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Description of Cateye Cycling™

CATEYE Cycling™ App for Android. This app works with Bluetooth SMART sensors or can be used directly with a smartphone to measure and record ride data/route information, and upload this data to the CatEyeAtlas™, Strava™ and TrainingPeaks™ sites.

Mirror Mode and call/email alert features can be used to enhance your riding experience when Cateye Cycling™ is paired with a CATEYE smart computer.

In Mirror Mode, data from the smartphone is sent to the CATEYE smart computer where it can be viewed. Phone call and email alert icons are also displayed. The smart computer can work with Bluetooth SMART Speed, Cadence, Heart Rate and Power sensors in this mode. When smartphone use is not an option, Sensor Direct Mode can be used as a backup. This mode syncs the smart computer directly with the Bluetooth SMART Speed, Cadence, Heart Rate or Power sensor.

Other features include smart set-up (configuration of various smart computer settings, automatic clock adjustment), display customization, automatic clock adjustment, and importing of a summary of ride data in Sensor Direct Mode.

Please visit cateye.com for a complete list of all applicable devices.


[Note] We can not guarantee that all devices will work properly even though they meet the system requirement. These devices were confirmed to work, however, we do not guarantee the App will work properly with these from any production lot or running in any conditions.

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More Information Of Cateye Cycling™

lable: Sports - Apps Current Version:3.1.9 Publish Date:2021-11-16 Developer:CATEYE CO.,LTD.

User Reviews


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Snorre Helvik 2018-09-28

Summary: this app is the only app that syncs with Cateye\'s smart computers. And it doesn\'t do it very well. If you like Strava and syncing your trip/stats to your mobile and other services, DON\'T BUY AN CATEYE! I recently bought a Cateye Strada Smart that sync to this app (and only this app). The app has a horrible design which I can live with. It crashes frequently, but after a while you figure out when (for example when you push android back button instead of using the back-arrow in the app). But after upgrading to Android Pie is crashes constantly at startup. Tried reinstalling but same same. Contacting support just left me with an somewhat arrogant \"sorry, you device is not supported\". To me it\'s quite unbelievable they don\'t put any more resources into this app (or preferably a rewrite of it). Strava and analysing trips stats is a must these days. Garmin gets it.
Ivan Glišin 2016-02-29

I have been using this app with Padrone Smart, HR-12 and ISC-12 sensors for just over a month now. During that time I was experiencing sensor and cyclocomputer connection reliability problems - the app is randomly dropping CC, HR, SP and CD connections, rendering Padrone Smart partly useful when sensors are dropped, of completely useless when the app drops Padrone Smart itself and force it to reconnect mode. After some testing I have confirmed the problem is not with my phone (LG L65), Padrone Smart, HR-12 or ISC-12 sensors, but likely entirely with this app: I have ran parallel recording with Cateye Cycling and Strava, and Strava recording looked good with no gaps, drops or spikes in data, while Cateye Cycling had over 50% gaps in speed cadence data, some 10% gaps in HR data, and several 2-3 second drops and spikes in all sensors data. I have compiled a detailed report and sent it to Cateye engineering team for review and analysis. It apperas that Padrone Smart and Cateye sensors are robust and well engineered devices, while Cateye Cycling app needs a lot of urgent attention!!! Let\'s hope they fix the app and make Padrone Smart and the new Smart+ great products.
Nelson Windbush 2016-12-17

NO AUTO STOP, IT KEEPS RECORDING Friday, Dec 16th updated!! STILL NO fix on these simple updates. Please developers integrate *Auto Stop sequence*, feature + add * smart threshold time, for pausing ride more then 10-20sec over threshold , auto stop / quit ride time = Stop /document ride. *Without manual touching please guys I might haft to get a new speedometer.
Dave C 2018-05-27

Rubbish App, so I\'ve wasted my money on what would have been very good hardware! I have the new version of the app, as at 27/05/2018 and it still won\'t connect to Strava! The app loops you to the download screen for Chrome (for which I have the latest version already)! If I try to sign in via Google, via Chrome, it loads up the Strava App, with no further progress!
Desmond Ong 2020-03-21

There are too many issues on this app. While riding, mirror mode measurement is working fine, the moment when I stopped for some time, speed/cadence sensor and computer turn it off, when turn it back on, both computer and sensors unable to resume the connection with my samsung S10 phone. It only able to work when I re-launch the app again, rotate the pedal, turn on my computer, wait for a min then I able to connect. As such, this causes the route unable to be traced exactly where I rode as well.
Igor Klisic 2019-07-31

Review changed. Doing what she was supposed to do, finally. I get a better response of the sensors, no more frequent sensor losses. Does not display the caller\'s phone number or username on the screen (when receiving a phone call).
Mark Joyner 2020-04-10

Syncs properly with Strava now. Not bad, interface a bit clunky.
Yusuf Yudhistira 2020-10-21

I used Strada Smart+ bundle with Cadence/Speed Sensor, and Magene HR64 Heart Rate Sensor. Everyone ranting about how slow and can\'t connect Strada Smart+ with this App is the person that didn\'t read the instruction manual. Please read the manual, and you will OK with this. I even connecting this app with 3rd party Magene HR64 Heart Rate monitor and its work seamlessly.
Igor Srdanovic 2020-11-09

GPS tracking does not work at all. I have CatEye Padrone Smart + computer and when I use it in mirror mode without sensors it does not read any info of GPS. My cheap Chinese fitness band works flawlessly. Such a shame for the most expensive CatEye computer. I\'m not sure if the problem is with app or the computer or phone. I\'ll have to try with a different phone.
A Google user 2017-07-29

Not able to sIGN into Strava due to google 0Auth rules. I think your Dev teams need to look at this.