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Description of ChessGuess: Play like сhampion

Welcome to the educational chess app, based on games of the World Chess Champions «ChessGuess»!

You are invited to study 500 commented games with more than 3000 tasks for them, such chess champions as:

⦿ Paul Morphy

⦿ Wilhelm Steinitz

⦿ Emanuel Lasker

⦿ Jose Raul Capablanca

⦿ Alexander Alekhine

⦿ Mikhail Tal

⦿ Robert J. Fischer

⦿ Garry Kasparov

⦿ Viswanathan Anand

⦿ Magnus Carlsen

In each game, there will be tasks where you need to find a move or a whole variation of the great maestro, "play like a world champion."


⍟ 10 world champions

⍟ 500 commented games

⍟ More than 3000 tasks for guessing moves in games

⍟ Detailed statistics of tasks and overall progress

⍟ Own «Hall of Fame»

⍟ Level system «King's Order»

⍟ Biography, play style descriptions, and photos of chess champions

⍟ Available in two languages: Russian, English

This is one of the most effective chess teaching exercises. You not only study the chess heritage of the great champions but also regularly check your knowledge by completing tasks.

At the end of the course you:

① Learn chess legacy

② Improve combinational vision

③ Enhance strategic understanding of positions

④ Touch the basics of chess analysis

The app for learning chess and developing chess skills of children and adults.

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lable: Board - Games Current Version:2.7 Publish Date:2022-06-06 Developer:ChessHoliday

User Reviews


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Minakshi Warungase 2020-08-13

Excellent information regarding game moves of best game players of their time. Remarkable information of the game moves to improve the game & thinking ability. Thank you very much for the improving game skills of mine.
Kiran J 2020-05-12

Very interesting to learn . So many existing games with better thought process and moves. Keep continuing and keep update with updates game plans. Will be more helpful to all the users.
Ananya Yaduvanshi 2020-05-04

Nice and very educational ..... #suggestion : if you can show the variant lines that arise in the position by showing the piece movement then it truly deserves 5 star rating Anyways amazing app ..really enjoyed it .
Name Cannot Be Blank 2000 2020-07-04

Good enough for me, but English in games is only fair most of the time
Gregory Somers 2021-01-25

Would be the best if games could be replayed until mastery with improving score. Otherwise it\'s not fun. Just punishing for trying. Terrible. The \"New Game\" popup blocks the last move of the game. The \"Open\" button blocks the opponents name. Very simple problems with massive implications. Including original dates to the games would be much better. This could be the best chess learning app ever made but it has so many little bugs, grammar errors, simple design problems, etc.
refugio bautista 2021-02-01

Interesting game, a learning experience
juliana darkwah 2020-10-16

Nothing seems to work, I have been pressing it but it doesn\'t move neither does it tell me how to go about it, I\'m really frustrated for a beginner, no stars for that matter.
Roy Ostos 2021-01-17

Very exhilarating and exciting! I have used my first movement albeit still needs improvement but used it successfully. Thnx
Peter Vass 2020-02-13

Best chess trainer! I like it!
Peter Vass 2020-02-13

Best chess trainer! I like it!