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Description of Chessify: Scan & Analyze chess

Improve your playing level and skills with our magic chess tools: real chessboard, book, & diagram scanner, unique video finder, & Superfast cloud engine. Analyze puzzles & games with Stockfish 14 & Lc0. Play chess with friends online or challenge the computer for an offline game.

Features you’ll find ONLY on Chessify:

- The Perfect Chessboard Scanner

Take a photo of a real chessboard to get its digitized version on your phone or scan chess puzzles from printed or digital sources with 99% accuracy.

- Chess PDF Reader & Scanner

Upload a book to keep track of your reading as well as scan and analyze its puzzles.

- Maia Engine as a Computer Opponent

Play with the new HUMAN-LIKE neural network engine, which was trained on millions of human games. Maia has a more human-like style than other engines like Stockfish or Lc0 and is likely to match the moves made by chess players in online games over 50% of the time.

- Superfast Cloud Chess Engine

Analyze with Stockfish 14 on Chessify's up to 100,000 kN/s CLOUD server, which is typically 20X faster than a local chess engine.

- Video Finder

Play some opening moves and use the search button to find related videos on YouTube. By clicking on a video, you will get to watch it from the second when the searched position first appears in it.

- High-Quality VIDEO

Share chess games as video on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media or messaging apps.

- Watch Chess LIVE with Strong Cloud Analysis by Lc0 & Stockfish

Follow the games of the strongest grandmasters LIVE with simultaneous cloud analysis by Stockfish 14 and LCZero. Get notified about the top events (like the World Chess Championship or FIDE Candidates) before their start.

We also provide many basic features to help you learn chess easier:


Enjoy free chess engine analysis by Stockfish 14 when you need to find the right moves and tactics in puzzles or the mistakes you made in your recent game.


Choose a difficulty level and play a free offline game against the world’s best chess engines from a starting position or the current analysis board.

- Learn chess theory with the Opening Explorer

Find the most popular moves in the given opening using the LiChess DATABASE of 2 million OTB games of 2200+ FIDE rated players.

- Import & export FEN/PGN

Export the PGN files of your games or copy the FENs of puzzles to share them with other chess apps if needed. Use the ‘paste PGN/FEN’ option to import a game into Chessify.

- Edit board

- SAVE games and positions directly on the app

- SHARE games

Share chess puzzles as IMAGE and games as PGN on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media or messaging apps.

- Play realtime Blitz ONLINE

Choose a standard time control or create your own one and send the invitation link to your friend challenging them for a chess game. Play online with other users who search for the same time control.


Choose a time control (Fischer, Bronstein, Delay, etc), set the time, and play chess with friends on a real chessboard.

- Chess for Kids

Apply parental control to disable chess engine analysis for kids.

- Available in 9 LANGUAGES

English, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Norwegian, Armenian, Italian, & Portuguese.

Available memberships in the app:

Bronze $0.99/month ($9.99/year)

Scans: 1000

SuperFast engine: 1,000 seconds

Silver $2.99/month ($29.99/year)

Scans: unlimited

SuperFast engine: 5,000 seconds

PRO video views: 25

Gold $9.99/month ($99.99/year)

Scans: unlimited

SuperFast engine: 40,000 seconds

PRO video views: 100

PDF scans: 10

Prices may vary based on your location.

Enjoy an ad-free experience regardless of your plan. Sign up for free to increase your monthly limits of our premium features.

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lable: Board - Games Current Version:6.3.11 Publish Date:2022-06-07 Developer:Chessify

User Reviews


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Sundharesan Aravindakshan 2017-08-02

Dream tool for an aspiring chess player to analyse and improve his or her game. If we can share games or positions with other chessify users it would be amazing, although we can send fen now also. Moreover, engine vs engine feature was also expected in such a top notch chess app. Despite these concerns I 5 stared to show my respect for such a wonderful app. Thanks for your time and effort to the developers.
Public Name Hidden 2020-05-13

Been analyzing chess since 80`s on scid, used arena rybka, Lichess (my favorite live platform), chessbase, droidfish, tried them all. THIS one I would pay for! Incredible features. MISSING features: Arrows in analysis, local mini endgame DB, Local Opening book options to train specific Openings, repertoire analysis for your games, graphs dashboard, Play like famous player options. No app currently exists that has all these I am aware of. EDIT: more: Tablet mode does not \'flip board\'. need tactics train based on \'My Games\' DB.
Salil Kumar 2018-07-02

Please edit option share pgn file and share from gallery photo. Please please then this app more helpful. Beyond imagination good app. Excellent app. One thing missing pgn file open like droidfish. Thanks for new version Great work
Jishnu Chatterjee 2019-03-26

Nice one. Able to capture positions from most of the books I have. Superb job by the developers. A must have app for a guy who loves reading Chess books, periodicals and articles.
Gk Muralidhara 2020-09-15

The scan is freezing not returning the board. This is driving me mad. Not able to use basic feature of scan. Why should I be a gold member if I can\'t use basic feature. The apps credibility is questionable.
Fadzlee Sani 2017-08-27

WoW, it\'s more than enough for me. I like that scan and can read the chess easily
Alan Black 2018-02-19

Really liked the simplicity of this app. Just what I\'ve been looking for. Only one small issue: it couldn\'t recognise scanned positions where black played UP the board. White\'s pawns were all on 7th rank instead of 2nd and promoted next move. Please advise.
Randy Merrell 2017-04-06

This is the best app for scanning chess diagrams. No longer do you need to setup a position from a book. Scan it in and analyze. This is better than Chess OCR. I loved Chess OCR but as soon as I bought it it quit working. It no longer recognizes anything. This app recognized the same diagram even though I was twisting the book around and clipped the picture! It still got everything right.
William Bennett 2020-06-08

lots of potential but the online play is never working so hopefully one day it will be ready
Gum Doctor 2018-03-03

The developers have been improving the app on a very regular basis. Very impressive work on that aspect. There are however a few things that needs attention. And the UI could do with an overhaul. The current UI doesn\'t justify such a great idea. Five star is more of a compliment to the dedication of developers not to the app it self. :)