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Chaos Fighters3 - Kungfu fighting

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Description of Chaos Fighters3 - Kungfu fighting

is a awesome game with ACG element. This game mode is placement RPG & Round battle.There are more than 40 kinds of effect brilliant skills and hundreds of exciting and fashionable characters. The game has real-time players in the PvE & PvP challenge, funny interaction with friends, The World Martial Arts, 3V3 Ranked Game and so on.

Fresh, Brain-Burning, Relaxed, Funny is our goals to bring the awesome gaming experience for players all over the world!!!

【ACG smash battle】

Hundreds of fighter with full personality, different attributes and talent, to meet all your ideas about role-playing!

【Hundreds of style, arbitrary collocation!】

More than 40 skills with different characteristics in 10 major skill tree can be matched with hundreds of combat style. Brainstorming, refuse brainless p-t-w games!

【Funny social】

Real-time team Instance,Slave struggle,Food production co-ordinated efforts to speed up, excellent combat video sharing comment!Let's play with your friend, do not get lonely

【Fair pvp battle】

The world's first martial arts congress, battle arena, underground chaotic arena and a series of PVP games provide you with a higher chance to compete with other fighters. The world champion adopts a fair competition mode, rejecting krypton gold and burning your brain!

【Auto leveling up】

In PVE, the game has a built-in offline hang-up system, 7*24 hours, even sleep time is upgrading, so that you can keep the fighter growing when you are too busy to go online!

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More Information Of Chaos Fighters3 - Kungfu fighting

lable: Role Playing - Games Current Version:Varies with device Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:Grid games

User Reviews


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jonan caluag 2019-03-18

can someone from the developer of this stupid game fix the problem of my first recharge!!! this is so uncool taking my money but never gave me the diamonds as well as the 1st recharge stuff!! Come on guys! if you want this game to progress do your job!! Not robbing money from players!! Be professional!! give me your email so i could send you pictures!!! better fix this because I am about to report you guys!!!!
Ahmad Annas 2019-12-03

After the recent update, I either can\'t open the game (white screen) or get a really bad experience in-game.. It lags like crazy and something is not right with the graphics.. I shall stop spending money for this game.. And if the problem persists.. I\'ll be deleting the app.. Complaints have been raised by many and the issue is not resolved.. Really disappointing..
George Chua 2019-06-24

Just updated to the latest version 2.0.0 (Google Play) on my Samsung S3, and the game now will not launch!! (stopped working). Had to reinstall with older version to get the game working again. Developers please look into it.
Kanaikoa Tolentino 2019-04-15

The rng in this game is trash and to get good is by only paying for the VIP benefits which dont get good until VIP 6 but thats about 100 dollars wasted. If you\'re willing to spend alot of money than you\'ll have fun but f2p players will struggle more.
Carlos 2019-03-12

a bit confusing at the begin but when you start to understand the game is very funny. i recommend it
Kevin Dennis Sandoval 2019-03-12

it didnt convert my 2 dollars when I bought something
Sandy Aristyo 2019-04-26

i played this game since xfighting.. one correction from me.. about learning skill.. now felling so difficult and long time to make full skill on the table list.. over all sistem getting better than before.. OLD BUT GOLD.. :) :)
TJ Allen 2019-11-30

This most recent update has broken the game for me entirely! I can\'t even get to the loading screen. I\'ve spent over $100 on this game over the course of the past few months and now I\'m missing one of the most important events, Shadow Battle! Patch the update and fix the game and I\'ll bump this review back up to 5 stars!
Jonathan Nigel 2019-07-09

NEVER BUY ANYTHING!! just a scam game. Past game was better bcs i can buy gems, medals, etc. Now it shows \'transaction failed\' but it charge your balance. I have been charged for nothing for 3 times in a row now!!! I am a VIP4 here, but now i cant even buy a 0.99$ diamond. when i contact the customer services they say they need proof from google. In my past exp, google never give emails when \'Transaction Failed\' occurs. i\'ve given another proof, but they just cant believe me. Worst company ever.
sleepy. 2019-12-02

I would give it five stars but there is some things that trouble me. You\'re going to have a hell of a time getting off your feet at the start if you dont purchase the first deposit. Which I don\'t think is right. I respeft the free VIP 6 after one hundred days so players feel invested. Which I think is a good counter to it. But ever since the patch on the 28th the game refuses to work. Hopefully it\'ll be fixed soon. It\'s been bugging out recently and would like to play again.