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Description of Champion Chess

Can you become the World Chess Champion? Find out as you join local, then regional, then international tournaments with virtual opponents on your way to the Championship!

- Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, and Master levels

- Play with more than 60 different virtual AI personalities

- Practice games let you prepare for the main event

- Participate in bigger and bigger tournaments as you try to qualify for the championship

Brought to you by the chess fans and developers of Chess.com!


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More Information Of Champion Chess

lable: Board - Games Current Version:10.2.3 Publish Date:2022-06-07 Developer:Chess.com

User Reviews


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Cyric London 2021-02-11

Good App, but needs some work. No way to offer a draw and system doesn\'t recognise draw without sufficient material to mate. Had to wait until 50 move rule when only had K+B vs K. No ELO rating for the player or time controls. Need option to customize tournaments, save/analyse games.
Charlie 2021-02-16

Very limited game, you can\'t play other AI or online unless you pay. AI is also very poor.
Romulus-Catalin Damaceanu 2021-02-12

This application has several major bugs. For example, when I was playing a chess game and I tried to capture the black rook with my white rook on square c8 the software did not permitted me. Instead he had shown me the white rook on the square c8 until the end of the game but if I tried to move that piece the software acted like the square was empty. Another bug appeared also on line 8 when I put a pawn there to be promoted to a knight to give check to the black king. The software did not permit
Jalil Freeman-DeBrow 2021-01-24

Way too complex of a layout and format as well. Champion Chess is a great game. As long as you\'re looking to improve when you fall short from checkmating your opponent you\'re good to go.
StarWarsMasters1 2021-02-28

Place make it where replays don\'t expire (by making a button that saves all your games even if you click off of it instead of a one time use after you win/lose/draw the match) and that you can undo a move even after you got checkmated.
Shibten Chauhan 2021-01-04

Chess is best game in world Bcoz Chess help for brain chess help sometimes lije you free and another many thing are in chess so I like it
Jesse Terpstra 2021-01-26

Pretty good app so far. Only ran into one glitch so far re: pawn promotion where the promoted piece teleported to the opposite corner of the board.
Dan Mathius 2020-12-31

Nice app but it\'s missing the capability to resign a game plus it sucks all your battery even when playing in 2D.
Armani Mikel 2021-02-05

Pretty good app so far (really love the aesthetic) but, unless there\'s a technique where the queen can switch places with the Rook instead of the traditional King-Rook Castling then there is a slight issue 😅 (occured while playing against Emilio). Also, love the customization features.
Louis Martin 2021-01-23

Umm how should i start... Overall, the game is a 5star but there is a catch... I was playing an advanced tournament and for some reason (probably a bug) the AI castled long WITH THE QUEEN. Game went something like this: (I am black) 1. c4 e5 2. f4 exf5 3. a4 nb6 4. d4 d5 5. nc3 nf6 6. nf3 bf5 7. bf4 be7 8.cxd5 nxd5 9. nxd5 qxd5 10. e3 rd8 11. kf2 O-O 12. qe1 bb4 and then... The QUEEN CASTLED LONG. im pretty sure you cant castle with the queen. I have a screenshot but dont know how to attch it