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Description of ChessCraft

Never play the same game of chess again! ChessCraft is a chess sandbox with an AI computer opponent. Customise chess boards, rules, and pieces. Share your creations online. Play your friends online, or play the computer, or choose from one of 75 built-in chess boards in adventure mode.


Many chess AI mobile games already exist, but only ChessCraft allows the player to create such wacky boards and pieces and immediately play a decent computer opponent.

Create new pieces with any combination of the 8 bishop or rook slides, plus a 7x7 grid of knight-like hops. Pieces can also enhance or restrict nearby pieces. Create new boards with any enabled or disabled tile up to 16x16. Place promotion rules for any piece, anywhere. Place tile rules like witch windows (teleporters), sanctuaries, and more. The computer AI opponent then uses concepts from computer science and graph theory to understand your creations and play against you.

When you share a board, your friends can play the AI too. Sharing creates a new web page just for you, like this:


ChessCraft is full and free with no ads, except for the occasional popup which asks you to buy ChessCraft Patron. If you become a patron, you won't see those interruptions anymore. If you're a teacher, student, or you cannot afford ChessCraft Patron, send me an email and I'll send you a special code.

Visit the website and send me an email if you have any feedback or questions. If you like the game, please rate it!

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lable: Board - Games Current Version:1.13.8 Publish Date:2022-06-07 Developer:Frame of Mind

User Reviews


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JAL3 2021-01-05

This is a great app. However some programming issues need to be resolved. 1st is the limitation of 25 pieces on custom board... should be increased to 30 pieces. 2nd is the limit of 16 x 16 squares on a custom board... should be increased to 24 x 24. 3rd when using all 16 squares and 25 pieces there are a lot of issues saving the board. When you go back to play on that custom board it says was made using an old version and can\'t be played. This is frustrating after spending hours customizing.
Richey Baumann 2020-08-21

OK game, but the AI is either poorly programmed or malicious; many, MANY times, games have been declared \"Checkmate\" when they aren\'t. Literally, the computer seems incapable of realizing that I have several options to break the check, and that the game is not legitimately over. Nothing is more frustrating than having to restart a 10 minute long fight on level 4 because the computer randomly declares checkmate when there isn\'t one.
Aops Sheriff 2020-04-03

Awesome 👍 Nice work, really like playing the pre-made modes. Just two suggestions - 1 Make an option so that in my custom board with multiple kings I can choose how many kings to kill to win. (I know it will be very hard for the AI to think about it, but I\'ll love to play it with my brother. Maybe make it exclusively player vs player...) 2 Make an option for the community to share their creations. Thanks!
Billy Fisher 2021-02-14

The game itself is great especially the adventure mode. A large problem is that it crashes a lot which wouldn\'t be so bad but when it does crash, the game that you are playing restarts so I have to repeat even a short game three or four times before I actually finish it. EDIT: The problem is still occuring but a few system reports suggest that it is my phone. For this reason I rate 4 stars as the developer was quite helpful. Happy chessing :).
Temenat 2020-10-14

It\' s very fun to create the weirdest pieces and boards to see what happens if you play with them, but I feel like the app would be better with the possibility to play from different devices. Even though the single player experience may be fun, I\'d like to try some crazy boards with a friend of mine and needing to play on the same phone is a huge limit to this. I don\'t think it would be an easy addition though, and since you\'re making this app free to everyone I\'m happy. Keep up the good work!
PV - Yeah • 10 years ago 2020-10-30

Works great, Editor\'s fine, and gameplay is pretty good. I just have some suggestions like 1. Custom Piece Sprites, maybe from your gallery, 2.And add a way to make the chess boards at least a little bigger in the editor. 3.and allow us to change the background while playing chess because the black background is a little boring. 4.Or maybe we can change the color scheme of the board checker pattern to other colors like, Green and Red or maybe an image we choose.
Team Cyborg 2021-03-06

Very fun and addictive! A great way of playing chess in strange ways and coming up with fairy chess pieces. I can\'t stop playing! Though I wish there were some more options in the editor... For example, it only lets you decide moves in a 7×7 grid centered on the piece, which is perfectly fine for any old piece, but for something like a Nightrider it makes it impossible to make. But all of those are just tiny details, none of them are actually big enough to warrant anything less than five stars.
Oio 2020-12-05

Normally I don\'t rate apps, but this one is SO good, that I decided I just had to. This app is great and I have only had it for 2 days but it\'s already blown my mind. No ads, an entire story mode, piece customisation... It\'s got everything!
Nobody Really 2020-11-06

Just starting out with this, but it\'s pretty fun. Can help you think more dynamically with the pieces. One thing I dislike is that I cannot dispute draws presented by the AI in Adventure. Edit: Worst bit about it is that draws don\'t give gems, so if you get the AI\'s king to a point where they can\'t move without losing, you don\'t win or get anything from it.
Merrill Zulueta 2020-07-16

Great, but could be perfect. When its my turn (in one-player mode), why does the game make a move for me? It occurs quite a few times, regardess of AI level. As for the \'undo\' button. I read your FAQ regarding this, and I understand your stance. However, please let us, as players of the game, decide if we should use that feature. Please do not deprive us of our freedom to choose. What would it be like if we had no say in the color of our cars? If all phones were one size?