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Description of Chiron Health

Skip the waiting room; book an appointment with your doctor through a secure video visit. You can join your doctor in a video visit with just a few taps. Plus, appointments can be completed from the comfort of your home and only typically last 15 minutes!

High quality care:

Maintain the same quality experience as in-person appointments. Video visits with your doctor are personalized face-to-face interactions that make it easy to preserve medical history and enable excellent care. In most cases, video visits with your regular doctor are covered by your health plan and are more effective than trips to an urgent care clinic or an on-demand service.

More time in your day:

Less time in the doctor’s office means more time back in your day. No more battling traffic, parking, or taking time away from busy schedules. Video visits with your doctor are easy and can be booked at your convenience.

When to use Chiron Health:

• Routine follow ups

• Prescription refills

• Medication adjustments

• Review lab results or imaging

• Minor urgent care

• Cold, flu, allergies, cough, fever

• Mental health issues or questions

• New parenting questions

• General health questions

• Pediatric fever or advice

• Smoking cessation

• Rashes and other skin problems

• Sports injuries

• Back pain

• and many more

Schedule a video visit in just 3 taps:

• Schedule a video visit with your doctor

• Enter your personal and health insurance information

• Join appointment

More convenient, same price:

• In most cases, video visits cost the same as in-person office visits

• Choose to pay through your health insurance provider or out of pocket

• Video visits with your doctor are easy and can be booked at your convenience.

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:1.2.5 Publish Date:2021-06-04 Developer:Chiron Health

User Reviews


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Shawna Martinez 2020-06-01

When doing a video appointment with my husbands doctor a few days ago, it was really bad. It would pause and seem to be loading while that was going on, and even more annoying, you couldn\'t talk back and forth without waiting because of the time lapse. I hated it!!!! I\'ve done video appointments with My Chart and we can talk freely back and forth with the doctor.
Victor Munoz 2020-03-13

Easy to use and straight forward. Navigation is easy. Wish there were more instructions on the appt. Page for first time users but other than this a great app.
A S 2020-04-16

I have a new laptop which I just setup with all the latest software. The Chiron Health app requests installation of the default browser (Chrome on Windows 10 in my case) which I just downloaded and setup with all bookmarks. There are no installation manuals, no workarounds and no phone or chat tech support available - only email given the current coronavirus situation. The only solution is to use your smartphone or tablet. I work in SW development - the app should not be released for PC Win 10
Grenet 2020-06-13

Unable to create account. I set up an appointment for my son with his pediatrician. And when I try to create an account it says unable to find account. Of course I\'m unable to do so, because it keeps displaying same error message. Your app doesn\'t work.
James McCauley 2020-06-10

Way to completely fail at basic interface design, guys... The Date of Birth field, which you have to fill twice, does not allow text entry; only calendar-style date choosing. The problem is the first time defaults to 1990, which for me meant 120-odd taps, with carpal tunnel, to get to mine. When it came time to do closer to 500 for the second time, which defaulted to *today*, I closed the app and had to register on my computer, which it didn\'t like much because it isn\'t the device I\'ll use.
Katherin Brown 2020-10-01

No instructions given that adblocking and basically any security measures on the device would need to be completely disabled or this will not function. Caused technical issues that led to a late appointment and frustration. Also causes a huge drain on the phone battery and made it overheat to a point it would not charge before cooling down quite a bit. This doesn\'t happen with other video call apps or similar services. Definitely needs work.
Nicholas Vannorden 2020-05-13

App has no care about actually helping people. Then after the app is downloaded. U confirm a appointment with them. And then have u sign up to adobe for ur electric signature. And then asks for your credit card info and charge s u 150 dollars for a 7 day trail. Then they will get to your appointment. What do you do if u are not working because of the shutdown. This app is a joke. And so is the people who are not trying to make sure people get the proper help but to have you pay money
a person 2019-11-14

Even with great connection there seems to be a slight lag, however this app is a tremendous help. We live 89 miles from our provider so every other month is a video visit for my wife and I and you can only imagine what this app means to us, thank you Chiron Health.
Tru2self SunnyD 2020-04-02

Absolutely one of the best health apps out there ... picture is clear, no lagging, and no glitching ... Able to speak to my doctor with no problems ... Great job guys!! Keep up the good work!!!
Stephanie Meierhoff 2019-02-20

I will not give permission for the video and audio to be recorded so it doesn\'t work. IT says that they are not really recording but they need permission for that to run video and audio. If they are not going to be recording I would think they would not use the word RECORD. Idk seems shady.