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Description of Clicker - Presentation Remote Control

Clicker turns your phone or tablet into a remote presentation controller.

We support all popular desktop operating systems and presentation software.


1. Download and run the Clicker Desktop app (https://bit.ly/clicker-desktop) on your computer.

2. Connect your computer and your phone to the same WiFi network.

3. Run the app on your phone. Your computer will be discovered automatically.


- automatically finds available computers in the local network

- connect manually to computer in the remote network

- works all popular desktop operating systems

- lightweight protocol makes sure there are no lags when you click

- play videos with mouse click support (remote trackpad)

- point on important stuff with mouse (remote trackpad)

- remote volume control (presentations with audio and video)

- slides preview

- speaker notes

- use S Pen to control presentations (requires S Pen 2018 or newer, with bluetooth support)

- and additions actions supported by the presentation software you use


If you have any questions or face any issues, please feel free to write to the developer email.


Your feedback is what helps us improve the app with every update. So we kindly ask you to share with us what you think about the app either here or via email.

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lable: Productivity - Apps Current Version:2.6.2 Publish Date:2022-06-12 Developer:Viktor Kifer

User Reviews


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Steven Kuensting 2019-11-12

Being a teacher that likes to move around, this app makes it possible to be anywhere in the room and control my laptop with ease. I simultaneously use this app along with several classroom management apps on my tablet during class. My laptop presents slides from my website which I can remotely control with the Clicker on my tablet. No need for another handheld gadget! GREAT APP!
thefelixrodriguez 2019-10-05

Just doesn\'t work. Terribly laggy ...to the point where it\'s useless
Jenny A 2020-10-19

Edit: I purchased pro plus for the notes. Got a problem, At first my notes in ppt didn\'t show. It\'s kinda slow in switching to next slide but it\'s fine now. I already fixed the notes not showing. I think you just need to restart things after purchasing pro plus. Still thanks for the quick response. This is a helpful app.
Kevin Kogan 2019-03-05

Such an fantastic app that does everything it should quickly, efficiently and with only the minimal permissions it needs. That puts the app/dev in the top 1% in my book. The app is a much better option than spending $25+ on a wireless USB remote (with questionable Chinese drivers) when you can just use the phone that you already have. As a Note9 user, being able to control the slides with just the S Pen in my hand is sweeeeet! There is also virtually no lag. With my Win10 laptop, I can click through the PowerPoint slides on the S Pen just as fast as using a mouse. Per some of the reviews, if you have any issues with the app connecting to your desktop/laptop, make sure both are on the same (WiFi) network and that you don\'t have a firewall/antivirus on the desktop/laptop blocking the connection. Try disabling the fw/av temporarily to see if it connects. It does work well when it isn\'t blocked.
Vihar Contractor 2019-07-24

When my Phone and Laptop are connected via a router there is a huge input lag but when I start dedicated hotspot on my laptop and connect my phone to it then there is no lag and input works instantaneously. Other than that there are no issues and the app works fantastically as described. Edit : Thanks for the response, Since it was an issue on my side I\'ve updated my ratings :)
Venson Peter Ondo 2020-06-03

After getting the Pro plus, the TEXTS or NOTES are not showing from my PowerPoint Slide. Im using ppt 2016 edition. Please fix it!
Jim Brunet 2020-03-09

I used it at home and it worked well, so I wanted to have my notes on the phone and purchased the pro version. But when I got on site I discovered there was no wifi. I was thinking this would work via bluetooth and it did not. Not sure I will be able to use it anymore. Unfortunate. With wifi it worked as expected...
Ilyas malik 2019-06-27

doesn\'t work the day of the presentation...
Jude Jaratera 2019-02-28

only connects manually, it will never search and get nearby devices. and it sucks u need to pay before u can use the mouse
Eslam Zaghloul 2019-05-17

The slides don\'t appear on mobile app!