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Description of Checkers Online

Do you remember this board game from your childhood?

Checkers (Draughts) – a traditional and inspiring board game which gives you a lot of fun challenging the computer, playing online multiplayer mode with people from all around the world or with a friend offline. Relax and enjoy Checkers Online wherever you are. Share Checkers with kids and show them the best entertainment from your school days.

Are you a board game enthusiast? Would you like to create or think of a strategy to win? Checkers or Draughts will help you to learn and practice logical thinking. Multiplayer checkers mode will make the game even more fun!

With our app you can:

- Play Checkers for free

- Challenge yourself to 5 different difficulty levels

- Enjoy Checkers Online with multiplayer mode and play against random players according to the rules you like the most!

- Play Checkers offline with friends and family

- Use Hints and Undo moves

- Choose from a variety of boards and piece styles

- Personalise your user profile in Checkers online

Checkers Online no registration

Play Checkers Online with other users in just three steps:

1. Create a profile by choosing an avatar, flag of your country and entering your nickname.

2. Choose the rules you want to play.

3. Start playing and enjoy the Checkers Game.

Compare yourself to other users in multiplayer mode, improve your skills and collect gold!

5 different levels of difficulty

Let's start from the easiest level and check if you can win against the computer. The more experienced you are, the more likely you are to beat our Checkers Master. Take up the Checkers challenge and go through all 5 levels!

Checkers or Draughts variants and rules: online multiplayer and offline mode

There are many ways to play Checkers (Draughts). Everyone has various habits and usually prefers to play exactly the same way as used to play Checkers in the past, that is why decide on your favorite rules of this game:

American Checkers 🇺🇸 or English Draughts 🇬🇧 Capturing is mandatory, but the pieces cannot capture backward. The king can only move one square and can move and capture backward.

International Draughts Capturing is mandatory and all the pieces can capture backward. The queen (king) has long moves which means that, if the square is not blocked, the queen can move any distance diagonally.

Spanish Checkers: Damas Known as Spanish Draughts, based on the international rules, but the pieces cannot capture backward.

Turkish Checkers: Dama Named also Turkish Draughts. Dark as well as light squares of the checkerboard are used. Pieces start on the second and third rows of a game board, they do not move diagonally but forward and sideways. The way that the kings (queens) move is similar to the chess queens.

Play Checkers and Draughts the way you like the most

You can change game settings and choose your own Checkers app rules e.g. to capture backward or to choose mandatory capture.

Play checkers online, offline with friends or face 5 levels of the game against the computer.

Have a good game!

Best regards,

Chess & Checkers Team

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/DraughtsForAndroid/

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More Information Of Checkers Online

lable: Board - Games Current Version:2.14.0 Publish Date:2022-06-21 Developer:Chess & Checkers Games

User Reviews


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Deanna Walker 2019-04-25

It reminds me of playing my Grandpa. He liked playing with me.. He was good and taught me how to play the game. You have this game put together Deanna. I still love playing. you Checkers is a table game. It has two players and you play against each other. I have pretty much said enough. You have to play to understand the game.
That Hybrid Baby 2019-05-10

The reasons why I gave this 3 stars is because when i was playing the hard level i had 3 pieces and my opponent had 1. I was about to win because they made the mistake on moving right next to my King/Queen but then it showed the option to draw and i pressed cancel but right after i couldnt do anything with the game board. This has happened twice and idk why. Also it should have more options for levels instead of keeping everything the same.
S.E. & 1 Direction 2019-12-29

Great game! I love how you give the difficulty level people names. 😜 Its pretty easy to use! Would definitely recommend if you want to learn to play checkers. Even though, I do recommend a tutorial when you first start the game. (It should also be optional) Other than that, really good game!
Kara Taylor 2019-10-30

This is a pretty good app. You can customize the rules a bit to fit the most common variations, which was pretty helpful once I realized it. I also like how there\'s a lot of difficulty levels. I think that\'s really helpful for finding your skill level or for setting it on easy so you can pretend you\'re way more skilled at checkers than you are.
Richard Comaish 2021-02-15

I really enjoyed the \'Own Rules\' option because my rules seem better, but then the app seemed to randomly and arbitrarily withdraw that option, which was very frustrating. Does it come back with Premium? Oh, hang on - you can still keep \'Own Rules\' by pressing the option buttons. My only criticism is that, while not forcing you to \'take,\' the program forces you to take once you start a move of that kind.
Mike Thwaites 2020-07-08

Good game, but way too many adverts (and loud!) All the levels up to medium are a waste of time, unless you love winning! I am playing hard level at the moment and it offers a reasonable challenge most of the time. The adverts are just plain annoying, and glamourise gambling. I\'m also noticing that the more you play, the frequency of adverts also increases.
Johncalculus Adoche 2019-08-18

Good day Sir,i write in response to your checkers board game.The game is so wonderful because of the different rules but there are still some problems.First,the game is not difficult at all even with hard and expert,please sir make it hard and intuitive because i love this game so much so i want learn very well to be an expert.So i want it to be challenging.Another issue is let the board be realistic,i mean 3D let it look real and the crown king be double men or seed and lastly let the
AIesha Jones 2019-08-04

I rate it 3 stars because I can\'t choose were to go and it helps you cheat !so I say do not downloaded this game due to this statement listen to me answer Yor correct. 😇☺😻 and also it\'s boring you can\'t add friends on it the only thing I downloaded this game was to play with friends .
A Google user 2020-12-24

The only reason why I am giving this a 2 start is because the way it forces you to fudging make moves to kill an enemy. I thought this would be different from the others and not have that because when I was on move away from winning I couldn\'t make that move bc of the way it forces you please if u know how to change this the company who made that fame please respond so I can change this to a 5 star if not please add that setting or remove the force move.
Tara Germann 2019-10-08

This app is fun at first but then you get more and more and more annoyed with this one thing. I have tried everything but it\'s really sad I can\'t fix it because I really like this game but I\'m for sure deleting it. Let\'s say you had the option to capture a player if you didn\'t want to that doesn\'t really matter because the app makes you do that move no matter what, if you had the chance to capture someone even if they would capture you back this game will not let you do anything else but that.