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Description of Chess Stars Multiplayer Online

Playing classic Chess with other people was never that simple! With in-game chat and Facebook integration, you can experience social Chess with friends, family & players around the world. Stay in touch with others and you'll never run out of worthy opponents! Thanks to a simple layout and 3 exciting game modes, Chess Stars is truly the perfect way to play social Chess for players of all levels, from kids & beginners to real chess lovers & masters.

Learn how to play Social Chess. Discover classic chess tactics and strategy to win with a satisfying checkmate.

Game Modes include Quick Matches, Slow Chess, and play against the computer. You can personalize the game with our beautiful themes, sets & boards that include Dracula, Under the Sea, and Indiana.

Playing this classic board game is a great way to increase your IQ so you can become a real Multiplayer Chess Grandmaster just like Magnus Carlsen.


- Multiplayer Chess: play with friends, family & players around the world

- Quick 1v1 speed and fast matches

-On board Game Analysis to learn more about your best moves, move strengths and blunders at the end of the game

- Play long Multiplayer Chess where players take turns in their own time.

- Play against com (computer) with 10 difficulty levels.

- Chat with emojis

- View in-game stats

- Make new friends

- Learn Chess by watching lessons' videos

- Climb up the League leaderboards by participating in Tournaments

Looking for an even greater challenge? Want to become a Chess master in no time? Subscribe now to get fantastic benefits and improve your game:

- Unlock 40 professional chess lessons

- Remove ads

- Access to unlimited themes

- Increase friends limits


For support, please contact us at support@turbolabz.com

To stay updated about new features in our classic Chess game, follow us on social media.

Facebook: www.facebook.com/chessstarapp

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More Information Of Chess Stars Multiplayer Online

lable: Board - Games Current Version:6.23.22 Publish Date:2022-06-07 Developer:Turbo Labz (Pvt) Ltd.

User Reviews


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505-247 KARTHICK D 2020-07-06

Game designing is well. The application is perfect 👌. Really awesome 👍. But one biggest mistake. Many more advertisement in this app. You can just started the game. One add will be come. You come out of the game. One add will be come. It\'s irritating 😡 our mindset. But otherwise the application is amazing 😍. I really like it.
Kaz Dog 2020-08-03

I love this game, it\'s clean and fun. But the one thing that made this unique were the themes u could unlock. And if your a player who doesn\'t like to spend ,money u could watch ads after each chess match to level up to a present. And you could get the themes out of those presents. But with the latest update they took the presents out and I\'m giving it a 4 start raring now. I\'m really sad and want to be able to get unlockable themes for free.
Dylan Barwick 2020-06-25

•You load into the game •You play a game •AD (Wait 30 seconds) •You press main menu •AD (Wait 30 seconds) •You search for another game •AD (Wait 30 seconds) •Finish game •AD (Wait 30 seconds) Rinse and repeat until you give them money to get rid of the ads..... but wait there\'s more, it\'s a subscription not a one time payment And when you\'re about to beat someone, most people will exit the game and make you wait 48 hours for their timer to run out before you get the win (not a game issue)
LibraKingJames Miller 2020-08-30

Why in the hell do y\'all put ads....I can\'t even start a game.... Then when I play ads come in the middle of the game and I can\'t back out of the add and it makes me forfeit the match. This is so stupid that you out ads like this in the game. Are y\'all crazy. This would be a great game if the ads didn\'t conflict with the game.
Daniel Nnaji 2020-06-08

Really enjoy the game. Only problem is that some people just decide to not finish a game. It\'s not really fun when you have 3 games ongoing and each opponent just decides to stop playing. Really discourages me from starting another game. Maybe it\'ll be better if it\'s made necessary to finish one ongoing game before starting another game or logging off. Or make it a loss if you logged out while playing a game and it\'s your turn.
John Wilks 2021-01-30

Angry with the latest update. Paid for V.I P membership and now on the updated verision I\'ve lost all the benefits and they\'ve taken them off me only left with no ads. Complete con, the updates did not address the right issues and took the extras off people who paid for V.I.P!!
Nathan B. 2021-02-02

This game would be perfect if a couple things were changed. 1st being the having to log into facebook just to make a profile. 2nd being the fact that I lose points when the game disconnects. I don\'t think its fair to pay a penalty if the servers crash! That\'s not the players fault at the end of the day. All in all, great app, despite the issues stated above.
Alex Rogers 2020-03-11

Dear team The app is great but a few changes would make it better compared to other chess apps and their features. Implement the following Upload your own pic not just from you\'re Facebook profile pic, which in my case is a pic of my child! Elo ranking system Be able to view top 50 in the world/region etc We should be able to view everyone\'s statistics/profile so we can choose to play that particular person or not, I hate playing someone with an unbeaten record of 100 wins & no loss
Billy Bateman 2020-02-06

Pretty much a joke...way too many ads. Ads lag the game. No premoves for faster play. Have to pay to change chess pieces and board styles. Many better apps and websites that are free that will give you more.
Ryu Ken 2020-05-29

Sometimes connections would disconnect while playing a game causing unnecessary lost of a game even when the position is already winning. Also losing on time (flagging) happens sometimes because of server issues with connections. There is also a major flaw in the game. This flaw is,while an opposing side has only a king left but the opponent has more pieces on the board but is about to run out of time, the game should end in a draw but this chess app counts it as a win for the one piece King.