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Description of Clas Ohlson Home

Now you can control your lights, appliances, and other devices through your smartphone, with the Clas Ohlson Home app. Simply pair CO Home devices with your Wi-Fi network and control it through the Clas Ohlson Home app.

Schedule your coffee maker for the morning, or your living room light for when you get home in the evening. Set a Home Simulation so your lights will simulate human activity and make it look like you’re at home. Light the bathroom or your child’s room with the built-in night light. All with the devices you already have -- just smarter.

With this version you can:

- Pair Smart Plugs and Smart LED Bulbs with your Android device

- Turn the Smart Plug on and off with the app, even when away from home.

- Schedule your devices to turn on and off to automate your day.

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lable: Tools - Apps Current Version:1.4 Publish Date:2022-06-09 Developer:Clas Ohlson

User Reviews


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Dominic A Phan 2019-01-30

The app worked pretty well with the devices, smart plugs in my case specifically. However, why does google home not supported the app yet? Had to return the equipment because of that reason.
王家晧 2019-01-25

it works fine. but too bad it dosent support google assistance. half way smart.
Placebo PRS 2019-12-03

Today I saw there was a firmware update for the bulb so I updated it, and now this evening the app itself no longer launches it just shows the launch screen and nothing else, I\'ve tried restarting my phone, tried deleting cache/data for the app, tried uninstalling and reinstalling the app, nothing works, useless!
Andreas Mårtensson 2018-12-20

Does what it says on the tin. Unfortunately missing integration with other services.
A Google user 2018-10-13

Helt overkligt att ni inte har widgets i denna app!
Janid Inayat 2019-12-03

Randomly decides not to start. The app that is. Seems to timeout after a while of waiting on the loading screen. I can only assume it tries to connect to some CO server. Which is a horrible design flaw in my opinion. Means if the server is down the app is down. Just speculation at this point of course. The fact remains though, that it just decided not to work. Usually at the worst possible timing.
Marius Viken 2019-12-03

Nice idea but buggy. I\'m at the point now where the app won\'t open, it freezes on the start page and won\'t enter the app. Tried to reinstall and all of that usual mumbo jumbo, but still not working. Lacks the ability to set a from-too time program. The simulation gives you this option every day, but not mon-fri which would be ideal for my plant lights. Also lacking an \"All on/off\" button or the ability to group a room with an \"all on/off\". S9+ updated to latest updates both software and app.
Teemu Pyykkönen 2020-07-10

Works somewhat decently. Absolutely impossible to set up without granting the app location access for looking for a wifi connection, which makes zero sense - other than this information being used for some completely different purpose. This loses all the stars. With multiple users, sharing access is a bit of a hassle (need to be at the same physical location) and should definitely be redesigned. Also if one user renames a shared wall socket, it stops working for everyone else.
Martin Jungkvist 2021-01-04

Works well but the fact that I can\'t group lightbulbs makes its use very limited. Such a simple and obvious feature, incomprehensible that it hasn\'t been added
Jonas Okkenhaug Bratland 2019-02-26

Definitivt et av de beste smart hjem valgene! MEN appen burde ha støtte for google assistent eller IFTTT. Da ville CO home være det aller beste smart hjem valget i Skandinavia.