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Description of Chess

Chess Free was created with the goal to improve chess skills of every player. This app is perfect for any chess amateur or professional. Difficulty of tasks is dynamically adjusted to the skills and previous performance.

Chess Free game features:

♞ Hundreds of levels

♞ Thousands of chess exercises

♞ Tactics training

♞ Strategy lessons

♞ Opening and endgame training and practice

♞ Checkmate puzzles

♞ Online and offline chess

♞ Time and move limit puzzles

♞ Learning mode with best move hints

♞ 2D & 3D chess pieces

♞ Play chess in infinite rematch fights

♞ Live chess statistics and leaderboards

♞ Game boosters

♞ Mistake preventing (Learn how to play without mistakes in your chess games)

♞ Amazing 3D chess world, with cartoon graphics.

♞ No advertising

♞ This app was known as: Chess Age

Chess Free is an offline application. You don't need internet to play online, but you can switch to online play using our other app. Play chess and learn various strategies and compare your results with friends.

Chess Free is completely free to play app, but you can purchase some optional in-game items.

Download this free chess game and let the journey begin!

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More Information Of Chess

lable: Board - Games Current Version:1.6.6 Publish Date:2022-06-06 Developer:Chess Friends

User Reviews


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John Kulla 2020-11-16

Was very good in the beginning. Made a move and the computer has not responded at all. It seems to be stuck in \"thought mode\"! Used a take back move helper to try the same move again yet same result! Would give a higher rating if this didn\'t keep happening! Count down timer for lives is way off! Takes hours for a single life to regenerate while it is supposed to one every 30 mins!!! So busted, plz fix....
RAMpage956 A 2019-08-04

i hate the limited times it lets you play. you lose 5 times, then you have to wait hours to play again. Can I play when I want to play, not when the game wants me to play. that feature sucks. that feature made me hate this game. i only get a 30 min lunch at work, and as im learning tactics or checkmate patterns, and as soon as i lose 5 times, i cant play again for a long time. boooo. awful \"5 lives\" feature.
Cu Co 2019-01-16

i like how this game make chess fun and interesting. The short games and situational play is really nice because they are like drills that i can play quickly and if i don\'t get it right then i can take another shot at the same kind of situation without having to go thru a whole game from start.
DavidRowe Wtl 2019-01-24

Apart from having chess in the name and on a few buttons i can\'t see a chess board or pieces. AFAICS this nit a chess board game. Unintended immediately, waste of life.
Wil Fry 2020-12-19

I enjoyed this for about a week, but then ran out of \"gems\" (little blue things that are necessary for some explanations). As far as I can tell, the only way to get more is to pay - which was unexpected (the description says \"completely free\").
David Marchetti 2019-04-02

Great chess app. It\'s not really a chess tutor, but it gives you lots of practice with openings, middle game, and end games. The difficulty ramps up nicely.
Blake Hineman 2020-03-28

This app is great for learning the game and progressively getting better. It is challenging but keeps you very engaged in the learning process. This app with out a doubt made me a better player.
Santa Anna 2020-10-28

When i started i had 50 gems, and then i won 80 more, but when i logged in my gems were reset to zero, along with all my items reset to 0. I was enjoying it until it reset my gems and items to zero. I have to uninstall and it wont let me start over. Very disappointing.
J 2019-06-19

This is a SUPER FUN chess app! I\'ve only done a few of the challenges, but it makes the learning fun with the challenges. I didn\'t know how this app would be for chedd based on the \"cartoonish\" graphics before downloading, but it is a LOT of fun! I\'m learning while playing also, double-win! :D
Kent Redford 2020-10-20

Great concept! There needs to be a level-related reward for getting to each level, like a new board or a new set of pieces. At the very least some aesthetic theme related to the levels as they are on the map. Keep up the good work!