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Description of Clash of Wizards

Discover a world filled with magic. A world where Orcs, Goblins, Undead, and Humans are immersed in an endless Battle to take control of the Wizard Royale Arena, the source of all magic.

The main Wizard tower, two crystals towers and some battle troops are the only defenses you have to clash with your enemies and establish control over the Arena Royale. Deploy your battle troops and cast your spells to defeat enemy battle forces!

In Clash of Wizards, each battle gives you rewards, gather all type of cards and upgrade them to make them stronger! Get them all and complete your collection!

Find the perfect strategy, win battles, get experience, win new cards, earn trophies, glory and much more in Clash of Wizards!


- Great troops and spells to collect and upgrade!

- Real-time multiplayer duels! Duel your friends!

- Challenge your Clanmates in a Friendly Battle

- Learn to adapt to new strategies and defeat your enemies

- Excellent graphics.

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lable: Card - Games Current Version:0.78.1 Publish Date:2022-06-12 Developer:Play365

User Reviews


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Cameron Taylor 2020-09-30

Used to like this game but now it\'s so bad if I could rate less than 1 star I would. Do not install. Worst game in it\'s class. The \"developers\", which I assume are just a 16 year old kid in his mom\'s basement, continue to change the graphics, make dumb emojis and not much else. Pay-to-win obviously and unbalanced to the point where at least 80% of cards are pointless, it would be a higher percentage but there\'s not that many cards. The \"community\" could catch fire and the world wouldn\'t change.
Al Norman 2020-04-23

This game is a clone of Clash Royale. That is not necessarily a bad thing because it has slight variances. If you\'re playing Clash Royale currently it might be a fun mix up, if you\'re not playing Clash Royale and you\'re looking at this game don\'t waste your time because Clash Royale is the superior of these kind of games.
Indian Soldzer 2021-02-25

This is trash, I was reviewing after 7 months of installing and playing. Everytime the servers will go offline and you will be left middle in battle with loose. From starting all are bot players till you reach 1700, there is no use of clans expect that donations. Please don\'t waste time. Although I was in good connection there come problem with net, how?. It is genuinely reviewed after wasting more time on it. . This is my last review for this game. Goodbye 👋
Voche68 2019-03-23

WILL U PEOPLE GET AN ORIGINAL IDEA, THIS IS CLASH ROYALE. Just different characters. I\'m so tired of these companys putting out Apps and there just the same game copied with different characters so they dont get sued. Clash Royale is 100x better just go see. Sorry I call it as I see it and this is a robbery. VERY SAD
Richard Pasaribu 2020-08-06

This my reviews: 1. This is 100000% Clash Royale copycat, even for ingame default expression 2. Connection problem 3. Same as CR. Level match balancing is worst. Level 13 player can fight level 4 player. Same stupid match 4. You dont know what your heros do. Just crowd fight 5. Confusing heros icon 6. Immediately uninstall !!!
steven rostron 2019-09-23

Stuck at it and played for a month,I now understand why everyone quits playing it\'s a totally unfair ranking system trying to battle someone who is 400 trophies and 2 levels higher is discouraging and impossible you can only lose so many times before you quit the game and I\'m now at that point so uninstall and shove it
Tre Blais 2019-10-25

It\'s a total RIP off they just copied clash royal so dont play this game bc it\'s the only the same from clash royal. And plus another thing the game doesn\'t even work at all the home screen wont load in correctly, and just one more thing the game Glitches when you are in the middle of a match and makes you lose so I say dont download this game if you want a better game then this download clash royal it\'s better and never Glitches on you like this game and clash royal has better cards too.
Dustin Leonard 2019-11-20

Not connected to internet or servers are down. That\'s all I get, can\'t try out the game. Does this not work in USA? What is the problem? I have a stable connection, every other game is working but yours. The problem persists constantly. I cannot play this at all due to servers being down 11/19/19 I still cannot play this game due to it\'s saying that the servers are down can you fix this problem I would like to try this game you made
Osh Official 2019-05-28

really love the new update and the addition of clans is exciting and cant wait for more to come..we have noticed that we are still able to battle our own clan members..so i hope we can get this fixed please and also the levelling on cards when playing opponent our cards our lowering to there level and we are not able to play the levels that we have built up via upgrading etc..cant wait for friendlys and replays and rankings thank you guys 👏👍🙋🔝😘
Claude Lamarche 2019-08-12

Really a good game, They need to take example from CR to be sucessful though,clan wars,queud chest,tourney etc.. but really a good game so far, I love it