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Description of CityBee shared mobility

CityBee car sharing

Car, van and bicycle sharing with one app!

Why have one car when you can have THOUSANDS of them 24/7??

CityBee car sharing allows you to unlock any car near you with one click on the app, drive it and drop it off at another location. MAGIC.

One app to rule them all - no paperwork, worrying about insurance, parking fees (yup it's free for CityBee ), maintenance or gas.

You can use our service in:

Lithuania (passengers cars, cargo vans, bicycles)

Latvia (passenger cars, cargo vans)

Estonia (passenger cars, cargo vans)

Our fleet is full of brand new cars and there is something for everyone: compact Toyota Yaris, practical VW Golf, stylish Mini Cooper, comfortable Nissan Qashqai, Peugeot 3008, VW T-Roc, VW Passat, electric VW Crafter to help you move, and more!

Why are we even talking, just see it yourself:

1) Download the app

2) Register in few minutes

3) Find the nearest CityBee on a map.

4) Reserve a car or a cargo van

5) Unlock/lock a vehicle through the app.

6) Take it and go!

Not that into sharing? Try MyBee car rental and choose your dream car to have for a year or two 🙂

Let's BZZ!

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lable: Travel & Local - Apps Current Version:5.9.4 Publish Date:2022-06-23 Developer:CityBee Solutions

User Reviews


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Aleks D 2019-07-12

Scooter..My girlfriend tried this app for the first time, and after 30 minutes of riding wasn\'t able to park the scooter, as it was telling her to be in green zone, although she was there, according to the app. She spent almost an hour trying to park somewhere in the city, same error. 24/7 support phone number only works 9-5. Next morning app was showing >100€, I called support, they didn\'t even say sorry, - no politeness, and even charged her 3.5€ for 30 minute ride which I had to tell about..
A Google user 2019-05-16

No ability to remove driver\'s license or account (really bad), impossible to manually select current location. My GPS isn\'t working, so I can\'t use nearby feature, just because someone thought it\'s a good idea to not implement a location input.
Mikołaj Szopa 2020-05-22

Do you really need android 7 and higher? Every single app I use works on Android 6, all vehicle sharing apps work, but to rent a minibus I need android 7? Ridiculous and unfriendly! There are still people out there with older phones, that work perfectly for them, not going to change my phone, rather not going to you citybee anymore. Dissapointed a lot.
Jurgen Lea 2019-07-07

Very nice vehicles but it would be better to have a phone holder for tourists to safely use the map at the same time.
Evgeny Melentev 2019-06-18

This stuff does not work. After the app installation a new account can\'t be created. Confirmation SMS is not sent, after a while application cancels account creation, and loses entered data. If you use an option \"Resend SMS\", it does not work either. After several attempts the error with bad grammar \"TooMaySmsesSent\" appears, therefore an account creation becomes completely impossible from this phone. When I tried to call tech support, mobile operator informed me that this number is inactive. Seems to be fraudulent company that gathers personal data, or the company went bankrupt so servers and contact phones are not maintained anymore.
Povilas Kruopis 2018-12-14

Was good for a few years then they jacked up the prices. You have to pay not only for time used but also for distance and even parking at the airport. It is actually cheaper to go by Taxi. Not worth using anymore.
Aleksei Parfentjev 2020-05-07

The lack of usability is killing this service for me. I don\'t use it that often, each time I have to log in a for that I need to remember what password I have for this app. Really missing remember me checkbox and mobile phone authorization. C\'mon guys, it\'s 2020 already. Nobody needs email+password authentication anymore.
Simon St. 2019-06-02

Prices were already outrageous, yet they\'re still trying to milk it. The app itself is pretty bad; drains battery in background, uses too much cpu and just doesn\'t feel snappy. Feels like a hybrid, non-native app; something ported for Android. More often than not cars are filthy and offer an assortment of: tissues, bits of food, dog hair, my favourite – smears of sick. Scooters don\'t update location, always need to call support to end the trip.
Kristina Pro 2019-07-27

To finish your ride you have to make photo of your parked scooter through the CityBee App. I couldn\'t finish my ride, because CityBee App wasn\'t able to use the stock camera of my LG G6, it was showing error. Meanwhile support didn\'t answered the phone. Unpleasant experience.
Justas Kačkauskas 2021-02-18

Big thank you for our data leak. Can\'t blame no hacker if the data was out in the open in the first place. Why spend time on customer data protection if you can spend it on \"Pija\" bilboard. How did you pass your itsec audits???? Password change option is not in the app and can only be accessed by clicking on \"forgot password\" option. There is no option to delete account. Price increases no longer make this car sharing company a potential substitute for a taxi service.