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Description of CATRIS: Cat Merge Puzzle Games

It’s raining cats… literally! There are a lot of different puzzle games out there, from classic block puzzle games to modern matching games. Brain games usually involve some serious brain training, but how about some fun? That’s where Catris steps ahead: why drop blocks, when you can drop a kitty? Whether you were looking for some good brain games for adults, a modern number puzzle, or a fun brain game, search no more. Are you ready to drop the number? If yes, then meet Catris, the cat game!

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Cat games can vary: there are standard grow-a-pet games, cat number games, number merge games, and so on. But Catris is unique – it’s a drag and merge cat stacker block game! Ever wanted your own tower of cats? Merge cats in the right order to merge numbers in appropriate columns. Each merged cat frees the space for a new one, so you should analyze each of your moves. The numbers game has never been so challenging and fun at the same time! Such a cat stacker number merge mechanic is what makes Catris truly unique. No merge block games can offer the same gameplay!

Catris is a drop number merge puzzle with a user-friendly interface and soft, vivid cat design! Being one of the best mind games out there, it’s a real test for your brain. Each kitty has its own number from 1 to 10 and a particular color. Merge cats the smaller cats with the bigger ones, thus creating the towers of cats! Meet the challenges with tricky cats such as Rainbow and Black cats.

Block numbers? Block cats!

Colorful cats with different numbers are waiting for you in this fine cat game! Drag and merge those furry ones before they’ll outsmart you. And believe us, they are up to the challenge… Create amusing cat blocks from the smallest to largest number.

Have fun with the puzzle that takes the best from number games and block games. The game will train and entertain you at the same time. Get positive emotions, make perfect combinations and exercise your brain! Enjoy the great Catris!

Use these special moves to control everything in your number game:

★ Undo. A classic merge games feature – use it when you want to undo your last decision.

★ Delete. This special feature allows removing a cat from the column to merge cats properly.

★ Swap. You can swap the two cats within one column and simplify the game process.

★ The Wheel of Fortune. Try your luck - spin the Wheel of Fortune to get some juicy prizes!

★ Shop. Go shopping for some boosters to make the game more fascinating!

Enjoy Catris Premium Access:

There are some fun brain games free for the playing - so is Catris! But hey, it’s a mind game, right? Merge games and block puzzle games can be very supportive, and there’s a premium version for that:

👑 No ads will ever interrupt the gameplay – drag and merge freely!

👑 Use an unlimited number of special features.

👑 The unique opportunity to unlock special features by merging tricky cats.

Create your own Catris world and enjoy the process of merging cats!

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lable: Board - Games Current Version: Publish Date:2022-05-29 Developer:AppCraft LLC

User Reviews


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Rob Dawson 2020-05-17

Extremely predatory monetization; top banner of the store is a $4 per WEEK subscription clearly placed to entice children or those not paying attention into spending more money than this simple game could ever be worth. To the developers: I was looking for a remove ads payment option, but instead I found the gaping hole greed ate in your conscience.
Brooke M 2020-05-26

This game is so fun. I don\'t understand why everyone is whining about the monetization. If you are any good at this game at all, you never need to pay for boosts. Every time you hit 11 you get a free spin for a boost. And you have the option to watch an ad (or not watch) to double your boost. You can play free forever. It\'s fun, addictive and relaxing. Everything a game should be. A+++
Jessica Hudspeth 2020-04-06

Asked me to rate game during tutorial. I really like this game. I wanted to remove the ads, but I\'m not that rich. I don\'t mind paying ONCE to remove the ads but that is it. $7.99 that\'s more than minimum wage. That\'s 1 hour of work, every week, for a game. I like the game alot. I will probably delete this app, because I can\'t remove the ads.
Reakariolina Valdez 2020-05-03

Really liked the game but too expensive to take off the ads, $7.99 weekly. I\'ll most likely delete it since I have to pay for boosters too. Would\'ve love if there was a way to get boosters with coins or something collected in the game.
mia morrow 2020-05-11

This game is a legend! Barely any ads, and it is totally cool! I just finished my first game and my high score was 2500! SWEET! You should TOTALLY download this game. You will be 120% smarter by the time you finish a game of it. ( ꈍᴗꈍ)
Rachel N 2020-06-09

Fun game, very addictive. But I\'m deleting because I\'m completely fed up with the amount of ads. And in the recent update an in-game purchase ad pops up just as you\'re about to lose and I\'ve almost accidently purchased it almost every single time. Having trouble believing that\'s not on purpose. Would have been happy to pay a flat rate for this game so I didn\'t suffer through the unreasonable amount of ads but it costs $8 A WEEK. FOR A PUZZLE GAME. I feel taken advantage of.
Michelle Danese 2020-07-23

A fun game, but updates have really pushed the ads. I appreciated the system where you could choose to watch ads for additional wheel spins and power ups, and used it frequently. Now, the game is using a system that initiates ad on closing the wheel.If I opt to not watch an ad for extra rewards after using the wheel spins earned through playing, I am then forced to sit through one anyway, but don\'t get the reward I could have gotten. The wheel randomly opening sucks too. Probably going to quit
Chelsea Hetelson 2020-03-19

The game is simple, cute and fun, but there are way too many ads, and the ad-free version is $7.99 PER WEEK. That is outrageous highway robbery. Incredibly greedy and craven. I was willing to pay $2 for no ads, but $7.99 PER WEEK? For this simple solitaire/merge game? They must be out of their minds.
Jen Dice 2020-04-20

I was charged unexpectedly for the weekly subscription of $7.99. I was enjoying the game, and saw that there was a 3 day free trial, so I signed up. I noticed there was a charge in my bank account the next day. I immediately cancelled the subscription, but was told \"no refund will be issued\". Thinking it was because the charge was pending, I let it go. This morning (3 days later) I woke up to that charge being processed. Again, I requested a refund and got the same answer. I am very upset.
Haley Williams 2020-04-20

I actually really enjoy this game, and haven\'t had the issues with ads previous posters mentioned, so either they\'ve fixed it or my experience has been better. However, it has a ton of bugs - at first it was fine, but a day after downloading it, every few times I drop a cat piece the game glitches and freezes so I have to reload. It\'s impossible to play at this point, which is disappointing because it\'s fun and works your brain. Perhaps a future update will fix the glitching!