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Description of Children's doctor : dentist.

Children's doctor - we all love when people around us smile. We become well and happy when someone on the street gives us a smile. But for a smile to be beautiful, you need to take good care of your teeth. This applies to your pets, because in childhood they were for every kid. Like people, they also sometimes need to treat their teeth. This can be done by a special doctor - dentist. 

We present to your attention an exciting game for children - a dentist (vet clinic). 

In this entertaining game, your child is a real dentist, under the guidance of which there is a hospital for animals. The kid is entrusted with a very important and responsible task - the treatment of teeth of his four-footed pups, whose teeth began to ache heavily because of their love for sweets.


You have to treat them in a real dental office, use various medical instruments, such as tongs, scalpels, Burmashin and many others, to clean your four-legged friends of teeth from plaque, align them, do operations, remove cavities and fill them. After all, they all just need your help. For her, the animals will be grateful to you and very grateful.


Developing games for children, such as a veterinarian, contribute to the overall development of your child. They help to develop fine motor skills, coordination of movements, visual perception, attentiveness and observation, will show the baby how to treat animals, take care of them.


Our games for kids, such as a dentist, will teach them not only to treat their pets with love and care, but also to protect their own teeth, do not forget to clean them several times a day, because going to the dentist is not the most pleasant pastime.


For the purpose of comprehensive development of the child, we create applications and educational games for children that are aimed to help boys and girls develop basic motor and other skills, and useful to spend their free time.


All you need is to download games, install and start playing, and in the future your child can choose one of the most needed professions in the world - the dentist


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User Reviews


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DefinetlyAfton 2020-10-18

It\'s great for toddlers! But hey, parents, please PLEASE monitor you kid while playing this game. Ads pop up and they easily could tap on them. They range from insurance, to mattresses all the way to other games. So please, monitor your child! But everything else aside, the game is great. It\'s repetitive, but kids like that.
sophie Louise thornton 2020-12-16

Love this game recommend it for adults as well. Helps me get over my fear of the Dentists as well. Ages 4+ recommend for. Great fun for adults as well. Only problem is it\'s the same problems all the Time an same Animals all the time. I\'d like some More different problems an different Animals please. There well 👗 Dressed Animals. Fun colourful game safe for all adults an children. Named them Animals in my head an my favourite Animal is the Gorilla.
Ashleigh-Shae Amiet 2020-07-18

Simply fantastic game. My 2.5 and 4.5 year olds love this app, they play it repeatedly. It\'s simple to use, there\'s no pop-ups for them to accidently click on and one or the pros is that it\'s a positive about dental hygiene.
Bonnie B 2020-10-05

I initially thought this app would not benefit my toddler in any way, plus I was a bit bothered overall. The thing is, I wasn\'t paying attention & pre-judged, I was wrong. As I sat with her & watched her smiling ... I decided to join in & her concentration mixed with true laughter is all I could have asked for ! THANK YOU BY KEEPING IT SILLY FOR HER WHILE STILL PROVIDING AN HONEST LEARNING EXPERIENCE SHE\'LL BENEFIT FROM !
Kimberly Dee 2020-10-03

Get rid of ads, please. Ads arent appropriate for toddlers. This is a great game, and my toddler can\'t play it without getting inappropriate ads or being prompted to download things. Such a shame, as she loves it.
Mudubhashini Attanayake 2020-12-22

This game is veeeeeeeeeeeeery, veeeeeeeery, veeeeeery easy and I like it. 👍 but the reason is I put this as 4 stars is I sometimes see my same castermer\'s and always have to do the same job I did so but I like it. See you next time and one more question do you love to play..... ROBLOX? send in here yes or no and make sure to always be happy in your days bye! 🙂 🌤 🌤 😉 👍 well after you go I want tell you something well my parents are confused about this game and does not want to play it so b
wilsal 2019-03-04

My granddaughter who just turned 2 loves this game and picked up how to play it pretty quick. She has 2 favourite apps & this is one of them.. I noticed ppl complaining about ads, show ur kids how to close the different ads, they catch on very quickly but I do find she accidentally installs some here & there.
Inkgraphy PH 2020-07-26

The developers are forgetting this game are for really young kids and while I understand the need to monetize with ads, those ads exposes kids to inappropriate full screen ads and blocks the entire experience making the kid frustrated and tempered. Make a paid version next time. Uninstalling.
Sarah Walker 2020-01-29

My toddler loves it and always goes back to this game. Only thing is they need more characters to play with (there is only 4). Also, there are ads in every kids games that are free. This one has lesser ad pop ups than other games we have played.
Amina Mohamed 2020-08-24

Some ads are just so inappropriate to the children\'s minds, the. Game is ok, but the ads are just not ok