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Description of Caviar - Order Food Delivery

Get food delivered from curated lists of local restaurants right at your fingertips with Caviar. Enjoy quality dining at home and make any night a special occasion.

Your first delivery is free. Also, receive $10 off your first order with the code TENONFOOD on orders of $35 or more.


Choose your delivery from many popular local restaurants and exclusive eateries you won't find on other delivery services -- from local mom-and-pop to Michelin-rated and The Infatuation picks!


Regularly check in our app for new restaurants, special deals, and exclusive benefits. If you are a DoorDash DashPass member, you can use those benefits on Caviar, too!


Deliveries are now left at your door by default and you have the choice to select "Hand it to me" if you prefer. If a no-contact delivery is requested, the Dasher will know you want them to leave your food in a safe place and alert you when it's ready for pickup.


See when your order will arrive. From food quality to prep-times of restaurants to traffic to weather, we've factored in all the elements that come between you and your food.


Advance ordering allows you to get your food from any restaurant when it's most convenient for you.


Order your food as little or as much as you want.

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lable: Food & Drink - Apps Current Version:15.52.15 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Caviar, Inc

User Reviews


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Michelle Ames 2021-01-17

I used to use Caviar almost exclusively when ordering delivery. Ever since it has been taken over by Doordash, it has significantly dropped in quality. Not only are they letting subpar \'restaurants\' onto the app, the drivers have also gotten much worse. People can\'t follow simple instructions, food doesn\'t taste good or is the completely wrong order. After years of being a loyal customer, I have had too many bad experiences the past few months. Don\'t bother unless you want to be disappointed.
Steven Christenson 2021-02-08

Caviar was a disaster... Doordash is to blame. I was delighted to see one of our favorite restaurants appear as orderable through Caviar. Had to sign in with doordash, provide a credit card AGAIN. Then the menu locked up. Tried again, same thing... after redoing the order. couldn\'t check out. 3rd time got to the end - said \"not open\". Called the restaurant .. they were open and told me Doordash/Caviar was bad for them. Closed BOTH accounts - cant only close one! Bad DD customer support.
Faraaz Saiduzzaman 2021-01-03

A short app review: the app is simple, but the buttons are in weird places if you\'re used to the UI of other food ordering apps like GrubHub. The service review: excellent! Yes, it\'s more curated, and that means a smaller list of places to order from, but they\'re all high-quality restaurants. EDIT: Ever since this app was bought out by Doordash, the entire chain of service has gone down the drain. Bad UI, slow and poor service, no more curation. Skip this app unless you really need it.
David Herrera 2021-02-01

Caviar used to be awesome until they merged with DoorDash. The customer service, once tops in this market, is now much worse. Things seem to go wrong much more often, and, where you\'d once get full refunds, you now only get credits that expire really soon. The app itself is fine, but the delivery issues need to be dealt with.
Yolanda Jones 2021-02-03

I\'ve used caviar plenty of times before & loved it. When I found out they were merging with Doordash I deleted my account & the app. A few months later I decided to give it a try. As a new member like always you get free delivery & 50% off your first order. Apparently there was an issue with my order & the dasher which doordash ended up calling me notifying me that they will cancel it. Not only am I striving but I can\'t even apply the 50% off to my next order. Trashhhh app just like doordash
Stephanie Schutz 2020-12-23

Just skip this one. From there being nowhere to put the discount code from the driver leaving my meal at the apartment office instead of my apt, it isn\'t easy. These apps are for ease I did drop a pin at my actual apartment It really isn\'t worth the trouble or expense to use this app. There are other ways to get food delivered. I\'m deleting this one after one use. Have an easier time and never download it in the first place.
Lisa H 2021-01-12

The app deletes items off of your order as you add more items. They canceled my order on Friday without calling or texting me about it first. We waited an hour after it was supposed to be delivered, then I checked my email and saw that they canceled my order because they were \"unable to process the order with the restaurant.\" They said they \"processed a full refund.\" I ended up using Favor and they texted me with questions as needed and we got our food! I will uninstall the Caviar app. 🤬
Rachel Romma 2021-03-02

Horrible customer service. We ordered delivery and they set our order as pick up. We tried to contact caviar and they said there was nothing they could do and terminated the chat. Why would anyone use caviar to order take out food? The whole point of this app is to have food delivered. I wish I could attach screen shots of the conversation with the customer support agent Keezha. She just terminated the chat with no effort to remedy the situation.
denise stiner 2021-02-15

I have not ordered yet, but I was reviewing what is available for me to order..I was excited to see 2 places I order from frequently, when I look at their menus..there is a legal note on the bottom of each stating that the merchant provided the prices, however after comparing to their current menus, the pricing avgs $2 more per item through your app...if this is to be the case, I would expect zero service fees and/or delivery fees to be added onto my total....the tip is always paid to the driver
Robert Rodriguez 2020-10-25

Immediately unusable upon downloading. App greets u with \"hiii\" that seems to be a never-ending loading screen with no indication of actually loading. Eventually (after maybe 2 hours) a search bar appears. Suggestions will come up when typing in types of food, but none are selectable and nothing actually loads. I can see why I randomly got a voucher to use the app in the mail, as it seems that because of the app\'s lack of actual functionality may have trouble keeping people using it consistently