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Description of Chowbus: Asian Food Delivery

Chowbus is a food delivery App that focuses on providing high quality and most authentic food to customers all over the United States. Each and every dish offered by Chowbus is handpicked to make sure that not only does it taste great, but it also accurately reflects the culture of the country from which that dish is taken from.

Here at Chowbus, we celebrate the endlessly unique, diverse and mouth-watering cuisine each restaurant brings to the table.

When Chowbus started, our mission was to help diners discover new and exquisite dishes and flavors, and give traditional mom-and-pop restaurants a fighting chance to succeed without compromising who they truly are.

We created a platform where restaurants are proud to cook the dishes they want, the dishes that truly represent them and their culture. We use our dish-centric experience to enable these hidden gems to be discovered.

Opening the Chowbus app is like opening your world to:

something extraordinary,

something delicious,

something authentic.

Our Service:

Delivery: Door to door delivery, no service fee, no small cart fee

Pick Up: Skip the line

Lunch Shuttle: Curated menu everyday, only $1 delivery fee

Dine-In: Pre-order on APP, showup in restaurants

Our Uniqueness:

Real food pictures. Each and every dish offered by Chowbus is handpicked

Get dishes from different restaurants in one order. No extra fee.

Exclusive deals and perks

$0 delivery fee, No service fee, no small order fee

Real-time order tracking, 24 hours customer service

Additional discount for Chowbus Plus Membership

Cities We Serve:

Chicago, New York, Boston, Seattle, Atlanta, St. Louis, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Dallas, Lansing, Champaign, West Lafayette, Columbus, Minneapolis and more

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lable: Food & Drink - Apps Current Version:5.4.34 Publish Date:2022-06-22 Developer:Chowbus, Inc

User Reviews


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Marcus 2020-09-25

So the ad is misleading, it says free bubble tea when you download the app. In the app there\'s nowhere to find free bbt. Ok fine , at least theres a promo for 50% off bbt , well ok. I click the promo and the app just hangs ... This app needs more testing before releasing to the public . *Update* managed to get the promo working by going through a roundabout way. Well now it\'s $6 for delivery ?! No thanks, you\'ve completely lost my business. I\'m uninstalling this app.
Alicia Hu 2020-10-06

The data breach is very serious and it compromise the security of my email address, home address, and phone number. Yet CEO understated the severity of the data breach and \"emphasized\" that the credit information was not leaked! This is totally unacceptable! How on earth can someone say that the \"thankfully the credit information is not leaked\" when there are 800k rows of user information leaked out there! I will never use chowbus again!
Aubrey Allred 2021-01-02

BEWARE SCAM! The promo codes appear on check out, but you are charged full price. I am not the only one to experience this. I contacted customer service who said I typed in the code wrong. How? It showed up correctly at check out. They did not offer a refund, just another code that requires you to buy more from the app. It was only for $10 off but how can you trust an app that falsely advertises, charges full price when it says it\'s discounted, and refuses to fix the error? Scary
Rose Zhang 2021-01-10

The concept is excellent but the app is terrible. It glitches frequently, is nonintuitive (why does clicking on an item just expand the pic and not start an order? Why is there no item description?), and for some reason, it STOPS (not pauses) whatever audio you have playing on your phone. Not sure why it needs access to that part of my phone. Customer service leaves a lot to be desired too. When there are errors with promo codes, CS will give you the run-around instead of a reasonable solution.
d y 2020-08-04

Poor sercice and worse customer service. The app contains inaccurate information. It shows you can pickup at a certain time, but actually the store is closed. Update: I contacted the app support on the same day, but I didn\'t get a satisfied solution, so I won\'t contact again.
Long Vo 2020-10-09

Try to use the app but \"Oops, We encountered an error. Please try again later\". Tried again several times, several days after, still receiving the same message. Have to use the web version on my phone browser, which does not have a map view. Really want to support and it give more time, but technically this app has failed me. You guys gotta work more on that error. I\'m not the only one having this issue.
Will Vista 2020-09-21

Just placed my address and all i get everytime i open the app is an error message \"opps. We encountered an error. Plrase try again later.\"
Yuchen Su 2021-01-09

Literally the worst delivery service ever. They deliver food thats about a 20 minute drive away on average 1.5 to 2 hours after order. They always post a highly optimistic expected waiting time and is excessively late much of the time. Their customer service is very not understanding nor respectful of my time. I would highly avoid using this app. I have been a user for 3 years now and order often so my review is based on a huge sample size.
Hao Feng 2020-06-22

I understand food delivery app might charge more than the price in store, but this app went too far. For a $49.99 dish in-store, this app charged $69.99 only for the dish -- with additional taxes, fees and tips, I basically need to pay around $90. That is almost 2x the original price.
Hao Tong 2020-03-18

At the presence of COVID-19, many other delivery services has cancelled delivery fees for all users. However, this one keeps its membership fee, and adds a strange packing fee that didn\'t exist before for grocery. This just sucks! Plus that they silently added transaction fee without noticing their users a few months ago, I find it really hard to trust them anymore.