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Chinese Lunar Calendar



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Description of Chinese Lunar Calendar

Chinese Lunar Calendar Features:

1,Exchange Solar Calendar and Lunar Calendar;

2,Record the important days and dates;

3,Check the weather report of your city;

4,Divine your fortune and future.

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lable: Lifestyle - Apps Current Version:5.3.0 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:Linghit Limited

User Reviews


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Daphne Ho 2019-08-05

Wonderful...until latest update on 23 Jul 19. Same as previous...in 2018...after update...only same day info can be seen. Cant see future luck and colors and plan ahead. Very upset again! Pls action n rectify the problem. Very good app until the lastest update...i cant check my lucky colors and other information for coming days. Only after midnite i can find out my luck and color for that particular day. I can no longer plan ahead. I will delete app. No longer useful and full of ads!
Ariel Mak 2020-06-25

Used to be OK, but recently, kept giving me pop ups every time I unlock my phone sayings there\'s error. Want to go into the app to blues the settings but couldn\'t even open it. Though it had been useful, now it\'s wasting my memory, battery, and online data! I\'m tempted to dissuade others from installing at this point.
Will Deng 2019-10-04

Too many ads. Wherever you swipe anything, video ads start loading. You have to wait for a few seconds to do next step. Not usable at all.
Mike Chau 2016-11-27

Informative, but... Like many said it keep opening itself despite notification turned off. I was driving using map and this popped on top, thud hiding the map. This behaviour is unacceptable.
Riken Tan 2016-10-13

Mannis Lau 2016-10-02

Need correction Is getting worst, buggy n language change back to english version no matter what you’ve set before!
Kevin Lee 2020-04-20

Used to be ok. Lately pop up a lot of ads for every single function u click, very irritating. I understand the present of those ads but please don\'t too many.
Miguel Pinto-Correia 2020-12-27

Such a pity that the calendar does not have a full working English version. 😭
fancy blackie 2019-11-28

A very user friendly app. Has provided me with lots of useful information. Thanks!
Andy Ace 2020-11-19

Too many ads pop up when you start the apps. Irritating! 太多无聊广告,太多无聊广告! 反感,反感!