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Catch It English

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Description of Catch It English

💕 Meet new friends everyday and talk freely in English!

✉ Exchange English vocabulary and sentence cards with friends.

🤩 English expressions will be in your head in no time when you play fun games and complete the missions!

🎓 “English Learning experience chosen by a million users is waiting for you!” 🎓

🏆 Korea E-Learning Excellence Award

🏆 Japan E-Learning Special Award

🏆 Google Editor's Choice

🏆 #1 in top grossing educational apps (2020.01)

🏆 Google Best Apps

🙋 English Learning Habit with Great People

Join a study group and meet new friends!

Exchange English cards everyday! Help each other and study together

Make great friends and upgrade your skill!

🎮 Speaking English Becomes Easier than Playing Game

Real fun way to study English!

There was no English learning app like Catch It English!

Complete fun missions and upgrade your English skill!

🔮 Magical Learning System that Will Make you to Speak Now!

Struggling to learn English?

Memorize the whole sentence through Chunk learning pattern.

More than 20 patented learning systems in speaking, shadowing, and listening.

Experience the magical English learning system!

📈 Over a Hundred Million Quizzes Solved! Professionally Verified Curriculum

Through curriculum consisting thousands of vocabularies and sentences

Native expressions, grammar, basic vocabs, business expressions, and TOEIC

Experience the customized learning system for basic to advanced level users!

😆 Learning time is provided everyday for free!

Study for free anytime you want!


[Optional Permissions]

1. Permission to access the photos, media, and files in the device

- The permission to access the photos, media, and files in your device including the permission to use the storage, and you cannot change your profile photo when you do not agree with this permission.

2. Allow microphone

- Permission to audio recording and playing permissions for speaking practice.

* You can use the app even if you do not agree to optional permissions.

* After granting the permission to access, you can reset or revoke the permissions as follows:

[Android version 6.0 or later]

1. How to withdraw by access permissions: Device Settings > Apps > More (Settings and Control) > App Info > Permissions > Select permission > Agree or revoke a permission

2. How to revoke by apps: Device Settings > Apps > Select an app > Select permission > Agree or revoke a permission

[Under Android 6.0]

Due to the nature of the operating system, access permissions cannot be revoked, except only if you uninstall an app. Please upgrade your version of Android.


▣ Customer Support

1. In app, “Settings > Support > Contact”

2. Support e-mail(support@catchitplay.com) is the fastest way to get support about the purchase, bug report, and inquiry, etc.

* Please mention your ‘Nickname’ in the mail!

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More Information Of Catch It English

lable: Education - Apps Current Version:7.10.0 Publish Date:2022-02-24 Developer:CatchItPlay

User Reviews


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Lakwat 2020-12-28

Firstly, I would like to say that this is a good app for learning American. But just American NOT English. What I find most betraying of this app is that is that wilst it\'s tittle states that it is an app to learn English it clearly displays the American flag. I am unsure of American law yet in Great Britain and possibly Northern Ireland, American and English are two different languages. For example, in a GCSE examination for English (writing) if you write the American term \"sprinkles\" instead
굥룡TV 2020-12-19

The best application to study English~
John Kim 2020-12-21

Good for learning english
David Guthrie 2021-01-10

Terrible app for learning English, but you can learn American terminology, not really any good to be honest
차승철 2020-07-07

It is very useful app for studying english.
Jessie Kim 2020-08-26

Excellent for all levels of learners
tanase alex 2020-12-19

Horrible. It should be said from beginning that this app is for asian speakers. I don\'t recognize that alphabet so I didn\'t know how to quit. I had to restart the phone.
Jae Sim 2019-06-01

Pretty good to learn practical expressions, but the free version provides a quite short daily lesson.
MinSeok Kim 2020-11-20

This app. is very useful.
CH A 2019-12-02

It is useful but a little bit difficult to use if you are not good at playing mobile games.