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CellTrak fundamentally transforms how your field staff delivers care, improving compliance and creating added time for more visits. CellTrak identifies variance to care allowing for early intervention to decrease acute care visits and exposure to preventable readmissions. Receiving actionable data from the home is key to reducing emergency room visits and avoidable hospital readmissions for an especially high-risk population of seniors and individuals with acute and chronic illness.

With CellTrak, your staff will gain instant access to client specific care plans, allowing them to document and verify electronically at the point of care. Care teams can utilize automated reports, alerts and patient communications to minimize manual tasks, reach more clients successfully and devote more clinical and coaching talent to clients who need them most. CellTrak streamlines care plan delivery and verification, all while improving your agency’s compliance and census.

Please contact our sales team at 1.888.993.8725 for more information.

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version: Publish Date:2022-06-09 Developer:CellTrak Technologies, Inc.

User Reviews


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Ashley Josten 2019-06-08

my work requires it to clock in and out but it drains your battery, doesnt update properly, does this blinking thing so i have to close it and go back into it to log in. its a horrible app. Also i tracks you when your not at work and lets your work know your every move which is non of thier bussiness.
Roosevelt Jackson 2019-08-17

I like this app so much. It makes signing in with my clients a breeze, I have had no problems so far.
Tamika Jones 2020-03-21

The latest updates are horrible. There\'s no reason to know my location when I\'m off work and just need to check my schedule for the next day. Or even when I\'m checking my time for the previous week. You can not get into the app without sharing your location. When I\'m off my location is my private business.
Angela Croxton 2020-05-18

Hate it. Make you late when you are trying to sign in and message comes up for you to enter a new pass word or you are out of your area and you are at the right address.
Maria 2019-10-06

The service address won\'t update. I thought uninstalling and reinstalling will help but it took me back to the register page even though I registered already now I have to wait until Monday to deal with this again. Whoever made this app, why doesn\'t the login page appear when I reinstall it? It always leads to the register one. Fix this!!!
Sarah Carr 2019-05-02

it keeps canceling activities. I\'ll start with a client and watch it log in time I started and when I go to do care plan at end of my activity and doesn\'t show I even started. Then I end up having to do an exception sheet. Has happened several times. please fix
Tina Burgess 2019-12-19

After up date last night I have to start all over again, so frustrated with this application. There is no reason ANY employer has a right to track you on YOUR phone 24/7. It still will not let me sign in and no call back from CellTrack. How do we get paid if the application can\'t work.
Nia Jones 2020-11-23

CellTrak opens on My Cellphone well. The only issue I have is that my phone slows down when I open the app. It never stops running in my background. To the point gps, phone calls and other important apps on my phone freeze. I miss calls or double pay for things and thats not much of a win, Except accuracy for work, but my personal life is getting a bit annoying.
Alexandria 2020-07-23

I ONLY like the app because it cuts out the whole unnecessary trip in the opposite direction...to the office to drop off time sheets. I LIKED the time sheets because it was a paper trail that couldn\'t be altered. SINCE USING THE APP: I DISLIKE that csm (client services manager) messes with time. I DO NOT GET PAID FOR TIME WORKED. LOCATION ON, CLIENT SIGNATURE. MAYBE OVER 15 MINUTES SOMETIMES. I DO NOT GET PAID.
Denise 2020-03-12

I like it. Very convenient and easy to understand. Not too crazy about the tracking but if I want to get paid, I turn my location on and when I\'m done, I can turn my location off until I get to my next client home or I\'m done for the day.