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Description of Citadels. Medieval Strategy

This game will win the hearts of PVP military strategy fans with its adventures and unique game mechanics.

You will never get bored thanks to the diversity of gameplay: building, wars and military campaigns, castle sieges and tower defense, battles for the throne using swords and spells, manifold missions and expeditions on the new game world map.

You can be part of a strong guild or found your own clan with its own artifacts, spells and unique military units.

Your goal is to defeat other players from all around the world through cunning and strategy. Both military tactics and the economy of your town must be part of your strategy.

And so, you are a powerful Lord.

You are to begin a new era of heroes. You have a whole kingdom at your command. You can build houses and bridges, surround them with walls, and erect castles, one of which will eventually turn into a true citadel. You can focus on mining resources or develop epic power instead.

Brave knights, immortal elves, deadly archers, fearless barbarian vikings and mighty wizards will serve you.

They will defend your castle, take part in PVP battles and faction wars. Your heroes will master warfare in the battle arena. They will become the backbone of your unstoppable armies.


☆Build your town of heroes, develop it and collect resources.

☆Start you own clan and guide your companions to victory or choose a powerful guild

☆Decide on your army's size and composition, take your soldiers' features into consideration and use them effectively.

☆Hire unique mercenaries, warriors and heroes, who can decide whole battles alone.

☆Research sciences. Each upgrade will help you reduce casualties or get richer.

☆Seize control over the powers of fire and ice! Which Elemental would you prefer?

☆Defeat every camp or castle standing in your way, quench your thirst for power!

☆Build alliances with other players, use military tactics and diplomatic tricks.

☆Walk the path of a warrior in real-time strategy. And remember: he who dares, wins!

NOTE: an Internet connection and 60 MB of extra memory are required during installation.

Ask your questions using our contact form: https://support.corpwebgames.com/hc/en-us/requests/new

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lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:18.0.28 Publish Date:2022-06-09 Developer:Perfect Play LLC

User Reviews


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Yazmine Hale 2017-01-19

Because of all lack of bad reviews lately I have to try game. BUT I couldn\'t pass the loading . Stuck at tlx loading ... . Tried couple of times. Maybe it should bee renamed lockdown instead because that\'s what it did. The game looks cool so will give it another try.
77meridiano 2017-09-30

Game itself looks amazing and I play for hours. Admin claims that you can get on top without spending any money. Well, I don\'t know anyone this patient so be ready to pay at least a little in the beginning. It speeds things up significantly. There are still some annoying bugs in code but it does get better and better. Besides that... stop crying & start fighting! It\'s a war game after all - you will get your but kicked anyway so kick back! :)
Tony C 2017-05-02

Uggghhh I didn\'t have the patience to wait for the game to Load after I downloaded it wth??? It was taking forever I thought I was back in the 90s with AOL dial up so I lost my patience and deleted the game ☆ star zero if plausible
Veronica Nation 2018-10-28

It takes 7.5 hours to remove a bush to make room for building. The building grounds are completely covered by bushes, stumps,rocks and other things. Upgrades are ridiculously long. Worst world map I have ever seen in a game like this.
A Google user 2016-12-20

I dont speak german Whatever your reply was, went over my head.
Sayandeep Pal 2017-08-26

You should remove the teleport feature from the game. Many players attack me and use teleport and I cannot get a revenge on them. All my resources got stolen, this is not fair. How can anyone play a game like this?? The teleport feature should be removed.
Cardinal Biggles 2016-10-07

Basic Usual build a town harvest resources to build an army and conquer the world. Except that the code is very shakey. It took longer to load than the game lasted before it crashed on me. That happened twice. So it\'s bye bye to this dodgy game. Life is too short. Don\'t bother to install it. Choose another of the genre.
Dibs D 2017-01-15

Extortion in the name of game. A very tricky game, A game where you have to spend hundreds of dollars to level up in the game. If you don\'t like to spend then you can\'t level up. Very slow. The developer of the game tactfully extort money out of your pocket. For example if you want to upgrade the crystal you have to spend dollars, if you buy have to pay twice, for one purchase, it happened with me, and you don\'t get any refund, even you request for refund for not received products in the game, I paid for one book but not received.
Nina Green 2017-05-08

I like this game. I play it on my tablet and it works just fine. I have no problems with it loading and as far as time to build, it actually lets me do other things than be chained to it like other games.
Ben Cranton 2017-12-23

Little convoluted. Many tasks take 4 or 5 unnecessary clicks and gui needs some work. Seems really fun but keep getting stuck on bad design elements. Tutorial needs some work too. The one you have offers little advice before setting you loose. Would be great if it werent so unnecessarily confusing. Your game doesnt have depth, just convolution masquerading as depth. Keep working on it.