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Description of CatHotel - play with cute cats

Manage your very own cattery: Mrs. Miller has to go on an urgent business trip and the Smiths are looking for accommodation for their house cat while they're on vacation.

Your cattery is the purrfect place for them! Care for the kitties, feed them and play with them until their owners come to pick them up again.

The features at a glance

★ Manage your own cat hotel

★ Develop your cattery from a small hotel into a 5-star luxury accommodation for the little sweeties

★ From the trusting Maine Coon to the graceful Burma – care for and feed six different breeds of cats

★ Decorate and design your cat hotel with individual objects

★ Play with your cats using the cat teaser toy, motivate them with the laser pointer game or groom their fur with different brushes

★ Watch how the cats play together, chase each other and sleep peacefully in their baskets

Take on exciting challenges every day!

Every cat is different – the cuddly British Shorthair tomcat loves being petted, while Maggy, the curious ragdoll, finds the laser pointer game great fun. You can take care of six different cat breeds in total.

Find out the likes of each individual cat and take loving care of your feline friends.

Check the health of the cats at check-in. Then your kitty guests need to be cared for, petted and fed. And that's when your day really starts!

It's never boring in the playroom

There are various items waiting for you in the playroom: you can use the laser pointer to chase the cats around the playroom – breaking a vase or two along the way!

You need a good memory and nerves of steel for the cat memory game, because if you don't memorize all the items correctly, a glass might get knocked over!

And do you know the cat teaser? Your hotel guests will love it and it'll keep them fit too.

Long-lasting fun thanks to increasing difficulty

If you take loving care of the cats, your cattery will soon become too small. Expand the rooms with cat trees, baskets and more litter trays so you can take in more guests.

But your furry friends will get more and more demanding. They'll need more attention and their individual needs will increase. But the more successful you are, the more stars your hotel will get and the more decorations will be available. And then you’ll be able to care for more different cats.

So quickly, download CatHotel and open your very own cattery!


If you have questions or problems related to the app or in-app purchases, please feel free to contact us via our facebook page facebook.com/tivolamobile

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lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:2.1.10 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Tivola

User Reviews


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Storming Cipher 2019-08-16

This cat game is really cute and I play for hours on this. A few problems involve one of the actions using the feather toy in which I can\'t seem to get it correct no matter how many times. The cat animations could use some touching up, especially with the paid breeds. But great game overall.
Christyll Basan 2020-04-27

This is a very peacefull and friendly game.😃 I want to rate 5 stars for fine controls. And cute cats. And its a very good game. My only problem is.. well it isnt really a problem but. I feel that there is something missing in the game. I dont know what it is.. but other than that its a really good game.👌👍 Play now and enjoy. Play it and rate it if ur a catlover.😻😁👍
Alexa S 2017-06-19

I love this game but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to buy the hotel stars?! Every time I click the five stars at the top it shows I have 24/25 of Something? And I want to buy stars with my coins because without them you pretty much can\'t buy anything in the store... going to try contacting the developer but if I can\'t figure it out I\'m uninstalling.
The SCR fan 2020-05-08

I like this game because you can play, decorate, groom and more. Really cute and fun to play. But my problem is that when I played the lazer with the cat it was pretty hard to control. And can you make the lazer abit easier to play? But besides that download it now because its quite cute and you get to take care of some cats and play with them.
Olivia Saltmarsh 2020-09-22

Really fun game, really good for people who love cats like me. I live in Africa so I own a cheetah in my backyard so I\'m in love with cats. This game is really cute the cats are adorable i love it! 🐆🐱 amazing game!
Gemma Monroe 2020-04-03

I love it this game! The cats are so cute but I do have one problem. It may just be my phone but everytime when the cats lose all the energy and need sleep during the day, it glitches and etheir doesn\'t even lay down and glitches in one place or it goes past the bed next to it and falls asleep glitching not on the bed. If u could fix that, it would be alot better but this game is awesome!
Jessie Bastet 2019-04-17

It\'s incredible how \"head and shoulders\" above other cat games this is. The graphics and game play; I feel like I\'m playing with real cats! Extremely reasonable prices to purchase new cats. Of course, with new breeds of color the program of behavior is the same. However, the cats have different needs and preferences, introducing variation to behavior. Decorating is exciting and beautiful. This game is company and a comfort to me for a long time. Thank you designers!
Liz Alvarado 2019-08-20

Boring boring boring!!!!!!!! It\'s really boring Like the next day you don\'t even want it We never wanted again like ever ever ever ever Ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever it\'s boring thing you ever played! Do you like it? Is its to me because I feel sad about myself but the same time I let all my anger out if he is singing this don\'t read this next part of Santa\'s right now l I feel really really bad about myself I\'m just saying this to get I just said said sorry
Ashley 2017-06-15

So far this is the 2nd cat game I found that I really like. It\'s addictive & is relaxing to play. Though I found some glitches if they could be fixed it would make the game run better. First, the night time screen freezes sometimes & you have to exit to log back in to play. Also, the sound will cut out at times. Lastly, when I took care of a new cat my screen showed the outside green yard instead of the lobby & I had to exit the game to come back. Please help! Thank you
Erica Polidoro 2020-01-29

It\'s simple yet quite realistic in showing the cats behaviour.. I love it! Especially because it\'s unrelated to real time making it perfect for someone who doesn\'t have much time to play like me! If you love cats that\'s definitely your game!