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Description of Chameleon Run

Chameleon Run is a unique, fast and challenging autorunner with a colorful twist. Jump, switch and run through expertly crafted levels that will have you running back for more.

Your goal is to switch your color to match the ground as you run and jump from platform to platform. Sounds easy right? Well think again!


- Fast paced running, jumping and switching colors

- Fun jumping mechanics like "double jump" and "head jump"

- Pixel perfect physics

- Stylish, super smooth and colorful graphics

- Non-linear levels with 3 special objectives in each one

- Compete for the fastest time on each level

- Simple two button controls

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lable: Arcade - Games Current Version:2.6.2 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Noodlecake Studios Inc

User Reviews


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kima khiangte 2017-04-01

Best running game i have ever played. It\'s not easy though, sometimes it pissed me off. But i love it. Stunning graphic with good control. So fun and addictive. It run smooth even in low end phone. Thank you so much for making limit time offer. This guys know how to make games, Alto\'s Adventure is also one of a kind game.
Blāck Māgə 2017-04-08

This game is very entertaining. It has been a while since I came across a good running game. Both challenging and fun are main points of the game. Things that this game needs are a few in a further UPDATE. The game should have a shop were you can choose different skins for the character, you can get the skins by purchasing them with the Bubbles, Chameleons, or Smoke bubbles. Also, we should have the option to change the 2 colors instead of the whole game being in Pink and Yellow. Maybe just maybe level editor, were people can express their imagination by creating levels and upload them online! I don\'t know if all this is possible, but it will improve the game grately! The game is very fun.
Mathieu Leroy 2020-11-09

Absolutely loved this game, simple concept, great execution. The only issue right now is that the game crashes seconds after launching making it unplayable. I only have Halloween levels left to get 3 stars for so it\'s not so bad for me but still, I can\'t play a game I payed for… Will obviously update to the 5 star rating the game deserves when it is actually playable again.
Flamakae Stone 2016-05-30

Excellent Perfectly designed levels, awesome graphics and soundtrack, nothing is wrong with this game.It\'s totally worth the money. Just can\'t stop playing.Thank you developers. And those who are complaining it\'s short try to complete all the three objectives on each level, maybe then it won\'t feel so short
Klovar 2017-04-04

Perfect, perfect, PERFECT! Lots of games like this have lag issues. An intros fast paced game like this cannot afford to have even a couple milliseconds of lag or else it might ruin the experience. This game\'s controls are lightning fast, and I loved the heck out of each and every level. The perfect game I\'ve greatly enjoyed this past week. Music, graphics, controls, gameplay, 10/10 DO recommend.
John Healty Christian 2019-01-19

I like the way the game works. The gameplay is addictive but can be very frustating. Pros: Freshly made game and unique, Very fast paced, Fun idea with the switch color and head jump. Cons: Only have 3 big chapters with about 5-9 levels in it, The higher the level the harder it gets, VERY FRUSTATING. Still i give 8.5/10 Stars for amazing yet FRUSTATING game i have ever played. Just like geometry dash but more fun (for me). Works verywell in Xiaomi redmi note 5 with Snapdragon 636 and 6 gb ram.
Ashley Sharma 2017-11-20

This company was my favorite but after this game I don\'t like this.. If you want to know why because when I pause on which colour it was it automatically changed into another color. And if it is not changed after pausing on the pink one yellow is running and on yellow pink is running I\'m getting confused sometimes and there Is so many adds
Elijah Fatzinger 2017-04-03

These days, it\'s rare to find a good mobile game (let alone a good runner/platformer game). I was extremely surprised to find how original and creative this game is. It is simple yet challenging. Well worth the download. Instead if spending your money on trash games like Super Mario Run, buy this. You won\'t be disappointed.
A Google user 2017-04-01

Edit - just realised even though you can log in with your Google play account the game doesn\'t sync when you log in with that account on a different device that\'s not cool. Game works fine on my Leeco pro 3 unfortunately not so stable on my Lenovo p2. Does the game need a 800 series processor to run correctly as it doesn\'t seem like a graphically intensive game.
Pat Timney 2017-11-13

On of the best games I have discovered in years! Became addicted to it on iOS & it is a must have purchase on any platform. Now that it\'s been updated & compatible on the Nvidia Shield TV... things just got real exciting! A MUST HAVE GAME!