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Description of Chess

Take no prisoners and protect your King at all costs! This 3D Chess game is the best way to play the classic Chess board game on Android!

Chess is a two-player strategy board game played on a checkered board with 64 squares arranged in an 8×8 grid. Each player begins with 16 pieces: one king, one queen, two rooks, two knights, two bishops, and eight pawns. The objective is to checkmate the opponent's king by placing it under an inescapable threat of capture.

Chess Features:

- 10 play levels (Learn on casual and progress to Pro)

- Helpful tips and highlights

- Undo function

- Detailed performance stats and ratings

- 2D view, 3D view and Automatic view

- 6 gorgeous themes for boards, pieces, and backgrounds

- 2 player mode. Play against your friends!

- Realistic 3D graphics and exciting sound effects

- Small size

- Automatic save when you get a phone call or exit the application

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More Information Of Chess

lable: Board - Games Current Version:1.1.8 Publish Date:2022-06-20 Developer:CanaryDroid

User Reviews


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Megha Rustogi 2020-08-19

The best game I ever played! Its a realy amazing game. Its graphics are also too good. And if you do not want to see ads, it can also be played offline! In this lockdown period, I play my turns and timepass. In every stage when I unlock, it becomes more difficult to win and sometimes I even get confused! Its so interesting and attractive. I recomend to play this game and stay HAPPY!
Wanderer 2020-07-15

Hardly ever played chess, likely because I stunk at playing chess. Since I now have plenty of time on my hands, I decided to get this ap and re-learn the game and practice more. Graphics are of great quality. Great learning tool. This is apparently a great leaning tool. As I got better, the tablet would also get better. I started to get frustrated because it would win quckly and frequently. At this point, I would rathet play a human. Losing against a computer can be annoying.
Kally Hikari 2020-06-20

I always install board games not because I excelled in them, but because I enjoy learning and challenging myself. This app is a great polisher for my strategies, it doesn\'t fall for a technique twice! It helped me to see my bad habit of always doing the same things; same tactics, same opening move, etc. The graphics are good and ads is not a problem either. A great app and I recommend for everyone to give it a try.
SAYAN SAHA 2020-06-19

This chess game is definitely a isometric platform game. It has 3d and 2d both and its 3d is veiw. Its graphics are excellent. Outstanding performance and the last levels are very hard playing. It gives me a very good experience of playing chess. It has many advantages and excellent features. I would say that it is one of the excellent game that I have played.
Rikki Bobby 2020-07-12

Excellent graphics. The backspace button is a great option. Not only for correcting bad moves but is also very helpful for learning the opponents strategy. The one problem I consistently have with this game is that \"I am unable to use my capable defending pieces to take the opponent when placed in check.\" It will not allow my king or queen to defend against this attack. I find it unsportsmanlike, aggravating and extremely frustrating. It is unfair play to force concede and cheating.
Mike Sample 2020-07-29

This game is AMAZING. The graphics are good. However, I am not very good at chess at all, but I\'ve been playing everyday so that should help me get better. The daily puzzle is also really fun. The only thing I\'m really concerned about is the ads. They pop up after every single game, but they are ads that you can exit out of. I would definitely recommend this game. Good job developers! 👍
S.E. & 1 Direction 2020-01-02

I just LOVE how you don\'t have to watch an ad to get a hint. Haven\'t seen many ads which is great for me.😅 I would definitely recommend this game if you want to learn how to play chess. 👍🏽I do recommend a tutorial of when you first start though. But itd have to be optional. Other than that, I 100% recommend this game! It\'s the best one to pick!
Nathan Rohan 2020-11-11

A fun, attractive, and succinct chess app, but I\'ve encountered a problem. A king in check is not allowed to capture the piece that is checking it, even if the way is clear. It\'s led to some awkward situations where an obvious move was rendered impossible. If this little glitch were to be fixed, the app would be absolutely perfect! I\'ve tried other chess apps that don\'t have this issue, but their interfaces were all inferior to yours, so I really hope you can investigate this king check bug!
Marcus Smith 2020-05-26

Personally, i think it\'s a great app. It\'s almost like I\'m playing myself at times, because of the mirrioring the system does. When you unlock levels, the system recognizes key moves that the player makes for his strategy. When you level up, the system remembers those key moves and incorporates them into its algorithm. Therefore, if you are a true chess player, you\'ll begin to notice that this app polishes and perfects each individuals strategies.-Even fools gold has a shine-
O . o 2020-01-21

Not great. Too many adds. You can\'t tell the pieces apart. Two player mode looks horrible. The first level is way to easy and after that BOOM way to hard. If you do want to help this game (creators) make it so you can set your ability and change that at any time. I would not download this app. If you do though you can play chess at least. I gave it two stars because you can actually play chess which is the point of the app. It serves it\'s purpose but it does not do it that well. Would not get.