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Description of Chibi Doll - Avatar Creator

Cute chibi avatar maker and doll dress up games! Now you can make your own character and become a cool doll designer! You can use your pastel doll as a cute gacha avatar for social networks or make kawaii wallpapers with your adorable paper dolls! Surprise your friends, unleash your imagination and upgrade your creative skills!

****New Feature - GACHA WHEEL****

Spin the wheel, win clothing items and customize gacha character. Enlarge the choice of clothes for your character creator every day. Create pictures with famous dolls, save them on your phone and share with friends in fun chibi gacha games for free.

Pick up the skin color of your chibi character from an infinite number of colors! Choose your favorite hairstyle and also customize its color. Dress up dolls from variety of clothing items and outfit ideas, win new items in gachapon machine. Pick up the wings and tail for your little doll. Now it’s time to decide what kind of eyes, mouth and eyebrows your cute avatar is going to have. Chibi maker offline offers huge amount of face accessories such as freckles, moles, blush are also available in our anime maker. Pick up pets for your kawaii doll so that she doesn’t feel lonely. Final touch is background! Many pastel wallpapers are in your hands. Well... It’s time to save your pastel doll on your device!

If you like doll dress up, gacha games, anime maker games, and gacha editor, you will definitely love this one! Make your own chibi character and show it to your friends. Surprise them by making their full body avatars. Gather your own collection of kawaii dolls!

* Anime character creator: full body character customization from color to size

* Many clothes items and packs + gacha dress up

* Variety of accessories, wings and tails for your pastel doll

* Cute pets for your chibi character

* Many backgrounds, stickers and speech balloons with your text

* Avatars of your friends: create your own character that looks like real people

* Gacha outfits designer edition: win clothes in gashapon and make famous characters

* Make your own kawaii wallpapers and share pictures with friends

~ If you liked our chibi avatar creator, check our other high-quality doll dress up games and anime maker games and become a real doll designer and chibi character creator! Just follow the link: «More by Anime Dress Up Games», make your own character and just enjoy many new doll games offline! ~

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More Information Of Chibi Doll - Avatar Creator

lable: Casual - Games Current Version:2.7 Publish Date:2022-01-18 Developer:Anime Dress Up Games

User Reviews


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Idk what to put 2020-10-30

I really enjoy this app! It\'s fun, creative, and has beautiful music.There are only 2 things it\'s missing: 1: if you could change the colours on everything (eyes, clothes, shoes ect.) that would be great! 2: it would be fab if you could put your chibi doll in different poses, as I think the regular standing pose is a bit boring.
Haru Shiota 2020-11-09

It\'s one of the best dress up apps out there, there\'s plenty of items and (so far) there doesn\'t seem to be a limit on saved dolls. It would be cool if they added a way to sort your characters into folders of sorts so that it\'s easier to find a character you\'re looking for. It would also be nice if dolls saved to your account so you could have them on more than one device.
Ik786 2020-12-30

I LOVE this game! I am so addicted to it even tho I just started. There is a wide range of clothing and accessories and u can change the colour too! I think the only thing is that u should be allowed to change the eye colour of different eye styles. But overall it is rlly fun and I rlly recommend it to ppl who r looking for something to do when ur bored. Also if u turn Ur WiFi off (from Ur device) then it will be less laggy and no ads will come up! When u watch to get an item, it will just load.
Tivvy top 2020-08-03

I am 10 years old and I love Japan (I even named my miniature cat Chibi!) This game is good, but there aren\'t LOADS of choices, however there\'s enough. I even managed to do a chibi that looked like Tinkerbell! . It would be even better though if it would let you pick the eye type, and then allow you to pick the colour, instead the eyes you choose already come in a colour. You should also be allowed to pick the eyebrow colour. It\'s a bit simple, but overall it\'s very cute.
Jonathan Dallas 2020-07-24

This game is great! It\'s honestly, Just amazing how great this game is. I\'ve made all my friends, and the hair, clothes, and other accessories are just amazing! Go download it now!😁😊 Huge thanks to the creator! Even though it takes a some time do download the stuff, Like the baby category, it\'s overall a great game!😀
Noor and Zainab show 2021-02-14

Its really fun. I made every and each cartoon character in it as I am 11 years old and I also made the characters from the tinkerbell movie. Lots of people complain about the ads but the game company just give 1 or 2 ads when I was playing the game and the ads were really short. I seriously love this game.☺👧💜💖♀ ♡◇♡.
PALASH KUMAR 2021-02-02

I love this game! Honestly, Its perfect, But I do have 2 isues with the game, 1 is that whenever I am playing the game, A ad pops up, And another thing that I found was when I was playing the game, I found this \"Glitch, In the apocalypse that was so disgusting and inappropriate for kids, I won`t tell what I found because I know kids might check the reviews, That is absolute disgusting, Please creators, If you see this review, Please don`t spread anything about this.
it\'s Addison one 2020-10-11

You see, I once had this game, but I installed it, I\'m getting it again as they said they fixed the glitch. My cousin was the one who made this. This is really creepy. If you looked into the eyes, you could see your surroundings. You can only see at your house like it\'s spying at you this app got too creepy for me, I stopped, and I uninstalled it, but it\'s not creepy anymore, I hope I\'m downloading it again cause my cousin said she fixed the glitch
Jenyl Mae Recta 2020-05-28

Cool but please more clothes for boys and girls, shoes, sandal, accessories like earrings, necklace, bracelet, and more hairstyles for both boys and girls, eyes, lips but for girls there\'s lipstick and backgrounds and more. It would be good if you separate the boys and girls make over and save.
TheRandomEnigma 2021-02-13

I gave four stars because of one thing that really bothers me, it\'s that I can\'t choose my characters eye color, yes I can choose different eyes with different colors, but some of the eyes with the colors I want don\'t look good with my character, but other than that this game is great