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Description of Chemistry Pro: Notes, Elements

Chemistry Pro is the best chemistry app available on android. This app provides free chemistry topics, definitions and the periodic table in your pocket. It helps you to refresh your knowledge, prepare for exams, and increase your knowledge.

This education application is formatted for all levels of chemistry from primary school to university. Its material design with clean interface allows students to focus on particular areas in the subject.


• Over 20 vital chemistry Concepts

• Chemistry Dictionary with over 500 definitions

• Detailed information about Chemical Elements

• Solve your homework instantly

• Know about great Chemists who made chemistry

• Dark theme for late night sessions

• Search anything in chemistry

All Chemistry Topics

Contains over 20 most vital and basic chemistry concepts. Every topic is going through a brief introduction to the concept and visualized with a beautiful icon. And we include Basic Chemistry to revise and as a reference. Each unit contains examples, equations and the detailed description which are formatted for all level of chemistry from primary school to university.

Quick reference Definitions

Chemistry dictionary which contains over 500 chemistry definitions or terms. All definitions are briefly explained with simple language and equipped with a reference to Wikipedia.

In depth look on Chemical Elements

Elements are presented in increasing atomic number. Every element is briefly described with their Atomic, Thermodynamic and Material Properties. As a result, it provides a useful framework for analyzing chemical behaviour and is widely used in chemistry and other sciences.

Know about great Chemists

Know more about people who contributed to chemistry to study different aspects of nature. Contains more than 50 Scientist describing their inventions and awards they achieved.

Search, get results now

Search anything you want to know and explore the physics world. Users can search topics, definitions, elements and chemists to get results instantly.

Dark theme for late night sections

Chemistry Pro is built for students who are studying at night too. Dark theme with material design helps students to study chemistry without any stress.

This app covers following topics:

• Basic Chemistry

• Atomic Structure

• Elements Classification

• States of Matter

• Chemical Bonding

• Thermodynamics

• Chemical Equilibrium

• Ionic Equilibrium

• Redox Reactions

• Colloidal State

• Hydrogen

• The S-Block Elements

• The P-Block Elements

• Environmental Chemistry

• Characterization of Organic Compounds

• General Organic Chemistry

• Hydrocarbons

• Nuclear Chemistry

• Analytical Chemistry

The app is continuously updated with new features and content. So, stay up to date for new app releases.

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User Reviews


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Deepika Hingu 2020-07-20

I don\'t usually write reviews for any app....this is my first time that I\'m writing a review...because i just loves this app..this app is awesome and has a lot of good and useful content...I was finding such app from so long and now I felt like I found the perfect one..also I am a pcm student so I couldn\'t wait to get the apps for physics and maths too...but there is only app for physics not maths...I want maths pro too.....thank you so much for bringing such awesome content to us...💛💛💕
Juliet Ifeoma 2020-08-16

Love this app. Its got exciting topics, elements and pictures of what the look like, dictonary.but its missing the practical aspect of chemistry.try and add that.
Kris Jankiewicz 2018-12-26

It\'s just a bunch of chemistry related info scanned from a book. The information hasn\'t even been checked for OCR mistakes. More effort is required to make educational apps. The dev is just trying to make money via the ads. There are better apps out the for free with NO ads to distract you.
Girlbro87 2020-08-09

Wow this is really a big help for those wanting to prep for a test! Especially me getting prepared for High School 🏫 hopefully this app adds more things. But overall this app is amazing!!
jack majesty 2020-04-19

It\'s an awesome app it contains most of the important information in chemistry
Rokeya Akter 2018-08-26

Undoubtedly an incredible app for you if you are a chemistry lover or a student. Here you can find all elements details, various topics to study with detailed information, huge numbers of definitions and information and bio about all the mentionable scientists as well.
Ocen Jackson fred 2020-04-17

Yaaa, its full contented, easy to understand.
Blessing Akaleme 2019-11-21

Not so useless but the thing is that it\'s not so good for searching deep in to subjects the developers are just not putting any effort to improve the quality of the app.I think they just decieve you to download the app and once u do that u realize that its a waste of Data
Marshall C 2019-01-23

I think the app is very useful for chem learners. It\'s a great study tool and reference. I wish it had review games or something similar though, instead of just info cards.
Augustus Elf 2020-11-22

The perfect app to stay learning chemistry and the elements, i know half of em already it\'s great, my chemistry class goes way too fast for me and this app really helps me catch up. The definitions are great, the information it has on so many things is wonderful