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Description of Chibi World

☺Chibi World is a cozy place to chat.☺

Enter the game and create your character choosing from a huge number of clothes, accessories and auras. Visit locations, chat and make new acquaintances. Rate the image of other players. There are 4 professions to choose from to earn in-game currency for you, move up the career ladder and get a salary increase. Choosing a job will open up the possibility of crafting clothes and furniture. Complete tasks and communicate with in-game NPCs. Get yourself pets, as well as create your own home interior. Participate in exciting in-game events and collect unique themed clothes and furniture.

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More Information Of Chibi World

lable: Simulation - Games Current Version:1.037 Publish Date:2022-05-16 Developer:LittleWorlds

User Reviews


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Seun George 2020-10-19

Really fun game! But one body there. It loads fast and is fun.i wish ppl played this game
KiraKitten 2021-01-27

Amazing 2021 game. Very fun. Want more friends. Needs a change of music in different places. Also more scenery like a forest jungle with quests. Or an egypt one. Club penguin vibes. Add club music please. In the city area can you add stores to where you can go inside them. You should add a arcade game area where you can fight 1 vs 1 and add lots of gachas. The clothes are good. A message system would be nice. I love the quests. Pays good. Pets are expensive but I want one.
Irene Urias 2020-10-28

I like the game it was fun and there\'s many things to do but my avatar kept getting stuck on tasks I don\'t know if it\'s times it not but I always want to do more. It\'s a good game for patience. There\'s still more for me to learn so we see how things go but a cute and fun game. I love visiting other world\'s one thing I wish they would make easier is replacing the floor boards extremely hard.
Pauline Gorospe 2020-11-26

It kinda hangs...but its fun to play! 😓
WolfDenUniverse 2020-10-14

It said new, and it was a chibi game so I decided to test it. But when I did there was LITTERALLY no one else on the servers. I was the only one playing it. If more people played it and the servers were active I could rate this game better.
Allie Geoppinger 2021-02-13

Ibm give this app 3 stars because it is good and has like no ads but I do have a few problems like therebis not enough styleing styff and it kicks me out a lot if you could fix that then ir would be 5 stars
Lake Fonta 2020-10-19

For a specific reason I\'m giving this one star: So I came across this game In my reccomended, and it looked fun. So I downloaded it and tried to open it. It was very slow it said sign in via social medea so I tried to cllick and nothing showed up. I closed the app and tried once again, nothing showed up. I tried unistalling and re-installing and tried multiple times. Failed. I didn\'t to play, could\'ve been a better rating if it wasn\'t so slow. Please fix this so people like me can play.
Mary ann Polistico 2021-01-21

One star for me because this game is hard to open
Youtube girl Montesclaros 2021-01-16

I love it soo much 😍
Jameela Allyson Fruelda 2020-10-21

I just ask is this game online or offline