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Description of Chess Tactic Puzzles

Do you want to get better at chess, improve your tactical vision or simply train your brain? Then this app is the perfect choice for you!

- You will play a huge collection of mates, endgame studies, opening traps and practical chess positions. Just like in real games, you never know what you will get.

- Your tactics rating will be constantly measured. The better you are, the harder the puzzles will get. You can also track your performance with a rating graph.

- The computer engine Stockfish 9 will help you analyze the puzzles. This chess engine is much stronger than the best human chess grandmasters.

- A simple layout will let you focus on the important. Simply slide to the right with your finger to analyze the previous tactic puzzle.

It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner at tactics or a chess grandmaster, this app will keep you happy for a long time!

With this app you can...

- Play over 20,000 selected chess puzzles

- Use a big board that covers the whole screen

- See the opponent reply if you play a wrong move

- Analyze the tactics with the chess engine Stockfish 13

- Play without an Internet connection

- Enjoy a wide variety of chess tactics for all difficulty levels

- Keep track of your progress with a performance-based Elo rating

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lable: Board - Games Current Version: Publish Date:2022-06-07 Developer:TIMLEG

User Reviews


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Chess Chicken 2019-04-25

this was absolutely terrible, the puzzles were so easy and i had winning moves, it even said they were so, but it kept saying i was wrong and making me do its uneccisary long combinations to get to the same outcome or a worse one a few moves later. dont get this app, it will make you worse at chess and has no beneficial properties.😫😥😭😖😨😰😱😧😩😲😞😟😤😢😕😫😓😒🙁😣🤕😈👿💀😿👎💔🌪🌧🌩🔥🎃🔫🗡🏹🚫🚷☢☣❌✖❎⁉ ⁉ ❓❕❗❔🆘:\'( :-( =-O :O :-[ :-*
Shantanu Deb 2019-11-03

Thank you sir for making such a wonderful, fast, light and ad-free app! Every chess puzzle contained in this app is not only challenging but have been taken from real games, some having very sharp tactical lines. The ability to analyse every puzzle with Stockfish 10 Engine is also very useful. I would humbly like to request the developer(s) to add a \'menu\' or \'home screen\' to view all the solved puzzles in one page and also to add a \'highlight last move\' feature. Keep up the good work!
Vijaya Sarathy C 2019-04-30

The app does not recognise alternate tactics. There need not be only one solution.
Gerard Taylor 2021-03-11

Occasionally, the best move is one that requires the ability to analyze at a depth of 30 moves ahead (60 plies). So even GMs will have to guess the solution. All the chess puzzle apps derived from chess engines posses this annoying flaw. This one is the best I have used. The progress rating is interesting.
AncientSlav 2020-05-05

Well, over the years I got several phones and always installed this app first. It\'s the most addictive chess tactics game ever. Simple, light, no ads, no nonsense. You can do tactics forever. Some are easy, some are really hard and thru this you train your eyes and mind. After some time you\'ll be faster in deciding whether it\'s an endgame, position, taking, or a defensive move. You can attain the eye to quickly decide where to move based on countless positions which to a sometime repeat.
richard brennan 2020-02-02

Excellent app. Very functional. Apart from the 20,000 puzzles and the ELO progress chart the thing which makes it really stand out is the \'spaced repetition\' option. This can be found in the settings but must be switched on because the default is no spaced repetition.
Davor Vujacic 2019-08-24

I highly recommend this application. The puzzles are great and the app motivates you to keep practicing.
Jim McGovern 2021-01-31

Great app! I have improved my tactical chess skill significantly. In response to one of the other comments, you CAN turn off the \"Auto advance to next puzzle\" in the Settings menu. You also can go back one puzzle (but only one puzzle) if you want to use the analysis engine to study the problem and solution. My favorite capability is the option to take a side (white or black) and play against the computer from that point forward (this option is only visible after you have done the puzzle)
Gary Schweikert 2020-02-15

Yeah... I\'m a class A player. This is a nice app if you use it right. It took some work to get above the strong amateur level. Doing the analysis in your head is the best way. The puzzles seem to be from games.. and I wish I could add some. Also use the repeat for puzzles you cannot solve, be honest with yourself, and THERE ARE NO ADDS!!!
G Thibodeau 2020-02-04

Great app! Simple, functional. No garbage. Set it to continue on correct move(s) or to stop. I set it to stop. Let\'s you analyse or even play the position, so, you can fully understand it. Also keeps an \'elo\' score for you. Have no idea why this app seems to be \"flying under the radar\". If you are serious about improving tactics, get this app. It\'s free and no ads.....thank you.