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Description of Chaos Academy

A hundred billion years ago, the two forces of Order and Chaos took form in the universe, engaging in a never-ending cycle in which one engulfed the other, only to be reborn once more.

Eventually, Order and Chaos were finally awakened to the futile nature of their ways and agreed to work towards mutual, sustainable development.

Upon the birth of a new civilization, Order and Chaos agreed that they would not enter the human world in their true form and worked together to seal off the plane where humans resided, preventing them from breaking their deal. But under the terms of the agreement, Chaos and Order could use the “Emperors” they created to influence the human world.

The emperors existed somewhere between supernatural and human world, having obtained eternal life. A period of harmonious coexistence was established between humans, gods, and demons, which lasted for tens of thousands of years. During that time, gods and demons granted humans favors and grace, humans offered them the power of faith in return. This complementary system formed a seemingly perfect circle.

But as humans excessively developed technology, they soon forgot about the gods above and demons below. Without the power of faith, their power waned. And the emperors, they gradually lost the power that was bestowed upon them by Chaos and Order.

As the power of the gods wanes, the existence of Chaos and Order has become fuzzy and unclear. The emperors who represent these two great forces know that if this continues, Chaos and Order will eventually disappear completely. Faith and the supernatural world will be gone, causing the universe to collapse.

Thus, the emperors have joined forces, creating an organization called - The Old Order. The Old Order consists of members from the highest levels of powerful organizations from around the world. After choosing emperors from amidst these organizations, they gathered together and used modern technology to create a man-made island that they call Chaos Academy. There, they attempt to revive the religions of mankind in the hopes of increasing the power of gods and demons.

The emperors summoned those humans with special ties to the supernatural to the Academy (hero cards) to act as vessels for demonic and godly power, hoping that constant battle within the Academy will increase the holy powers, thereby maintaining balance between humans and the supernatural world.

Thus, the gods and demons worship Chaos and Order with reverence, while the selfish emperors have their own thoughts, battling within the Academy for their continued existence and that of their respective religion...

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lable: Card - Games Current Version: Publish Date:2021-10-12 Developer:Dragonest Games

User Reviews


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Carl Schauerman 2021-01-24

Its fun to try out, but once you run out of the limited use pre-made decks, the fun is over. The pre-made decks shouldn\'t even be in there, you literally play vs top tier decks right off the bat, meaning there\'s no chance for you to ever really make your own deck and succeed. This is obviously also a huge matchmaking flaw as well.
Dacia Talbot 2021-02-26

I would like to love this game, but it keeps crashing. I\'ve been playing for days (or trying to) and I can\'t get past trainee because the game will crash mid-battle, making me lose points. I can\'t play for longer than five minutes without it crashing. Please allow for lower graphics or something. It\'s a beautiful game, but it\'s so hard on my phone. Edit: since the last update, apparently my ranking resets to Amateur I every day? Why?
Dragon Rider 2021-01-26

This game has great design. Only problem is that app closes at times on its own, not sure if it is a memory problem on my phone because it seems to work fine. Closed during a few battles forcing me to lose. Hope the devs can find a way to fix this, but other than that game is great.
Albert Chacón 2020-12-11

The game is fun for the first few days/weeks, but it becomes a chore once you reach a high rank. Matchmaking takes too long, matches last for more than 30 minutes, every deck plays the same 20 neutral cards making factions almost inconsequential... Maybe you\'ll like it, but it\'s definitely not for me or people who can\'t justify spending 2 hours just to finish the daily missions in a mobile game.
Noname Atall 2021-01-23

Fun, addictive, super strategic, and not pay to win. If that doesnt meet all your standards you may want to lower them. Purchases seem worth it (i havent bought them though) and you get a decent starter pool to draw from, the gameplay is fairly deep but quick enough to do anytime you have 5 minutes free.
Dondon Lee 2020-11-25

Yeah so it was clearly stated in their facebook page that the progression won\'t be erased for beta players but guess what it\'s all gone with the latest update. Too bad. Was quite invested but i\'m deleting the game from my phone. Bye Rayark
SEN 2021-01-25

My account that I just made TODAY (Jan 24) froze and wiped all my data after maybe an hour of playtime. I finished the tutorial, all Trainee stages as well as quite a few missions in Home. Pulled 2 SSR as well but it was all deleted despite the account supposedly being bound. Not worth redoing that work honestly when it forces me to make a new account.
Jasmine 2021-01-28

It seems like a good game but ever since I finished the tutorial I can\'t play long enough to start a match without the game closing itself. It\'s just really annoying cus I was starting to like it.
Cyan Lucas 2021-01-23

I\'m sure it\'d be a nice game if I could get passed the initializing internet screen. My internet is perfect, but the game won\'t go passed that screen.
Sean M 2021-01-21

Never gets past initializing. Uninstalled