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Description of Clash of Empire: Empire Age

Do you want to fight side by side with your friends on the global battlefield? Are you good at defending the castle or taking the initiative? Do you have a strategy to win more with less? Do you have the wisdom to develop empire civilization to its peak? Do you even want to become the king of conquering the world through great battles? Join Clash of Empire to discover more pleasures!

Clash of Empire is the best simulation game! In here, 16 languages are translated in time and you can fight together with players from all over the world. In here, the threat of war is unstoppable, show us your talent and strategy, overcome your enemy!

【Game Features】

>>Strategic Tower Defense, Enjoy A Casual Round!

Move your finger and enjoy the pleasure of fighting, be the commander and order your soldiers to occupy the towers, entertaining gameplay, easy and exciting!

>>Battle of Atlantis, Capture The Lost Continent!

The lost continent of Atlantis has reappeared in the fog, three factions are rearranging their armaments. In here you will participate in the intense and exciting battles to capture territories with abundant resources!

>>Legendary Heroes, Help You Conquer The World!

Alexander! Genghis Khan! Caesar! Joan! ...The legendary heroes praised by the people of all countries are waiting for your recruitment! Write your own legend under the witness of legendary heroes!

>>Exotic Beauties, Accompany You in The Journey!

The next-generation 3D effects of beauties from all over the world, charming and elegant! Come on a date with them!

>>Guardian of The Kingdom, Under Your Command!

Gentle? Fierce? Cruel? ...Your character determines the character of the Lion King! The unique you make a unique lion king, the new lion king training gameplay is waiting for you to explore!

>>Artifacts Descend, Waiting For You to Collect!

Original artifact collection and plundering gameplay. The sword of Tyrael, Aegis, the Trojan horse... the legendary and powerful artifacts has descended on this world, take on a journey to find them!

>>Wild Magic Mine, High Risk, High Profit!

Original alliance resource investment gameplay, put all your resources into the magic mine! Keep it and you can get more than 500% return! Exciting battle is on the verge!

>>Chaotic Tower Battle, Grow Stronger Each Time!

Original resource tower occupation gameplay, want to claim the throne? First you need to get a place in the resource tower, a steady stream of additional war resources and powerful attribute gains will allow you to maintain an advantage in the final battle!

>>Throne War, Rise to The Throne in The Blood of Your Enemies!

Once you succeed, you will need to defeat all enemy empires on your way to the pinnacle of power to ascend to the highest throne that symbolizes glory and power!

【Join our global player community】

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/clashofempire.lemegames

Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCMIxd67Sx6ZW0Tprom2ck-Q

Ins: https://www.instagram.com/clashofempire_globalwar/

>>When you encounter any problems, you can submit feedback to our customer service system through the in-game help center (the entrance is next to the castle wall).

Privacy Policy: https://coe.leme.hk.cn/services.htm

Service Policy: https://coe.leme.hk.cn/privacy.htm

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lable: Strategy - Games Current Version:5.40.0 Publish Date:2022-06-18 Developer:LEME GAMES

User Reviews


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Doug Burruss 2020-12-04

Seems as it takes for ever to obtain enough to up grade my castle. Therefore is the challenge to manage how your grow. Now in an alliance that has helpful players, it is a better game. There are players who will pick on castle\'s much weaker than they are. They drove me away to another start.I have changed to 1 star as I am about to quit. The new with the little bugs that are attacking look stupid!!!!!
Ryan Clowser 2021-03-12

There is fun but every kingdom is now a pay to win. It has got worse and worse to where people are nearly the max castle level within the first 3 to 5 days its stupid and no one gets a fair fight im glad to quit now unless this changed. I laugh mainly cause this is the only reply they give to everyone. It is a pay to win and even if you complete all the tasks it is still play to win. There is no way you can get a castle 26 in 6 days just by the quests or rewards. Make less pay 2 win
T Tildon 2020-10-27

This game is so stupid! They penalize you for storing rss, you cannot track other players. nor purchase stam inside of the game. That\'s stupid. Text is censored for reasons other than vulgarity. Your entire text is stricken prior to your finding out that \"covid\" is a censored word and the letters \"ur\" are a bad word. In what world??? China virus is sensitive covid is not. DO NOT DOWNLOAD
Enrico Fulconis 2021-03-01

Wow, this game\'s review page is prime example of how review scores mean nothing, when companies can buy fake reviews. Maybe tell your review bots to take out the quotation marks before they post their fake testimony. Anyway, onto the game. Usual cash-grab, waiting times everywhere, gotta spend money to be even slightly competitive. The pictures on the store do not show any gameplay, and that\'s because it\'s so bland and boring they were afraid it\'d push people away. Rightfully so, it\'s garbage.
J Johnson 2021-01-27

All the good reviews are rediculous nothing related to the game. There are no strategy in this game basically spend money to get power. One person spend enough money can beat the whole kingdom by himself which is really sad for a strategy game. Some game element is unbalance ex. Mine upgrade require million of resources to produce an additional 28. I will take years to acquire the resources spent on upgrade.
Katy Philomena 2021-02-11

\"Great game. Highly recommended. Nice to have a game that you can still be competitive in regardless if your F2P or not. If you do enjoy the game and decide you want to spend money, you do actually get a lot out the “pay to win” method. Ive spent a little money on this game in the past, and I was satisfied. With that being said... solid game, smooth gameplay, good graphics, engaging, they take their feedback and criticisms seriously, and they offer a good F2P alternative.
Courtney Scott 2021-03-05

4.5 stars=fake.I feel 2 stars is being generous. English is terrible. Translator doesnt work if you speak English. Entire game is catered to Turkish and Russians. Overall game is easy easy to use but don\'t even bother talking in the main chat- I corrected my misspelled word and changed it to *people and was banned completely from talking to everyone including my own clan. Cannot send messages now. \"Activeness\" is what they call stamina... The whole game seems biased to those that speak English.
Yorrick Looper 2021-03-09

I Have been playing this game for 15 months. The developers keep improving the game on all fronts. really love the new event: alliance expedition! You can buy mines for gold production which is needed to play competative. But after an initial investment of 160 euro, you will compete fine with bigger spenders, just need to make the right decisions. Lovely community!
Andrew Walker 2020-12-31

It was a beautiful game, great, I got a lot of power, but I did not like this transfer between the server, everyone left the alliance and the kingdom, I did not like, I have to tell the responsible team that this kind of game completely collapses and that\'s what happened, I think it was very stupid, I liked your game very much, I loved it, I never wanted to erase it, but you forced me to do it, , I\'m dissatisfied, very dissatisfied, Damn you .😬😬😬😬
Ernie Vsk 2021-01-15

Don\'t waste your time or money, dont believe 5 star comments either. All are bot reviews to up their rating, fake non sense comments talking about totally different games as same as their automated responses to your reviews/comments. Most events are based on spending, lots of bot farmers. They recently removed new kingdom event so new players don\'t get anymore help for start, all focus on spenders now. Hopefully this review will stop you from wasting time and money here!