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Description of Checkers

Hello Players,

I created my Checkers app as example of good checkers for me and posted it on the store as free board game for you.

I hope you enjoy it and get a lot pleasure from playing. :)


- supports twelve different rules of checkers

- ten levels of difficulty

- 2 player mode

- game assistant (Helper)

- auto-save function

- seven themes (white, dark, light, grey, gold, art and black)

- two board views (Vertical - 2D and Horizontal - 3D)

- realistic graphics

- sound effects

- some help about rules

- small size


- American Checkers (English Draughts)

- Russian Checkers

- Brazilian Checkers

- International Checkers (Polish)

- Spanish Checkers

- Italian Checkers

- Thai Checkers also called Makhos

- Turkish Checkers

- Czech Checkers

- Pool Checkers

- Ghanaian Checkers (Damii)

- Nigerian Checkers (Drafts)

You can help me make the game better.

If you have any comments or suggestions, please write them here. I will read your reviews and go ahead!

Thank you!

Alex F.

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More Information Of Checkers

lable: Board - Games Current Version:4.4.4 Publish Date:2021-11-05 Developer:English Checkers

User Reviews


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Grace Keller 2020-12-15

Great app, real nice. I like it all. It helps me bring back the memories of 4th grade checkers with this one boy that was so funny. I am so glad I have finally found a game. I am still good!!!! Only issue, or suggestion really, can there be a holiday checkers, like Christmas and Hanukkah? And other holidays that other religions celibrate, and just other holidays in general?
Nosocomial 2020-07-25

This is by far my most favorite checkers app. I love the designs, the different difficulty levels, and the different types of checkers with descriptions. I learned many new ways to play! The ads are not annoying or bothersome. My only request is when we select \"mandatory jumps\", for it to only make the first jump necessary, and if there are more jumps for it to be optional. If you could change that, I would be very satisfied (five stars). Thank you for the game!
Xavier Myles 2020-10-10

By far the worst checkers game I have seen in my life. The AI is programmed so that you cannot possibly win. They will either move back and forth until the get what they want or the game ends in a draw. The fact that the creators think this is even somewhat fair is ridiculous and absurd. I could outnumber the AI 2 to 1, and they just go to the corner, move back and forth about 10 times, and it\'s automatically a draw. Also, an ad plays every time you exit or restart. Such an awful game/cash grab.
Major T. N. K. Awuah 2021-03-15

Ability to change the black marble colour to either blue or yellow for those with eye problem. The existing pieces easily blend into the black squares and become difficut to see. The difficulty of the game must be improved and upgraded. The current Championship Level, can become the Masters Level now, whilst more difficult games be added at the Grandmaster and Championship Levels. Thanks.
bad code hash 2020-08-17

Awesome game! Good graphic design, good AI. May I ask for some features? I have seen a new game mode pop up (this being 6x6 checkers) I personally have played it and found it really amusing, so I decided to go out of my way and ask you for this feature. I hope it is not too much work to implement it.... Also, do you have a discord server? If so, let me know PLEASE. I would love to talk to the developer.
O X 2020-12-15

Initially, I rated the app as five (5) Stars, but have since decided on one (1) due to poorly thought out function changes that increased commercialization via more ads, and limitations placed on players to box the system generated opponent in an effort to win. However, when the system\'s opponent is in pursuit of the player, it doesn\'t depict a draw, but is quick to do so when reversed.
Mamta rana Rana 2020-10-04

I really loved playing checkers.. It\'s really enjoyable 😍 There is no problem if u ask me, just the themes take much time to load.. Otherwise this is very nice game. Great features.. And also, This is my favourite game😄.. I\'ve installed th both: Chess nd Checkers.. Coz I love playing these witty games. Loved dis app.. Thank you so much🙂.. For launching this app😁
Anointed Godson 2020-11-24

This is a very good and well designed game. However, draw ENFORCEMENT in Nigerian draughts is out of the game rules. Draw may be suggested or offered at intervals in the end game stage after certain number of steps without capturing. There should also be an option in the game menu where any of the players may offer draw at any point of the end game stage which will be subjected to the opponent\'s consent or acceptance.
Mr. Paulino 2021-02-11

Terrible app. Way to many adds in between every game and every time you restart it another add. Also if you catch yourself in a position to beat the computer, the computer will just keep moving its piece back and forth to avoid it which should automatically make it a win since the computer has no effective move to make. Therefore they rob you of obvious wins in the process they waste you of your time. This game would\'ve been great if not for this horrible flaw. It makes the game pointless.
King Kujo 2020-07-30

The worse checkers app in existence. Are after every game/restart, and it forces you to make moves. You literally cannot move your pieces in some scenarios due to \"compromising position\", which, in the case of this game, just means they need the bot to win so they can shove another ad down your throat. This needs to be removed from the play store.