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Description of Chigiri: Paper Puzzle

Combine the pieces how you imagine it.

Tear and arrange each pieces to become a master of Chigiri-e.

Chigiri take inspiration from the Japanese-style paper collage "Chigiri-e". "Chigiri" means to tear or shred, and "e" means picture in Japanese. Using hand-dyed Washi paper, Chigiri-e art can create an endless number of modern-day crafts.

Chigiri: Paper Puzzle is an image puzzle game

An easy-to-play and addictive game that everyone can enjoy together!


NO WIFI? NO PROBLEM! Enjoy Chigiri anytime, anywhere.

FREE & EASY TO PLAY! Suitable for all ages.

NO penalties or time limits; torn and arrange all you want.

HUNDREDS of hand drawing puzzles.

Familiar but also Unique paper style graphics

Challenge your brain and Free your imagination!

How to play

Drag the pieces to make a new object.

Try to match the suggested object below.

Rotate them and try to make something new.

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lable: Puzzle - Games Current Version:1.5.0 Publish Date:2021-03-03 Developer:WEEGOON

User Reviews


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Cecilia Luna 2019-07-15

fun and entertaining game it is very relaxing honestly I just got the game and I already love it I have no problem with the ads it only shows ads when I push the button for a hint so overall it is amazing!!!!I will keep on using the app because it always relaxes me when I am stressed out and I really don\'t find or have a problem in the game so I hope you find this review helpful because I just loved sitting here on my bed just to write this review.
Melissamouse 2019-04-04

a very fun puzzle game, but it is absolutely ridiculous how many advertisements there are. I mean, between every single level? I find it hard to believe this game cost so much money to make that you need to rely on that much ad revenue to make up for it. Entirely takes away from the game play, and that\'s a downright shame.
GMA 2019-05-23

amazing very much I like that is so prioritized to me i\'m not going to feel better soon as I am said he was not to laugh out loud music and the meaning that is not going to the little one? I\'m not sure if you want to you laugh at me know if it\'s still a few weeks ago when we were going out to be a little while yet but I don\'t have to make paper and aliens and aliens and aliens and the alphabet collection of wallpapers and aliens and the butt show for girls are my favourite thing to do with you i
t r 2019-03-20

I think it\'s a great game if your creative and if you like puzzles this is a great match for you. it\'s really fun and I don\'t really see anything rong with it besides there is a little bit of adds but just turn your wifi off trust me it\'s a good game
A Google user 2019-02-09

Love this game. It\'s really challenging sometimes, but it makes you smarter. It\'s also very addicting! If you are a puzzle person, then I would suggest this game for you. I enjoy this app that if I\'m really bored and I don\'t know what to play, I go right for Chigri-e! This game is incredible it\'s creator must have been smart and a puzzle person. If the creator of this game ever reads this I would like them to know how amazing this game is. I loved the ad to it that\'s what got me to get it!
Fiona Griffin 2019-08-13

This game looked really fun but the hearts drain too quickly and the amount of ads jammed in your face are obscene. the premium deal is one of those weekly subscriptions which always cost far too much for a mobile game. What have mobile games come to that I need to pay 5 dollars a week just to enjoy it? garbage, thats what.
forever sdd sguad 2019-06-03

there are way to many adds like everytime u need something you have to watch an add and when your done you see an add and when you start the app theres the add agin but dont get my wrong its a good game is just the amount if adds that are in this thing but if yoy like a gane full of adds go ahead install this app but the should really name this app add puzzel because thats basically the main complaint about this game like i never do these but this one this fame has TO MANY ADDS . fix it plzzz
Jenna Pollak 2019-07-13

i hate having to turn it its so hard and annoing. i pretty much just hate the hole game. the puzzles are either EXTREAMLY easy or EXTREMELY hard. i HATE this game. and there are like A MILLION ADDS LIKE SERIOUSLY!!
James Burnell 2019-03-11

Why....why....why is it necessary to add ads outside of the app when its closed to pop up on the phone? I was rather enjoying the app until it started popping up with ads on my phone when it\'s not open. I\'m removing the app from my phone now. What makes it worse is that an ad popped up while i was typing this.
Carey Bowling 2019-04-20

Awesome! Really fun to play, but i would really like it if you made stuff like mini games to earn free hints, and also mabey timed levels just for a little challenge. Just a suggestion, but i would really appreciate it if you could add these extra features.