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City Domination is a FREE geo-located strategy game that you play where you live. A multiplayer RISK in your city. Manage your mafia, form your gang and confront MILLIONS of players!

City Domination is a well balanced mix of STRATEGIC planning and mafia BATTLES, at the scale of your CITY. The goal is to CONQUER and CONTROL the largest possible territory with the help of your GANG of mobsters, in order to create the most INFLUENTIAL CLAN. Play solo, or with other players: create or join a GUILD, use your cunning, between alliances and treasons, and be a strategist to impose your EMPIRE of CRIME!


- Play FOR FREE with the most innovative MMO strategy game of the moment

- GEOLOCATE yourself to create your own MAFIA and CONQUER your city in an unforgiving urban WAR

- ATTACK the areas around you to CONTROL them and to expand your EMPIRE of crime

- PROTECT your territory by posting mobsters in defense

- Increase your income, hire men, develop your army, FIGHT against the players of your neighborhood

- JOIN other players to become the most influential GANG in the world

- Use STRATEGY and DIPLOMACY to take over the areas close to you

- Customize your guild insignia and impose your colors on the world

Having problems? Suggestions? We would be happy to help you! Send us a message at citydomination@gmail.com

Follow the on the Facebook page -> https://www.facebook.com/CityDomination

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lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:4.1.16 Publish Date:2022-06-08 Developer:CityDomination GmbH & Co.KG

User Reviews


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Calabi Yau 2016-01-05

full of bugs... and now we cannot even connect. don\'t waste your money on this. first they ask for your money then game is dead.... currently nobody can login. and they don\'t even bother to explain.... Keep away from this!
Knife Fork 2015-09-07

Lost my account I can\'t remember my user and login. You need to add login with google play would make things alot easier please delete my devices profile so I can make a new account. Edit: I will give 5 stars
Prios Prios 2015-12-13

Seems to be on a decline \"Prios\" as sponsor if you want to try; being sponsored is a nice boost. Be warned that players with no badges are bots - there are a lot of bots - and any messages sent to them will be broadcast to players up to 100 kilometers away. You also can\'t build HQs unless your gang is at least level 1. Unfortunately, none of that is adequately documented (and the documentation is otherwise excellent). If there\'s only bots near you it\'s easy to squish them and end up set for life on income, everybody has max income.
Martin Marhold 2016-01-07

Took the money and ran Used to be a really fun game, but since the start of the year (2016) it\'s awfully slow. Feels like they shut down everything and left only the absolute minimum.
Joshua Acevedo 2015-09-20

Great Game Everything is easy to understand and use, and it uses actual locations to really get that feeling of running a gang. Use friends and really kick some competition off the top that\'s rightfully yours. You don\'t need to spend money to play so come on, play and get out of my way because the top is mine. Unless you can beg to differ.
cris foker 2015-09-07

I went afk for afew hours then when i try to collect the mission reward it says full resouces i have to spend some resouce but how can i when i have 200/100 troops? And tutorial wont even let me attack anything to lessen the troops. Time wasted
Mindy S 2015-11-18

Let Fighting Ferrets sponsor you! Going nowhere but up! Would like swmo to join me but am open to branching out ( who doesn\'t like to travel,,.lol) Looking for ppl who want to have fun and are regular players.
Julian Vaz 2015-09-25

Great game! Want 50 extra gold($)? Type in BadJuJu as your sponsor. I was instantly addicted, found myself going on drives. Only stopping to take over my next territory. TYPE BADJUJU as your sponsor. We\'ll both recieve rewards. Feel free to MESSAGE ME with any questions. I\'ll help you get started...P.s. Players without badges are BOTS! It\'s best to jump in an active gang. Starting is difficult.
Rev foREVer 2016-06-09

Bounus = Jager for Sponsor Want a bonus? Put Jager as Sponsor for extra Gold as well as answers to all the questions you have! Jager for Sponsor!
Ben H Myers 2020-01-08

Game was fun until the last update. Map used to open to current location, now it opens to last location. Doesn\'t smoothly keep up with you as you travel, but \"jumps\" or \"sputters\" in it\'s movement. I enjoyed playing around town and on trips, but it\'s annoying now. For a game built on a locator, the last update seriously broke the game.