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Description of Center Meditation Timer

Center is an elegant meditation timer which tracks your sittings in a beautiful and simple way.

No unnecessary voice over guide. No background music or ambient sounds. Just you and your mind, the way mindfulness meditation was meant to be.

The app uses haptic feedback in addition to classic meditation chimes: one chime to start, one chime for intervals, and three consecutive chimes for ending a meditation session.

Before you begin you can edit your sit time, set a delay to prepare, plan interval sounds to keep you focused, and get meditation insights. Colorful circles animate around the Start button, a metaphor for everything going on around you in the moment. Pressing the Start button pauses the circle's rotations and pulls them into center, a focusing of attention.

After each session the app tracks your meditation practice and provides custom insights to help you. This is what makes Center a valuable app: simplicity and a tailored experience to improve your practice the more you use the app.

1. Distraction-free meditation

Many meditation apps like Calm and Headspace are filled with ambient music or voiceovers which distract from the purpose of the meditation. The goal of mindfulness meditation isn't to control your thoughts or breathing: it's simply for you to observe and be mindful of those things.

2. Discover meditation insights and tips

It's easy to lose track of your meditation habit if you're not monitoring progress or getting feedback along the way. The more you use Center the more the app learns about your practice and can offer custom insights into how to get more from your meditation.

3. Customize your practice for you

If your practice includes different stages within a single session, you can set interval chimes to ring (traditional singing bowl sound). You can sit for as short as 1 minute or as long as an hour (using repetitive timers for sitting even longer).

Use interval chimes to help re-orient you during your session and a daily meditation reminder to keep your habit going.

4. Track your meditation habits

Easy-to-read visuals show your meditation practice at-a-glance and the app tracks everything from the average time of your sittings, what days and times you typically sit, how long you've been practicing, your current and longest meditation streaks, and more.

The app has been carefully designed for everyone from junior to seasoned meditation practitioners. For fans of the now defunct app Equanimity - Meditation Timer & Tracker by Robin Barooah, as featured on NPRs All Tech Considered.


• Daily meditation reminders

• Custom-to-you insights and tips

• Automatically track your meditation habit

• Customize how long you sit

• Set interval chimes to maintain mindfulness

• Monitor and track continuous sessions

• See the last several days of your practice in a simple chart

• Traditional singing bowl sounds

• No distractions such as guided voiceover or ambient sounds

• Simple and inviting visual design

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lable: Health & Fitness - Apps Current Version:1.1.2 Publish Date:2021-07-20 Developer:Tanner Christensen

User Reviews


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Arun J 2020-11-14

The design is excellent. But one question, why the circles returns back to its original condition immediately after meditation 😊?
CP 2019-03-11

Your app is good. Please add two things- 1) When phone screen goes off the app stops please keep it working in background even when screen goes off as it will save phone battery 2) please allow for setting time in the interval so that we may choose when interval bell should ring whether on five minutes or twenty five minutes of meditation.
Tomas V. 2019-09-05

Locking the phone stops the timer.
Aaron Perkins 2020-10-22

No ads. App runs with \"Do Not Disturb\" turned on. Keeps track of all your sitting and it\'s not distracting. All we need now is an app to keep those other things that interrupt our practice. 😄
netartifacts 2019-08-22

Beautiful meditation timer application. I have been searching for a long time for an app with such elegant simplicity. All other seems to get in their own way. Thank You
Mathias Ingvoldstad 2019-09-09

Simplest, cleanest, best organized meditation timer app I\'ve used, I\'ve been looking for one excactly like this! It can be slightly buggy, but with more users hopefully comes more updates. And the bell sound doesn\'t cut off at the end! Small detail but always brings me out of my meditation when I hear a low quality bell sound that cuts off when the vibrations start
Geert Smolders 2020-12-04

No frills, no distractions. What is there is very pleasantly designed.
Meedo 2020-06-27

The app is amazing. Clean, smooth and slick UI and gets the job done. Just one thing keeping me from rating it 5 stars. I\'d like to have a custom duration that I can allocate to my meditation session instead of 5, 10, 15, etc minutes. Thanks.
Yestur Junak 2020-06-19

Good app. ...but: 1 does not run when phone locked 2 when I set interval session , start and rotate, move phone it stops. It\'s annoying, not helpful 3 cracking noise at the end of bell Thanks
Jsn Tlr 2019-09-16

Minimalist design is great but not enough. Device rotation between landscape and portrait stops timer. Sound not high quality. I thought I had found the app I didn\'t need to build.