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Description of CIMB Clicks Singapore

"Time to enjoy the security and convenience of banking on the move"

CIMB Clicks on Mobile App offers a quick and easy way to access your account using the same log in details as CIMB Clicks Internet Banking. It enables you to:

* Transfer using FAST: Allows you to transfer funds to other banks almost instantly

* Transfer to local banks

* Inquire on your account: Check on your account balance or recent transactions

* Pay Bills: Save time and pay your bills on the move

* Check on your chances for the FastSaver Travel Draw

* Current promotions: Be kept up to date on CIMB Bank's existing promotions

* Contact information

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lable: Finance - Apps Current Version:5.0.28 Publish Date:2022-06-18 Developer:CIMB Bank Berhad

User Reviews


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KL Ang 2020-01-21

The cimb clicks app is so retarded at times. Cannot log in via the app as it will just keep loading. Then I tried to log in via desktop but then need approval via the mobile app whihh means can\'t log in as well because the app is not working properly. u won\'t be able to log in or do any transactions. Please go fix ur stupid app. What if I\'m in urgent need to performing online transactions at night when ur branch is closed. Also, this is not the first time.
Jarell 2018-11-17

Worst app ever. It\'s like going back to the stone ages. Super slow, doesn\'t get the job done, bad interface. It just seems like the company doesn\'t even bother building a professional one.
Ember Yeo 2020-07-18

Apps have a problem. I encounter with anything i press which not suited with, it loads and than it hang there and does not open the page. And when i press back it does not do anything just hang there. I need to exit out and clear browser and relogin and i need to remember what i can press and what i cannot press just to avoid the hanging and relogin. Apps arent straight forward. And statement not easy to understand. Not user friendly
Juanita Jude 2019-03-17

You can\'t even use it. Everything loads forever. you are better off using the mobile version instead of getting frustrated with the app. Mine just keeps hanging on OTP page and the bank tells me it\'s a phone compatibility issue. But I\'m using Note 8. So, how come the app is not compatible with my phone?
J C 2020-06-01

After the last update I can\'t even login, it just loads forever. The app interface is ugly, and why do users still have to key in their login details instead of logging in with touch id? Most other banks have included this feature a long time ago already. Edit 1 Jun: Just tried the app again, it works now. Adjusted rating.
Desmond Low 2020-03-10

Not a very user friendly app. Most of the time when I try to login, there\'s always an error that states \"unable to connect, please check internet connection\" when I am clearly online. On the rare times when I can login, I can only do 1 transaction at a time as the app will \"hang\" when I tried to proceed on.
Dark Angel 2020-06-21

click on back 2 times can\'t close the app like others.........
isabelleghj 2020-05-07

if i can rate this app 0 star, I WOULD. Maybe if your company spent a little bit more money to hire proper app developers you would have more customers. CONS - can\'t even load - the need to re-enter your password and ID every damn time, the app UI is terrible and UGLY - no pros for an app that couldn\'t get past login page I usually don\'t leave app reviews but this I can\'t deal with. I put my money in this bank but I can\'t view my damn savings to check. Do something about it please LOL.
Chee Keong Ng 2016-10-20

Auto capitalize user name I always didnt realize that the apps auto capitalizes my user id, thus i always keyed in the wrong id. Strange that the developer team did not rectify this issue for ages...
Tan LK 2016-10-07

Keeps loading... loading... for nothing Absolute rubbish. Unable to function at all. Please do something with this app, if you want your account holder to go paperless.