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Description of Classic Solitaire

Classic Gameplay:

We kept the game true to the spirit of the classic Solitaire (also known as Klondike or Patience), and specifically optimized the game for an unmatched solitary experience on mobile phones.

Addictive and Challenging:

Solitaire card games are fun and challenging puzzle games that anyone can enjoy! Gameplay is very simple to start but hard to master. Millions of users are having fun for hours everyday!

Beautiful Designs:

By removing all the unnecessary features, our game is the most easy-to-play with clean and intuitive designs. Meanwhile, we have added many beautiful themes on top of the classic card game design.

Our Game Features

♠Daily challenges with different levels

♠Clean and user-friendly menus

♠Big and easy to see cards

♠Single tap or drag&drop to move cards

♠Customizable beautiful themes

♠Draw 1 card

♠Draw 3 cards

♠Auto-collect cards on completion

♠Auto-save game in play

♠Feature to UNDO moves

♠Feature to use hints

♠Standard or Vegas scoring

♠Timer mode supported

♠Left-handed supported

♠Landscape mode supported

♠Up to 10 top records

♠Offline play and no data cost

♠More features to come!

It's completely Free! Download it now, relax and have fun with the best Solitaire experience!

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More Information Of Classic Solitaire

lable: Card - Games Current Version:2.9.522 Publish Date:2021-09-01 Developer:Queens Solitaire Games

User Reviews


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Tim Smalley 2020-05-12

It looks like the developers may have finally fixed the game so that the daily challenges are all able to be beaten again. I\'ve been able to go back and complete games that were previously unbeatable. As such, I\'m cautiously adding some stars back to my rating.
ElizaBeth Bell 2019-07-08

I would give this app 5 stars if there was a way to transfer it from phone to phone. Every single time I switch phones I have to search for this app and deal with the ads until I can get ahold of someone to have them fix it. Really, really annoying. Done with this app. Don\'t waste your time with this one when there are literally hundreds you can download that actually work like they\'re supposed to. Can\'t use hints half the time because there\'s never any ads available to watch.
barbe wigen 2020-07-03

Update: July 3, 2020. excellent game! Is owner dead? Still no response. Originally paid for game several years ago. Always had positive input for reinstall but not now. Developer must be dead! Update: Since the virus happening needed to reinstall game. Bought new tablet. Paid for removal of ads. Repeated emails to developer got no response. Hate ads. game is great. Graphics simple easy on the eyes. Being reduced to ad supported version sucks.
Patricia Berardinelli 2019-10-24

I love this game. It takes my mind off many of the other things your mind thinks and/or worries about. It is worth 5 stars or more. Please let me continue to play this excellent game. By the way I don\'t win every game and even when I lose I love it. This game has even taken me away from watching as much TV. So...let\'s continue (I mean me) to play this excellent game of Solitaire! Regards, Patricia Berardinelli.
Christine Beardshall 2020-05-25

This is a good game. The cards are the right size too. I would give 5 stars but for the tournaments daily challenges and coins. Why do you need coins for solitaire??? And the clue is in the name here. It is a game played alone, which I like. Just me and a cup of tea. I\'ve had some games shove me in a tournament without my consent and I deleted the game. Don\'t make me do that here please.
Laura Ripley 2021-01-11

I really love this game,,,,Ads are not bothersome,the game plays every time,it dosn\'t stop working like some of the other games do. I enjoy playing this esp, when I need to relax this game helps alot. Thank You to the games creator\'s I appreciate we are allowed to play for free. Without being bothered by constant ads and game problems...
Donna Miller 2019-07-17

My favorite game because I enjoy improving with practice and I can play Solitaire with interruptions (as in during breaks at a game or TV) without frustration from broken continuity. In time, you see where strategies turn a loss into a possibility. Great!!! It is relaxing and good for brain maintenance. Thank you, especially for the clever card graphics!
Precious Shyama 2020-08-01

Only plays Klondike solitaire. If you pay the $2.99 fee to remove ads and then have to uninstall the game, the app has NO \"restore purchase\" feature, thus, forcing users to repeatedly purchase no ads option. I contacted the developer about this issue, yet, they have not rectified the problem. Am uninstalling permamnently.
Patricia Willsey 2019-01-20

I like playing this solitaire daily challenge. its hard enough to make it interesting. It drives me crazy when I can\'t win a game, I go back again and again trying different strategies to try and win. once in a while I even figure the hard games out!!
joan jetson 2019-12-17

So far I have enjoyed using the app. and I have had no issues. This one seems to be a pretty good app. but only worth 4 stars because it doesnt allow you many theme options, but game play runs smoothly and no ads so far!