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Description of Circadian, Your Natural Rhythm

Ready for a lifestyle that prioritises your health and wellbeing?

Ready for living with more energy and focus?

Keen to naturally improve mood, body composition and sleep?

The answer? Do your daily activities at the optimal time for your body - aka circadian rhythms or the power of 'when'. ⏰

Enter Circadian, your app for applying circadian rhythms, and living a more natural lifestyle. Circadian uses your local solar time and some user settings to calculate your circadian rhythms, also known as biorhythm.

▌Set reminders and alarms for critical circadian events 🔔

Being a biorhythm calculator, Circadian provides you with reminders & alarms to operate on your optimal biological schedule. Start sleeping, waking, eating, fasting, exercising and working when you are meant to. Set reminders or alarms for

○ solar times (daybreak, sunrise, solar noon, sunset, nightfall)

○ ultraviolet light rise and fall (UVA/UVB)

○ sleep and wake times as well as a digital sunset

○ eating and fasting times as well as meal timings

○ morning and peak exercise times

○ peak cognition times

▌Adjust your sleep with the seasons💤

Circadian rhythms govern daily functioning, whereas seasonal rhythms, also referred to as infradian rhythms, affect longer-term behavioural and metabolic changes. Circadian can adjust your sleep duration dynamically based on the changing light conditions at your location. This keeps your bodies biorhythm in sync with seasonal changes.

▌Feast and fast in line with natures pulse 🍴

Optimise your eating times and upgrade your intermittent fasting routine to a whole new level. Eating and fasting in sync with circadian and ultradian rhythms (less than a day) is essential if you want to reverse a metabolic disease or avoid getting one in the first place.

▌Learn and implement with Circadian 💡

The learn section provides you with carefully curated content on all things circadian rhythm related. Circadian is the most science-backed lifestyle app yet gives you the needed context fast.

○ Dive deep into the thoroughly researched content

○ Take action with our suite of practical suggestions

○ Browse the best products to support your biorhythm

○ Rest easy knowing that all content is based on more than 1000 scientific references

▌The science behind circadian rhythms (chronobiology)🔬

Your body's circadian rhythms are 24-hour cycles of biological, hormonal, and behavioural patterns. This biorhythm modulates a wide array of physiological processes, including your hormones, sleep, hunger, and metabolism, ultimately regulating body weight, performance, mood and susceptibility to disease. As such, circadian rhythmicity has profound implications for your wellbeing and longevity.

The 2017 Nobel price in medicine was given for research on circadian rhythms. Circadian clocks in almost all of your cells govern cellular functioning. When you disrupt your circadian clocks chaos, inflammation and disease are the natural consequence.

Artificial light or "junk light" is the main culprit for circadian disruptions. Which is why more natural light exposure, especially at sunrise and sunset, is crucial to reset and tune your biorhythm. Learn more in the app.

▌Still doubtful? ☝️

Consider that circadian disruptions, and the ensuing inflammation, are linked to almost every modern disease from diabetes to cancer. Don't believe it? Search: "shift work" or "circadian rhythm" plus the name of a disease.

▌What does Circadian cost? 💵

Circadian offers a 7-day free trial period with some functionality and content restricted. You can continue using Circadian after the free trial with further limitations. For the full version, you need to subscribe or purchase the app (prices in USD):

Yearly subscription: $15.99 - $23.99

One-off purchase: $39.99 - $59.99

💚 Follow natures pulse.

⚡ Increase your capacity for life!

🌅 Download Circadian now.

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User Reviews


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Hamish Hamish Millward 2020-10-09

Great App!! I have been using this over the past couple of months as a test user. Loads of detailed information to learn how to better align ourselves to the natural rhythms of nature to improve health. My favourite feature is the alarm which goes off at sunrise. It has helped me wake, feeling more naturally ready to start the day.
Charles Pierard 2020-10-27

Lovely, gentle reminders make me more mindful of what I should be doing. Without having to try, I find myself acquiescing to the timetable. Don\'t even have to wait for the alarm now, the real birds wake me up. Feel better balanced and the eating regime has come into line. Excellent. Interface perhaps a bit wordy, but how you\'d fix that I don\'t know.
S A 2020-10-25

Update: Installed the updated version. No more crashes. Great app! Trying to reset my circadian rhythm and this really helps. Also, great customer service! Definitely recommend using this app for a circadian rhythm reset.
Ila Dhanesha 2020-10-06

Great app. So informative about impact of sun light on daily routine. Amazing how you can plan your daily activity.
Etai Therese 2020-10-06

Very useful for aligning to natural cycles. Feeling much better in my health both physically and mentally. Highly recommended.
Phil Lowe 2021-02-04

Great app, lots of helpful information and even on the basic let\'s you start resetting to your natural rhythm. Customer service is fantastic, thanks to Bastian for your fast response to my emails. I\'ve signed up for the lifetime option after two full days, I am that impressed! Great app and hopefully will continue to get even better.
Anton van der Westhuizen 2021-01-09

Excellent app, with intuitive time schedules in accordance with one\'s current location. Also extremely good aftercare the one time I had an issue.
Christoph Pahl 2020-10-21

Gives explanations of the proposed times and links to scientific articles - much better than many apps where you simply have to believe.
Shivani Parikh 2020-10-07

Easy to use... Great app to know every days sunrise sunset...
Varsha Khimani 2020-10-07

Really cool app, now I\'ll better know about sun cycles