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In support of Pride Month June 2021 each of our stages are reduced by 50%.

Christella Antoni is a Consultant Speech & Language Therapist with over 20 years experience and is the UK's leading expert in transgender voice modification. Christella Voiceup will teach you how to feminize your voice.

VoiceUp contains a FREE sample lesson and a FREE pitch analysis and graph so you can track your pitch change over time.

With 10 minutes of daily practice, Christella VoiceUp will help you feminize your voice!

The complete voice feminization course contains over 2 hours of voice therapy training in 3 stages - beginners, intermediate and advanced. Each stage is available as an in-app purchase. Each stage contains five separate lessons which cover the fundamental aspects of voice and speech feminization. These involve modification of your resonance, pitch, intonation and vowel length. The final lesson of each stage combines these skills to help you develop control sustaining your feminized voice.

All exercises are demonstrated by Christella and provide a consistent voice model with clear explanations. The exercises are based on Christella's successful treatment model and gradually increase in length and complexity as you progress through each stage to ensure that you will securely acquire voice feminization skills.

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lable: Medical - Apps Current Version:7.0.2 Publish Date:2022-06-19 Developer:Speechtools Ltd

User Reviews


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Lisa H 2018-11-03

I\'ve bought this app, all 3 sessions to help as a supporting tool to professional speech therapy , following recent vocal cord surgery. The sessions fit in quite nicely with my morning and evening commute. I\'m not looking to improve pitch as the surgery has done that for me, but the intonation work is really helping. As my pitch is already quite good I was able to skip the basics but parts 2 and 3 are very helpful. My only criticism has been mentioned before, that being you can\'t fast forward through bits to speed up the session. I found I\'ve been doing much of the more advanced practices, reading poetry and also speaking song lyrics as they flow in a similar way. A great app and while it can be expensive to some, it\'s worth it if you\'re tired of being misgendered on the phone etc.
Melissa La France 2020-05-15

Easily the most comprehensive vocal feminization training app, and well worth the spend. Vastly improved interface as compared to a year or two ago. Quibbles: Tutor\'s accent is not neutral and may present a challenge to North American English speakers not wanting to project an affected accent.
The Highrose 2020-07-06

All the information on how to change your voice costs. The only part that is free is the voice analyzer. (Which is fine) But some info on what I am doing right or wrong would be nice.
Krystin Clifton 2019-12-04

I am very pleased with the lessons and feel its a minimal investment for a longterm gain. I am devout in my lessons and understand the app, as well as its design, is simply not the end all be all. Like anything else in life, you get out of it what you put into it. Practice, practice and practice. Many thanks from this Trans women who is verm much pleased with your economical lessons, well done sweetheart!!
sarah dalton 2019-05-18

Good clear instructions with practical ideas. Supporting articles are really helpful too.
Emily Dennison 2020-04-25

I wanted to love the app, but it\'s too easy to make mistakes e.g. going into falsetto as it\'s very focused on pitch and doesn\'t tell you what NOT to do. I\'m now waiting for an ENT appointment as I\'ve damaged my voice using this app 2-3x a week for only a month and most likely have nodules! Yes, I was absolutely doing it wrong but the app doesn\'t tell you anything about voice damage/common mistakes. I wish I\'d paid for a speech therapist.
Adam Thompson 2019-08-09

I\'ve purchased the first two lessons, and now the app crashes whenever I try to open it. I\'ve tried reinstalling it multiple times, and it still wont work. $30 down the drain.
Malkavian Maddnes 2020-06-04

Second to Last update wiped all my data, even after updating none of my stuff will save, even with most recent update, this app is now trash.
A Google user 2017-09-10

Extremely expensive for lessons and tools you can find for free elsewhere.
Sarah Van Distel 2017-11-25

I have been using this app for a short time and already figured out that it was indeed a very wise investment. It may seem expensive for an app, but it cost me the same as 2 sessions with my voice therapist, with the advantage that I can go back to the lessons how often and whenever I want - which I do every single day! With VoiceUp, coupled with live sessions with a voice therapist (30 minutes per week), the results have been nothing short of a miracle! Thank you so much Christella for providing this program! Thanks to you, I can now say that I am mostly voice-passable and feel increasingly confident! Hugs, Sarah 🙆❤