each other real time. Also, some items in the house are not functional for the cats, like the sofa, lavatory and lamp. Hope in the future they can also work. Just like how the cat toy can sing, maybe the lamp can also light up, cats can also sit on the sofa, water can come out of the lavatory, toilet can atleast flush and so on. 😊 I love the game and I\'d love to see it improve.
K-Cake 0o7 2020-02-24

This has to be one of my favourite games ever made! First of all, definitely was not English to begin with. A lot of the grammar is off but it is understandable for the most part. I love the cute cats you can collect and it can get quite addicting if played enough. The match 3 part of the game gets a little tricky after awhile and it even lets you know if you haven\'t got all three stars are a level. Definitely suggest this app to any cat lover!
A Animations 2020-04-17

I can\'t go into this game without giving permission for calls! I just thought it was strange for this app to even ask for them so I clicked deny don\'t ask again and then it didn\'t let me play it just showed the same thing over and over the thing said: U can not play if u don\'t accept permissions and I couldn\'t even accept it at that point very disappointed. I had to reinstall and allow everything to play This. Is. Unbelievable. Please remove phone calls
Jessica Nash 2019-07-20

Cutest and most relaxing game ever! The developers really got it right with this game. This is a happy little game that lets you level up and decorate your room at a perfect pace without having to purchase anything (which I will be to show my support). The cats are adorable. The decor is adorable! Everything about this game is adorable! The side game is fun with the right amount of difficulty. You can beat the levels without having to buy anything to help. Also a safe way to make friends :)
Sarah Lacasse 2019-10-30

SCAM I was really enjoying this cute little cat game until I realized the app performs phone calls when it\'s open. People keep calling me saying they \"got a call from my number\" shortly after or during when I have the app open. Why does a game need access to your phone!? UNACCEPTABLE
Rachel Tiffany 2020-07-23

Please do more events
Zetty 2020-11-28

I love this game so much, but the problem is, when I go to the babyroom, it says \"an error occurred\"something like that, I just wanna claim the baby cat that I raised, but it always said like that, and I tried to restart my phone if there would be my phone\'s problem, but it still doesn\'t work and my connection is all good, so I try to re-install this game for now, I hope they would be okay, and please fix it? Thank you very much... Love your game❤️edit, I got that baby cat after reinstalled it💕
poogirl 2020-03-03

I love this app, especially because I\'m a cat lover. I love the cute cat furniture there is, and you can go out and meet different cats! I also love how you can request for things you don\'t have or need. I am giving this awesome app a 4 star rating because I can tell this app wasn\'t English at the start because it\'s a little hard to understand the guide. Other then that, this app is amazing and I recommend whoever is a cat lover like me. :-)
Be a light in the darkness 2019-12-30

This game controls work really well and smoothly! I am still figuring out some things the app can do, but this game is addicting and so cute! I play it daily and I have so much fun on it! I can\'t find any problems with the game even if I tried. Sometimes the question marks though don\'t tell me enough. But anyhow I love it just the same! And to any readers I hope this helped! You should get it its amazing!